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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

This page selects some extracts published during 2016 that provide a flavour of the prevailing themes.






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February 2016

Editorial: Welcome one and all, a leap year in the offing 2016 and February already. We hope you all had a merry festive time and welcomed in the New Year with a bang!! A new dawn, a new day, much like the new lottery format these days and months just keep on rolling over!! Whilst we celebrate this moment in life when one year ends and another begins, it is just another day and as a moment in time to reflect is a blessing in this fast flowing metropolis of life, imagine if you will, that as Tim Peake circles the earth every 90 minutes in the International Space Station and the earth rotates daily, revolves around the sun yearly as part of our solar system, which in turn revolves around the galaxy at 500,000mph and will still be 250 million years getting round “cosmic”, and if that wasn’t enough we’re still just one in a billion galaxies that move around and make up the universe. Mind blowing don’t you think!!! Less predictable however the weather, been a bit chilly hasn’t it… finally!!


Front Cover of Magazine:

by Daniel Robertson (Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2015 for 7 years and under).

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New Year Honours List - John Rowland

Congratulations on behalf of The Witham Staple to John Rowland of Bassingham on his award of the BEM (British Empire Medal) in the 2016 New Year Honours List 'for services to the community'. One important aspect of those services has been and continues to be his involvement in The Witham Staple. John has played a key role in the establishment and development of our community magazine for several decades now and makes a major contribution to its production month by month. Warmest appreciation and best wishes to you, John.

Stan Underwood, Chairman

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Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team and Panel

Please find below the Beat News for the Months of November, December 2015,
it includes crime reported in the Witham Staple area up to and including 31st December 2015.
Witham St Hugh’s:
Theft from Motor Vehicle - Elder Close.
Theft of pushbike at Daisy Road (tyre)
Damage to Motor vehicle at Squirrel Chase (tyre)

Damage to Motor Vehicle Elder Close (window).
Damage to Motor Vehicle at Squirrel Chase.
Norton Disney
Burglary (Quad bike) at White Hall Farm
Burglary at Aubourn Hall (power tools).
Damage to Motor Vehicle - Chestnut Crescent.
Damage to Window
Damage – sheep killed by dog.
Carlton le Moorland
Theft of Trailer (later recovered)

If anyone has any questions regarding the attached report, or wishes to discuss Policing matters within the district please don’t hesitate to contact me on the number below and I will be happy to discuss.

PS 565 Ken Whyte, Community Beat Sergeant. North Hykeham Police Station
Telephone: 805721 - www.kenneth.whyte@lincs.pnn.police.uk


Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team

What is a Neighbourhood Panel? Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people, and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community. What does the panel do? They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting, and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period. The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.

Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are: 1. Vehicle crime prevention in the villages.

The next panel meeting will be held on Wednesday 6th April at 7pm Skellingthorpe Parish Office Lincoln Road Skellingthorpe. So if you have an issue, please contact your local team.

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Bassingham Playing Field – Dogs

The matter of dogs in public places is always contentious and any public statement about it annoys someone. However, we continue to be approached by people, understandably upset, who have had a deeply unpleasant encounter with dog faeces on Bassingham Playing Field. Cleaning up after a dog cannot completely remove all the mess. Therefore, the risk to health is ever present and children are particularly vulnerable because of the way they play. They get into everything.

Our latest case is of a child whose clothes and exposed skin were plastered with the recently emptied contents of a dog’s bowels. The child was very distressed, as was his mother as she heroically cleaned him up and tried to decontaminate herself while comforting her little boy.

Therefore, again, we ask everyone taking a dog onto the playing field (always on a lead) to clean up after their dog and to encourage others to do so.

Issued by: Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity & Bassingham Parish Council

Dog Fouling - Carlton to Bassingham Footpath.

The verge of the Carlton to Bassingham pathway is beginning to look like a dog toilet. Despite there being two dog bins at either end of the pathway, irresponsible dog owners continue to allow their dogs to run free and foul the verges...... or leave bags of poo on the verge for others to pick up! Please act responsibly and clear up after your dog.

The dog bins are there for a purpose – use them!

Issued by: Carlton le Moorland Parish Council

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Hello And Thank You from Michael and Tracy (the new owners of Greens of Bassingham)

We would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome to Bassingham and take this opportunity to wish everyone we have not yet had the chance to speak to personally a prosperous, happy and healthy 2016. We are very much looking forward to taking an active role in the local community, continuing to offer Post Office and local shopping facilities. Our aim is to provide a traditional, local, affordable offer, adding to existing products and services.

We now have deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables from Burgess’ Farm, Waddington on Tuesdays and Fridays and in January we introduced a new Range of award winning Lincolnshire Jams and Chutneys - a range aptly titled ‘Saints & Sinners’. We continue to have regular orders of fresh bread, cakes and pastries from Welbourne’s Bakery on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We are more than happy to take orders for any of these lines and anything else you might want on a regular basis or for a special occasion.

We are delighted to tell you that we have been rewarded for all our efforts in making the place sparkle! In December we were visited by the NKDC Environmental Health Team and were awarded the best possible food hygiene rating, a 5 – a very proud achievement for us after only 6 weeks of trading.

We would like you to share your thoughts and ideas with us for new lines, or even the return of old lines! You’ll find our customer suggestion box near the main counter. Please call in and say ‘hello’ – we’d love to see you!

Our opening hours are:

7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 7am to 1pm on Sundays.

With warmest wishes, Michael & Tracy

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Greens Stores (Its origins and former owners)

Welcome to Michael and Tracy.

The saga of Greens Stores starts with John Burtt, the second son of a Lincolnshire Quaker family in 1760. He was followed by John Storr who promised “to furnish those friends who please him with their demands in the Drapery and Grocery lines on terms equal to any house in the trade”.

John Moorshead was the headmaster of the Wesleyan school – when it merged with the Church school in 1893 - he took over the shop. For many years it was known as Moorsheads. His wife ran the Drapery department. Pevsner describes the building as a late 18th Century town house attached to an earlier farmhouse, three stories with a pedimented doorcase.” This was separated from the shop and is now known as the Tall House – No. 24 High Street.

Greens stores has also been run by: Robert Green 1934 to 1945; his son-in-law Reg Milroy from 1947; then, Colin Thompson; Mr. Nicholas; and, from 2005, by Jean and Robert Smith until his death when Mr. Shah took over.

The business at one time supplied to customers over a wide area. Orders were collected in the morning and delivered later in the day. There are more interesting details – if you are interested please contact Helen Ash on 788220.

Helen Ash

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Bassingham Guy Fawkes Bonfire Dumping of Tree Stump

Bassingham Bonfire works on the basis of trust between a group of bonfire volunteers who prepare and clear the site, the generous and public-spirited farmer who lets the community use his field and the people who bring suitable material to build the fire. There has always been an understanding that only burnable material should be brought (and with only incidental metal items such as nails in wood). Tree material was marginally acceptable provided it was obvious to all that it would be consumed in the fire.

However, last November, an unidentified someone dumped a large (6 foot diameter) tree root and stump complete with compacted stony sub-soil on the pile and, of course, it has not burnt away. No skip provider will remove it as it cannot be recycled. The root/stump is now a large obstruction on the field. This is stopping site clearance and so the farmer cannot work his field.

Somehow, probably by friends of the village at some cost to themselves, the stump will be removed to parish council land to await reduction by weather and hard manual effort. The problem will not go away on its own.

Please take note of this turn of events and pass the word around. The message will be repeated in September 2016 when the volunteers are planning the bonfire - if any farmer is willing to risk his field in view of what happened last year.

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1st Bassingham Scout Group Celebrating 100 Years of Cub Scouts
Bassingham Cub Scouts are joining in and celebrating 100 years of Cubs this year. There has also been a Scout Group in Bassingham for almost 50 years too, if you or anyone you know has had anything to do with the Bassingham Scout Group during the last 50 years and would like to join us at our celebration get together please contact Alison Kelley on 788241 or Helen Wright on 788797. The celebration party will take place on Founders Day Monday 22nd February at a special cub pack meeting. The current Cubs will be hosting the celebrations and
putting on a number of displays showcasing all the different scouting activities they have been doing along with also providing refreshments.


1st Bassingham Guides

Are you looking for a new challenge?

Would you like to have some fun and get to do new things?

Have you experience with Girl Guides in the past?

If you can answer YES to at least one of these questions then we’d love to hear from you. Becky and Sarah are looking for an adult leader to help with 1st Bassingham Guides.

We are a thriving unit but need an extra adult to allow us to undertake trips, go on camp and to develop our Senior Section; the older ones love us so much they won’t leave!

Training is available. Please phone either

Sarah Hassnip on 789649 or Becky Jordan on 01636 894215 for further details

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Walking Festival Returns For 2016

The events team at 1Life are pleased to announce that the NK Walking Festival will return for 2016 in July showcasing the walking opportunities across the district as well as the breathtaking scenery and fascinating places to visit that’s right on your doorstep. Starting on Saturday 9th July, the festival is planned to be a 9 day event packed full of walks for all ages and abilities.

The 2016 programme is currently being put together and the events team are inviting anyone who is interested in leading a walk or suggesting any ideas for the festival to get in touch. The programme will be available at a later date. To get in touch with the team or to register your interest in this year’s festival please contact Donna Sutton at donna.sutton@1life.co.uk or call 694353. Keep up to date with what’s happening by following us on Twitter @NKWalking or finding us on Facebook /NK Walking Festival.


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Witham St Hughs Needs You!

The WSH Village Hall Events Committee (VHEC) is a group of volunteers based in Witham St Hughs who fundraise and organise events for the benefit of the residents of Witham St Hughs. The VHEC put on many large-scale events throughout the year such as the Easter Fete, Summer Beer Festival, Summer Fete, Oktoberfest, Fireworks Night, Children’s Christmas Party and New Years Eve Party. We also put on themed Bar Nights such as Bingo, Quiz Nights, Karaoke and ‘Fright Night’ for Halloween. A recent facility we have added is to offer BBQ services at private Village Hall functions. Details of our events are advertised in the Witham Herald, The Witham Staple and on our Facebook group at WSH Village Hall Events.

The profits of our events are used to fund improvements to the Village Hall. Improvements in the last few years include:

• putting in dividing doors between the two halls to enable them to be used as one larger room

• levelling the patio to make it more functional

• installing French doors into the main hall to provide more light and better access at events and hall functions (sharing the costs with the Parish Council)

• Installing dimmable lighting into the main hall to provide a better atmosphere

Being a volunteer on the VHEC is a sizeable commitment. The planning and staffing of the events takes considerable time, alongside the setting up and packing away. Some of the profits raised have been used to purchase a marquee (to which we have recently added two new segments) which requires putting up for certain events and is no easy task. We also provide a volunteer every Friday night as a Bar Night member of staff, for which the committee receive a small percentage of the profits.

The VHEC struggle to find volunteers to join the committee who are willing to give their time. We are regularly low on numbers and it is always a worry that the events we put on will have to stop. Few villages can boast the amount of events WSH can, but these can only continue to go ahead through voluntary commitment. If you think you could bring something to the group then please get in touch at wsh.vhec@gmail.com. We also have a Facebook group for volunteers who can help out at the odd event but cannot commit to being a full-time member of the committee. Join the group search on facebook for WSH Village Hall Events and WSH VHEC Volunteers where you will hear from us when we need a hand.

In February 2016, we will be having our AGM where the four committee officer posts get elected for the following year. These are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Because of the time commitment required for the roles of Treasurer and Secretary outside of regular committee time, volunteers for these roles can (if they wish to) be excluded from all other VHEC commitments. The VHEC cannot run without the officer posts and so if you feel you have the time and ability to take on one of these, please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you all at our future events and hope to hear from some new volunteers soon!

The Village Hall Events Committee


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March 2016

Editorial: Ah, March is finally here or has it sprung upon you, caught you unaware, crept up behind February and jumped out in surprise. Is your year simply rushing by at an incredible pace or are you just taking it nice and steady and not even noticed it’s not January anymore! Whatever pace you are running the beginning of March conjures thoughts of spring and warmer days. With the spring equinox just weeks away and the leap forward into British summertime just before the month is out we can look forward to and celebrate the impending return of spring, some colour in the garden, the call of the dawn chorus, the leaping about of new born lambs and whatever else you have to look forward to yourself. March is a time for Mothering the opportunity to pamper and spoil mothers on Mothering Sunday the 6th. Easter also falls in March this year a time to reflect the death and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Finally before the month is through the Easter Bunny just may bring a treat or two.


Front Cover of Magazine:

By Toby Ward (Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2015 for 8 to 11 years).

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Leadenham and Whisby Recycling Sites Under Threat

Leadenham is local, cost-effective and very busy. Open Friday to Sunday 9am to 4pm well staffed by FCC who have the contract with our County Council. Thank you to the sixty people who turned out on a cold dark evening to hear about the possible closure of the site. Closing is estimated to save around £25K. Around 10,000 people live within reach of this site alone. We will need to drive 20 to 30 miles round trip with each load to Lincoln or Sleaford. Those sites are already quite congested, with a further 6,000 houses planned for Bracebridge Heath and a 58% increase in housing planned for Sleaford. The Leadenham site does need some improvements. However, the environment agency only requires the area under the skips to be sealed, not the whole site. Water is then collected, which could be done at the same time as the rest of the site. Last time this was raised, we did manage to keep the site open, in response to public outcry, but it is a little harder this time. Your support is needed. Please sign the petition and write to cllrm.hill@lincolnshire.gov.uk and cllr.shore@lincolnshire.gov.uk If you copy me in, I can support you better.

Kind Regards, Councillor Marianne Overton MBE

A copy of the petition to sign

Possible Closure of Local Waste Recycling Centres

Sustainable Bassingham recently sent out an email urging us to object to the possible closures of Whisby and Leadenham Waste Recycling Centres, my initial reaction was to give my full support and fire off the appropriate email! I rely on the Leadenham centre a lot and find them to be the most helpful staff I have ever encountered at a dump, in fact if Trip Advisor did dumps they would get 5 Stars! However, the centre in Newark is larger and easier to get to from Bassingham - but you can't take a trailer unless you are a Nottinghamshire resident! I suspect the case for the possible closures is the environmental impact, lorries to take waste away, all the cars that use these excellent facilities etc. I do think if they close them we will see an increase in local fly tipping if better alternatives are not offered. So I sent my email to LCC asking they reconsider the possible closures, but offering my full support if they convince Newark to take our trailers.

M. Harries

[WS March 2016]

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Lincoln Experts on Centenary Tank Tour

Two Lincoln experts on the history of the first tanks are on a Centenary Tank Tour to share the story in this 100th anniversary year. Richard Pullen, Lecturer, Military Historian and Author, whose grandfather worked on the first tanks at William Foster and Co in Lincoln during World War I, will be joined by Filmmaker Andrew Blow, who discovered local film of the early tanks. The Lincoln duo, recently commended by Bovington Tank Museum for their “Birth of the Tanks” DVD, will appear at the Hammond Hall, Bassingham, on

Friday 11th March at 7.30pm.

The Lecture and Film Show tour coincides with several anniversaries of the creation of the first tank prototypes, leading to the Mark I, the first tank to be used in battle in September 1916. The Tank Tour is sponsored by Cartwright Brothers, North Hykeham-based haulage, logistics and warehousing company operating nationally, who have emblazoned a huge image of the new Lincoln Tank Memorial on one of their large trailers.

Tritton, MD of Fosters, Wilson, who was sent to work with him by the Admiralty’s Landships Committee, and Fosters chief draughtsman William Rigby worked night after night at the White Hart Hotel, Lincoln, to invent the world’s first tracked armoured fighting vehicle, Little Willie. They soon followed up with Mother, the rhomboid shaped prototype which led to the Mark 1.

Blow by Blow Productions also produced the “Lincoln Tank Weekend” DVD, which includes the Lincoln Tank Memorial unveiling ceremony in May last year. The memorial, on a roundabout near Fosters original foundry site, commemorates the inventors, workers and munitionettes of Fosters and the pioneering tank crews on the Western Front. Andrew Blow, while working at Yorkshire TV, met the then elderly Mr. Rigby in 1979 after discovering film of the Lincoln tanks on Fosters testing ground, taken in 1918.

Bassingham tickets can be purchased at the village Post Office or phone 754901. For times and ticket information see https://www.facebook.com/birthofthetanks 

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Raising Money for Cancer Research UK

Tamer Hodgson, a 25 year old Office Manager from Norton Disney, is a keen volunteer and fund raiser for Cancer Research UK and in particular the Newark branch where she volunteers each weekend. Tamer used to volunteer in the Sleaford Cancer Research shop a decade ago during school holidays and now manages to fit this in around full-time work and volunteering at Halfway Home Dog Rescue in Collingham.

Over the past two years Tamer has completed the Race for Life and raised money for Cancer Research UK. This year Tamer is taking on a number of projects; she will be walking 10,000 steps everyday throughout March to “Walk all Over Cancer”. Tamer has set up a tuck box at work with all profits being donated to charity as she thought finding a sustainable way to raise donations every week was important.

Tamer plans to roll this out on a larger scale around the business park in Grantham. She is also running a donation station and offering to collect unwanted clothing, books, children’s toys and household items from Sleaford, Grantham, Newark and the surrounding areas. In the last couple of weeks Tamer has collected two large donations from Grantham and a whole car full of kindly donated items from Witham St Hughes.

Tamer has set up a Facebook page; “Fundraising for Cancer Research Newark” to bring more people into the store and raise awareness of the fundraising she is taking part in. Tamer regularly posts about high-end brands that come into the store, special items and other interesting things she is doing. If you have any unwanted items you would like to donate, you can contact Tamer by sending a message through the “Fundraising for Cancer Research Newark” Facebook page.

Tamer has also set up the Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/TAMER-HODGSON2016.

Tamer will be running the Race for Life again this year, and she has a few other ideas up her sleeve including a Sky Dive. Make sure you like the page to stay up-to-date with Tamer’s activities and to help in any way you can.

To quote the cover image on the Facebook page “together we can help”.

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Enjoying, Learning, Achieving Success ….Bassingham School Class 4

Class 4’s topic for the spring has been Road Trip USA. We have been doing a range of different things to do with America. At the start of the topic we began by doing a big mind map about what we knew about America. Some of us went in partners and some of us went on our own then Mrs Richardson assembled it on the display board. Next we had to find different states on a blank map then label the land marks we had researched over the past holiday. Then we had to do programming instructions of an area of America. Afterwards we presented our work in an exhibition in front of the whole school. They really enjoyed it and so did we!

Then we had to compare two contrasting places which were Lincoln and New York City. We had some fun while making chocolate covered crisps and rice krispes cakes and some parents came in to help us. Miss Wiltshire set us some homework to do over the next week. Using that we made a leaflet about the landmarks we had researched. We worked in our table groups to do this activity. When half of the class were in the ICT room, we made a picture with charcoal of the empire state building. It was fun but messy!

Now we had looked at the whole of America, we began learning about the Iroquois tribe. The first thing we did was make a mind map using the facts we were given. Next we had to design our own totem poles. We made them using a tube found in our kitchens. Using paper mache, we made the shape of the totem pole. We could use cardboard or glue to make it strong. Once they had dried we painted them (we had to give them a second coat because we could still see the newspaper). Once we had made those we started to draw our own longhouse which is what the tribe lived in. Then we labelled it. Next we designed our own dream catcher. Then we made them but we only had a metal ring, we had to do the rest ourselves! It was fun but very fiddly!

Once we had made the two items we were supposed to, we had to evaluate them with the sheets given. We had to make friendship bracelets. We made two one for our books and one for our friend. Most of us found it easy but some of us found it difficult. We all enjoyed it. Then we had to do our neatest handwriting EVER!!!!!! We wrote a copy of our true or false homework in our books. We have also written our own Native American names. On Friday 12th February 2016 it was the last day of term and we presented our work to our parents. It went really well!


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April 2016


April!! No seriously there’s no foolery involved, honestly! We have clear run through three months of 2016 already. Easter is over, we have sprung forward in to British Summer Time, the summer equinox has occurred and our days are now longer than the night and for a while we can look forward to them getting longer. With a seemingly mild winter if we had snow it was fleeting and doubtful now we’ve reached April. Anything Jack Frost does now is soon dealt with in the early morn. The birds are singing, daffodils have followed snowdrops to give a golden yellow flourish to our landscape and spring is well and truly here. If this hasn’t already brightened your day then read on because as always there is plenty going on out and about in the area. Something to cheer you up after the cold dark nights of winter, a coffee and a chat with friends, meeting up for a bit of craft, even a brisk walk with the local group taking in the sights and sounds spring has to offer.


Front Cover of Magazine:

by Lucy Davis Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2015 for 12 to 15 years.

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Conversion of Bassingham Chapel

Congratulations to Mark Jackson on winning the award for Best Conversion in North Kesteven and wish him well when it goes to the Regional finals. This building was built in 1839 to seat 500 people by Mr. Whitton at a total cost of £815 (broken down Bricklayer £450, Joiner £450 and painter £45) It was opened 14th January 1840 by Revd. Dr. Beaumont of Liverpool. The original plans are lodged with Lincolnshire Archives. In 1896 the choir was built over the single storey vestry at a cost of £450, a pipe organ was installed. Lighting was changed from candles to oil lamps and in 1926 electric light was installed at a cost of £220. In the beginning power was from batteries. In 1907 a two manual pipe organ was purchased and in 1966 the organ was purchased from Aubourn Church – this had to be rebuilt at the side. The building was licensed for marriages in 1927. The pulpit is made of pitch pine and has been retained in the conversion. The Chapel house was built for the Headmaster and eventually was let to the Chapel caretaker until it was sold in 1986. Lightning struck the Chapel House in 1985 and did considerable damage.

Written by Helen Ash (March 2016), who has many more records, etc. if you are interested please make contact.

@ @ @

1st Bassingham Guides - Leader Required

Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like to have some fun and get to do new things? Have you experience with Girl Guides in the past? If you can answer YES to at least one of these questions then we’d love to hear from you. Becky and Sarah are looking for an adult leader to help with 1st Bassingham Guides. We are a thriving unit but need an extra adult to allow us to undertake trips, go on camp and to develop our Senior Section; the older ones love us so much they won’t leave! Training is available. Please phone either Sarah Hassnip on 789649 or Becky Jordan on 01636 894215 for further details

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Traditional Farming Presentation

Saturday 7th May 10am

George Marsh will give a power point presentation in St Michael's church before the coffee morning. He will show examples of agricultural items of a pig sty, cow shed, barn, stable, a well etc. still in people’s gardens. At one time most villagers had a cow which was taken down Fen Lane every morning to pasture by the Brant and back at night for milking.

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A Bit of Spring Colour

Doesn't the Hammond Hall look lovely with all the daffodils crocus and shrubs? Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, WI, Garden Group and the Friends should be thanked for providing and maintaining this colourful addition to our surroundings. Please respect their efforts and try to avoid walking or parking too close to the plants.

@ @ @

Bassingham Carers Group

We are thinking of setting up a carers’ group for those caring for adults with Alzheimer’s or memory loss, with a view to arranging social events such as coffee mornings and pub outings.

If you are interested, please phone Lynne on 789045 or Rona on 789256.

New! Activity Hub for Dementia Set to Open

On Tuesday 8th March, a new activity hub was set up for people living with dementia as well as for their carers, families and friends. The activity hub is designed to offer stimulating activities for those living with dementia as well as offering the opportunity for carers to socialise and share information. Activities will include painting, new age kurling and other interactive activities designed to be enjoyed by all. Free refreshments are also available.

The first activity hub took place on 8th March at 10am to 12noon in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, 24 Church Lane, Metheringham, LN4 3HA. Each session will take place on the second Tuesday of the month thereafter. Everyone is welcome to attend; parking will also be available at the Star and Garter pub on Princes Street, LN4 3BX and is just a short walk to the church hall.

Sensory Strolls are still proving to be very popular at Whisby Nature Park and are ideal for people living with dementia and their carers; walks are designed to stimulate the senses and to enjoy the outdoors. Refreshments are also available to purchase from the Boardwalk Cafe afterwards. Sensory strolls take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 11am. Please meet outside the Natural World Centre – please note there is a £2 parking charge.

For more information on either event please contact Carly Togher, Health & Wellbeing Manager on 870272 or email carly.togher@1life.co.uk

@ @ @

Bassingham Open Gardens 2016

Sunday 12th June 2pm to 6pm

This year we are welcoming several new gardens to our map of gardens to visit. Delicious homemade refreshments will be available in the Hammond Hall, Pimms in one of the gardens, ice creams in another and the plant stall on Christmas Tree Corner. Donations of any garden items you no longer need such as tools, furniture, containers and larger pots will be very welcome. Gardeners please remember if you have any spare plants, indoor or out, annual or perennial they will be snapped up by visitors to the plant stall. If you are very short of space we may even be able to look after them for you before the event. Open Gardens is one of the major fundraisers for the Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity. Your support enables the charity to continue to improve facilities on the playing field. For further information or to offer help please call - Jan 788793 or Jean 788949 or Sandra (refreshments) 788213

This will form part of

Open Gardens and Scarecrow Weekend 2016

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June

It’s time to think about our Scarecrows again. This year our theme for Scarecrows will be ‘VILLIANS’. We look forward again to the amazing response from our villagers.

If you need any help with anything, please contact

Mike or Christine on 788086.

@ @ @

Bassingham Village Health Walk

Every Wednesday at 10.30am Meet outside Five Bells Bassingham (LN5 9JZ)

 The walk will last approximately an hour and is led by a volunteer walk leader. All are encouraged to stay for refreshments after the walk, at the Five Bells Bassingham. Free to attend no booking required just turn up on the day. You are required to complete a registration form before your first walk, so please arrive in good time to complete the form and still be ready to depart for the walk at 10.30am. Suitable footwear for muddy footpaths is advised. For more information please contact the scheme coordinator, Carly Togher on 870272 or email Carly.Togher@1life.co.uk

Part of the wider NK Scheme...

Free Health Walks in Your Area

The North Kesteven Social Strollers are a health walks initiative based in North Kesteven and currently has 16 walks available across the district ranging from 30 to 90 minute walks which are designed to help improve fitness and wellbeing.

Sleaford offers many places to walk, in the town or out in to the countryside; there’s plenty to see not to mention the wealth of historic buildings that the town has. Sleaford’s weekly health walk takes place every Thursday meeting at Sleaford Leisure Centre at 1.30pm. Please allow up to 60 minutes for this walk.

There will also be free refreshments at the end of the walk including 1 free swim pass per walker attending their first walk.

The scheme also recently set up a new health walk in Bassingham which takes place every Wednesday meeting at the Five Bells of Bassingham at 10.30am. See separate advert on page 11.

If you would like further information, please contact the Carly Togher on 870272 or email nkhealthandsports@1life.co.uk. For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.

@ @ @

Imprints -Lisa Mitchell exhibition at the Sam Scorer gallery Lincoln

Monday 25th April to Sunday 8th May

As living, breathing souls inhabiting this small planet together, it is built within our default settings to engage in relationships with others, be that as a friend, work colleague, lover, parent, child and even ourselves. We cannot avoid them and each connection is unique. Some of which leave imprints on our lives forever. It is these relationships that forge us, help us to grow, develop and at times destroy us. We learn how to love and we learn how to be hurt. Our interpretations of which are as unique as our fingerprints. The pieces I have selected to include in the exhibition are a culmination of two years work. As an artist I am always exploring and trying new techniques. For the past few years I have been working solely in Photography. However just recently I have also been returning to my Textile background and producing more mixed media works. I am a lover of the written word and this too plays an integral part within my work and excerpts of which you will also be able to see here. Life is for living….and without feelings we cannot be alive!

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A Village Without Trees?

I write to appeal to residents of our rural villages to please consider the benefits of trees to our way of life. Over the last couple of years I have been alarmed and ultimately saddened by the loss of significant trees to the heart of our village in Bassingham. While I recognise issues of insurance, light, disease, damage, death and more recently the high demand for firewood, I firmly believe that trees should be viewed far more positively and certainly as real assets to all our villages. It should be remembered that mature trees have, in virtually all cases, been planted for our benefit by previous generations and should not simply be viewed as problematic but justifiably as important contributions to our heritage and village character. Not in many residents’ lifetime will certain trees reach maturity even if we choose to plant them tomorrow and worryingly, it seems our mature trees are being lost at such an alarming rate there seem few signs of residents willing to plant specimens to take their place. Trees along with hedgerows define our villages and are not only beneficial to wildlife, but help with flooding, privacy, soil erosion, sound and wind protection while also helping to create village charm and character. As hedges are being replaced by fences and significant trees simply being lost forever, this steady, urbanising effect of our beautiful green spaces will without doubt, slowly erode the character of our village to all our detriment both present and future.

Ian Vickers

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Big Wood Goes Bats!

It is now just over 6 years since Hill Holt Wood undertook an extensive woodland management plan at Norton Disney Big Wood, up until that point no management had taken place for years and the area was overrun with bramble and bracken but especially Rhododendron. The wood was also closed to the public, so this potentially vibrant local amenity wasn’t available to the local residents and wider public.

The aim was simple; to improve the habitat and therefore the biodiversity and also to ensure that it was accessible for the local community and general public to enjoy.

At Hill Holt Wood we believe in ‘benefit stacking’ which means that every activity that we undertake has multiple benefits. At Big Wood therefore we initiated a mental health recovery programme and under supervision, encouraged the service users to undertake the woodland management. Their mental health started to improve and the woodland began to recover also, so a win win.

In order to support a complex and rich diversity of plant and animal life, woodlands need to be well managed. Ideally you want the 4 layers of trees and plants; Climax- mature Oak and Ash trees. Understory- Hazel, Holly, which are shade tolerant. Field Layer- grasses and wildflowers and the Ground Layer- mosses and lichens and fungi. Each layer supports different invertebrates which in turn support larger and larger animals which make up the food chain.

We concentrated on removing the rhododendron which is a toxic, invasive species and only supports 5 insect and mite species. Compare this with an Oak tree which can support up to 423 insect species! We also coppiced the Hazel stools which had become derelict and would fall apart and die in time and also coppiced and thinned some poor Ash trees, whilst clearing the Bracken. This all had the effect of opening up rides and glades, increasing the light at ground level which in turn increased ground flora. So you get the flowers and fungi which increase the insects and butterflies which in turn increases the bird and bat numbers and species and ultimately the larger mammal species.

All good work but has there been any evidence of an improvement in bio diversity? Initially there were only 30 bird species recorded but our latest survey results showed just over 100 species as being recorded, a massive improvement. But it is the number of bat species that have been the biggest success, Matt Cook who is a Natural England Licensed Bat Ecologist has conducted some surveys and the results are impressive he says “We had an incredible nights batting last night and you have a very special woodland reserve for these nocturnal critters. We caught all 11 species that you can realistically catch in the East Midlands, in less than a km square - common pip, soprano pip*, another Nathusius' pip, brown long-eared*, Daubenton's*, Natterer's, whiskered, Brandt's*, noctule*, a juvenile Leisler's, and no less than 6 barbastelles*! 5 of which were breeding females (the * denotes breeding females). I've not had a night as diverse as that before. Whatever your management plan is there it seems perfect for bats! He is keen to undertake some studies of the bats at Big Wood which is part of a national survey and feels that Big Wood should gain SSSI status.

I would say that this is irrefutable evidence that the work we have undertaken has had enormous benefit to the flora and fauna at the wood. It is there for everyone to enjoy and is open to the public 7 days a week, come and have a look round, it’s a lovely walk, especially at the end of the wood where the mature oaks surround the Wood land burial area and it will begin to look even more stunning as everything awakes from its winter slumber.

Oliver Woodman

Head of Operations at Hill Holt Wood

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My Favourite Place in Nk - Photography Competition

What is your favourite place in NK? Something in your village or maybe a local visitor attraction? With a wealth of historic buildings and picturesque villages, North Kesteven is brimming full of photographic opportunities just waiting to be captured.

Winning entries will be featured in our calendar available from November 2016.

First prize will be an opportunity to spend half a day with a professional photographer. We are welcoming entries now and will close on Friday 1st July 2016. For an application form please call the tourism team on 01529 308207 or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk.

For regular updates of what’s happening in North Kesteven follow us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

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Garden Waste Collection Service

To ensure a seamless service, customers are invited to re-join the District Council’s garden waste collection service from February. Being cheaper, easier, cleaner and quicker than taking hedge trimmings, grass clippings and garden waste to a tip, the kerbside garden waste service continues to represent great value for money. For £30 a year, subscribers have their brown bin emptied at their home on alternate weeks from 1st April, switching to monthly in December and January. The alternatives are to compost at home, take the materials to a household recycling centre, or arrange for a licensed handler to collect them.

To re-join or take-up the paid-for service, go to:


or, call on:

01529 414155 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm).

Collection of all bins within North Kesteven follows a well-established pattern across an alternate-week cycle, with garden waste dates advised at the time of sign-up. Collections due on a Bank Holiday Monday are consistently brought forward to the preceding Saturday and Good Friday collections are unchanged. Changes because of Christmas and New Year holidays will be advised through a range of methods. Collection calendars will no longer be sent out, but if you ever lose track of your collection day for any of your bins, you can look it up at



Leadenham and Whisby Recycling Sites
The battle to keep local cost-effective recycling sites has continued unabated. Thanks very much indeed for your supporting correspondence which was forwarded and received by the councillor responsible and the Leader. That was reported to the scrutiny committee last Friday. I attended and spoke on your behalf making the case loud and clear. We have a £476m budget, so saving £25k closing a facility used by 20,000 vehicles per day is just daft. That puts residents on a 20-30mile round trip each time, and that can't be helpful to the risk of fly-tipping. Not having rural facilities is a town centric approach, treating rural areas like second class citizens. We do not want to always have to go into increasingly congested Lincoln or Sleaford to deposit waste.
The responsible councillor, a member of the political administration under the Conservative County Council Leader, is expected to make the decision today, to coincide with the devolution announcements. That would close both sites from April 1st, unless we can get a rescue bid together. The Environment Agency today pointed out that the permit continues, and they will look at a plan if we submit one.
1,500 people signed the petition. Many people have written and offered to contribute to the costs, rather than a lengthy round trip. There are a number of Parish Councils whose parishioners benefit from using the Leadenham site. We need the Council to devolve the service, as they have done for other services. I and colleagues are here to give the project full support. I met with the Environment Agency and senior Council staff this morning. I can get professional help to get a business plan together. The Environment Agency will work with us. The service could be devolved to a lead Parish Council, with support from others, a voluntary or commercial body. We have a window of opportunity. Please give me a ring if you have a suggestion about this. 07920 235 364
Kind Regards,
Marianne Overton MBE
Independent Councillor for Branston and Navenby on Lincolnshire County Council

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Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Deal Agreed

Important new powers and funding are to be passed from the Government to the Greater Lincolnshire area. A devolution deal document has been agreed with Whitehall by all 10 local authorities from the Humber to the Wash.

Although all the councils will continue to exist in their current form, they will also come together to form a “combined authority” to exercise the new powers. Like other areas with devolved powers, such as Sheffield and Manchester, the combined authority will also have its own directly elected mayor.

The funding and responsibilities will include transport, housing, skills training and flood risk management. Further commitments are also agreed on health and social care, as well as court and prison services. The aim is to ensure local accountability, making the new body answerable to the one million people in Greater Lincolnshire.

The ten local authorities involved are North Lincolnshire Council, South Kesteven DC, West Lindsey DC, South Holland DC, City of Lincoln Council, East Lindsey DC, Boston BC, North Kesteven DC, North-East Lincolnshire Council and Lincolnshire County Council.

Each council will have to formally agree the deal at their full council, following consultation with residents in the summer.

The devolution arrangements could boost the area’s economy by £8bn, create 29,000 jobs and provide 100,000 new homes. The combined authority will receive £15m a year, for the next 30 years, for infrastructure projects to boost economic growth, and will have responsibility for a devolved and consolidated, multi-year local transport budget for the entire combined authority area.

The funding will only be for new responsibilities and will not affect the current budget proposals recently agreed by each council.

The Greater Lincolnshire bid also has the support of other public bodies such as the Local Enterprise Partnership and the police.

North Kesteven District Council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Mike Gallagher welcomes the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Deal

“The devolution deal announced today provides a great opportunity for North Kesteven. Decisions related to the local economy, housing and local public services will be taken closer to people and communities: we believe that local communities have a clearer vision and understanding of local circumstances, need and priorities. With extra funding, and new decision making powers, this devolution deal will enable us to move more swiftly on initiatives for growth, investment, economic development, skills development and infrastructure improvements to the benefit of our residents. We have a track record of delivery and value for money in North Kesteven, of getting things done, responding to residents and acting with financial responsibility for the good of the District. We look forward to making positive contributions as a partner in the growth of Greater Lincolnshire. In December 2015, the full council at North Kesteven strongly supported the Greater Lincolnshire vision for devolution. We will be working with our partners to implement the devolution deal following a period of broader community engagement over the coming months. The new combined authority will operate alongside the ten partner councils, jointly working in partnership on devolved areas including a new growth fund worth £15million per year, together with the skills agenda, transport, and economic development, housing, justice, health and water management. The deal unlocks great potential for North Kesteven and Greater Lincolnshire and is to be welcomed.”

Michelle Rose

Press & Publications Assistant North Kesteven District Council

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North Kesteven Walking Festival

Get your walking boots on and step in to a week of walks fit for all ages. Starting on Saturday 9th July the North Kesteven Walking Festival will run for 9 days offering walks for all ages and abilities. The full programme of events is expected early April. You can be notified as soon as its ready by joining the walking festival mailing list - please contact Donna Sutton at donna.sutton@1life.co.uk or call 694353. Keep up to date with what’s happening by following us on Twitter @NKWalking or finding us on Facebook /NK Walking Festival.

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New car park to open in Sleaford
A new 100-space car park will open on the south side of Sleaford.
Located at the town centre end of Grantham Road, south of the railway crossing, the new facility is ideally placed for anyone wanting to catch the train or park up for the whole day to commute or head to work in the town – or to enjoy a full day of shopping, browsing and visiting the towns museums, galleries and attractions.
It provides hassle-free, easy-access, low-cost parking without the need to drive around the one-way system or risk delays caused by the closure of the level crossing.
Opening in time for Easter on Monday 21 March, all-day parking will cost only £2 per day Monday to Saturday, and free on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
While parking remains remarkably low-cost across Sleaford, North Kesteven District Council has created this facility to help expand parking provision at the town centre perimeter and reduce the numbers of cars parked on nearby residential streets.
It creates secure off-road barrier-controlled parking to help reduce congestion which is a key priority for residents and support the vibrancy of town centre shops and businesses.
This is the initial realisation of the Sleaford Car Parking Strategy, represents significant progress on the Sleaford Masterplan and dovetails neatly with a range of initiatives planned and underway to support the economic regeneration locally.
It comes at a time when shop unit vacancies are low, many new businesses are starting up and interest from would-be developers to bring new retailers is soaring.
Council Leader Cllr Marion Brighton OBE, said: “Growth is something we all support for Sleaford, economically as well as in its vibrancy and range of vital facilities.
“Delivery of much-needed car parking such as this will support the future of the town.
“Not only will it reduce congestion as people park up and walk onto Southgate rather than drive through, but by introducing additional, low-cost parking in this area we hope to draw more shoppers to this end of the town and provide for workers in need of all-day parking.
“It is integral to the jigsaw of initiatives which form the regeneration vision for Sleaford and to now be seeing delivery of such vision, in real concrete terms on the ground, is most welcome and gives developers more confidence that this is a town which means business.”
This is the first of a number of new car parks anticipated over the next few years.
There has been no increase in Sleaford’s parking charges for a number of years – which remain remarkably good value.
Free at Eastgate for the first hour; and at Station Road and Cogglesford Mill for 2 hours.
60pence at Eastbanks, alongside the leisure centre, for up to 3 hours; and £2 all day
£1 at Market Place & Church Lane for 1 hour, then £2 for 2 hours and £3 for 3 hours
£1.20 at Moneys Yard for 1 hour, then £2 for 2 hours and £3 for 3 hours
£2 for all day at Eastbanks
£3 for over 2 hours at Cogglesford Mill, over 3 hours at Eastgate and all day at Westgate
£5 for all day at Station Road.
Michelle Rose
Press & Publications Assistant
North Kesteven District Council

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May 2016

Editorial: Welcome to the latest issue. Before we get started a quick plea for assistance, can anyone out there please help the editor? He’s struggling to get to grips with the latest version of Microsoft Word 2016 which he’s trying to use to produce the Witham Staple. Have you got a bit of free time and knowledge of this new software and might be able to point out a few new tips and tricks or even state the obvious that’s staring him in the face? Many thanks. With that little issue out the way we press on with May and yet another month full of lots of things to do in and around the local community. The magazine’s AGM, maybe you want to know more about how this magazine ends up on your mat each month or even want to help get it there, plus several other AGM’s, Annual Parish Meetings, Coffee Mornings, Lunches and Exhibitions. There’s even news on what’s to come over the summer, so be busy, make hay while the sun shines and get along to something somewhere and don’t miss out. Take care and soon it will be June.

The Witham Staple Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 10th May at 7.30pm

Meeting Room St Michael’s Church, Bassingham (LN5 9HA)

The Annual General meeting is open to everyone and everyone in the Witham Staple area is most welcome. The committee looks forward to seeing you and would be pleased to see anyone interested in finding out more about how the magazine is produced or who would like to be involved in the monthly process. Each month the team between them produce, print, collate, staple and deliver well over 2400 copies, one to every household in the community.

We hope to see you there.


Front Cover of Magazine:

"Lily of the Valley" by Paul Hubbard

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Traditional Farming  Saturday 7th May 10am Bassingham

George Marsh will give a power point presentation in St Michael's church before the coffee morning. He will show examples of agricultural items of a pig sty, cow shed, barn, stable, a well etc. still in people’s gardens. At one time most villagers had a cow which was taken down Fen Lane every morning to pasture by the Brant and back at night for milking.

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Bassingham Carers Group

We are thinking of setting up a carers group for those caring for adults with Alzheimer’s or memory loss, with a view to arranging social events such as coffee mornings and pub outings. If you are interested, come along to the Hammond Hall on Monday 9th May between 10 and 11am for a coffee and a chat. If you are interested but unable to attend please phone Lynne 789045 or Rona 789256.


Dementia Hub Showing Postive Progress In Metheringham  

Last Tuesday saw the second Dementia Activity hub take place in Metheringham designed to offer stimulating activities for those living with dementia.

The activity hub takes place on the second Tuesday of the month from 10am to 12pm and includes a range of different activities including painting and games such as new age kurling. Everyone is welcome including carers, family members and friends.

This week saw 17 people stop by the activity hub which takes place at St Wilfrids Church Hall in Metheringham and enjoyed painting as well as gardening workshops provided by Green Synergy. Carly Togher, Health and Wellbeing Manager said “I’m so pleased that the activity hub has been well received. It is such an important service in a rural area such as Metheringham and we are looking forward to seeing the hub grow.”

The next activity hub will take place on Tuesday 10 May at 10am to 12pm at St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, 24 Church Lane, Metheringham, LN4 3HA. Parking is available at the Star and Garter pub on Princes Street, LN4 3BX and is just a short walk to the church hall.

For more information please contact Carly Togher, Health & Wellbeing Manager on 01522 870272 or email carly.togher@1life.co.uk

Sensory Strolls are still proving to be very popular at Whisby Nature Park and are ideal for people living with dementia and their carers; walks are designed to stimulate the senses and to enjoy the outdoors. Refreshments are also available to purchase from the Boardwalk Cafe afterwards.

Sensory strolls take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 11am. Please meet outside the Natural World Centre – please note there is a £2 parking charge. The next Sensory Stroll will take place on Tuesday 31 May.

For more information please contact Carly Togher, Health & Wellbeing Manager on 01522 870272 or email carly.togher@1life.co.uk

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Microchipping Laws In Force

North Kesteven District Council is supporting a new ‘microchipping’ law which came into force at the beginning of April. Every dog owner in the UK now has a legal obligation to microchip their animal. The Government introduced the law to combat the number of strays found in the UK each year. National figures show more than 100,000 dogs are dumped or lost each year, costing the taxpayer and charities £57 million. With the new law in place, owners are more likely to be reunited with their dog should it become lost or stolen. If a dog however, is found without a microchip, their owner could be fined up to £500. Last year, the council received 186 reports of stray dogs in the district, 68 of which were returned to their rightful owners thanks to microchipping.

Councillor Richard Wright, executive board member with responsibility for environment and public protection said; “We are very supportive of this new law. We hope that it will help to reduce the amount of stray’s found each year left without a home, and in turn return them to their owner as quickly as possible”.

Microchipping costs between £15 & £20 and can be carried out at any local vet. They can also check if an existing microchip is up to date. You can also check your dog’s details at https://www.petlog.org.uk/  

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Whisby Recycle Centre Closure Petition

A petition has been set up to reinstate Whisby waste facility following fears that the closure has put “enormous pressure” on the remaining waste disposal sites. The waste facility, which was owned by FCC Environment on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, closed on Thursday 31st March, despite previous petitions to keep the facility open.

City and county councillor for Birchwood Rosanne Kirk has set up the latest petition due to fears that the closure will be “detrimental” to the environment. In two weeks, the petition has received almost 500 supporters, with many citing concerns over fly tipping. In the days following the tip’s closure, piles of waste have been dumped at the gates.

Petition link is:-


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1st Bassingham Cubs Celebrate 100 Years of Cubs Scouts

In 1907 Lord Robert Baden Powell (BP) took 20 young men to camp on Brownsea Island teaching them the basic skills, including setting up camp, map reading and camp fire building. This was the beginning of scouting all around the world. In 1916 Wolf Cubs (now Cub Scouts) was introduced for the younger boys. 100 years on from this we are now celebrating this landmark. Cub packs across the country are celebrating starting on February 22nd (BP’s Birthday or Founders Day) starting with a ‘Thank You Party’’ designed to recognise the people who have made the UK’s cub scouting sections what it is today, by showing the living history of cubs in our area. Bassingham Cubs have been very lucky to have had support from Bassingham and surrounding villages over the years by people and groups helping practically and providing grants and funding and all these representatives were invited. District leaders were also present along with 4 teachers from local schools.

The evening was very successful and it was a delight to see so many faces old and new fill the Hammond Hall on this special night. A warm welcome greeted you as you arrived, with refreshments provided, (which included 100 biscuits and 100 sausage rolls prepared by the cubs). The tables were decorated with fleur-de-lys centre pieces, made by the cubs. The sixers and seconders had decided on their favourite part of cub scouting and then organised displays for the evening. These included pioneering and camping demonstrations and a dry run on canoeing showing how to capsize correctly. You could try your hand at craft, making hover crafts, minions and origami, under the cub supervision. A power point on how to light a Camp Fire concluded the first part of the evening after which the cubs provided entertainment of camp fire songs and stunts.

The evening ended with the Deputy District Commissioner Mark Smith investing the latest adult member to take a warrant into the group and District Commissioner Cubs Carol Otter awarded 4 cubs with their chief scout silver award, the highest award available to a cub. The whole evening was finished off with a final heart felt thank you and Grand Howl was performed as it would have been originally right back at the start in 1916.

Afterwards the Cubs interviewed each other about their memorable moments of the evening and this is some of what they had to say:-

Rhys “I showed people how to make an origami fox. My favourite part was when I did a camp fire stunt I narrated it with a loud clear voice. I thought the capsizing was great. I was surprised how many people wanted to make a fox. The party was amazing and it went well, I enjoyed it.”

Tom “I ran the camping demonstration my favourite part was eating! I was in the tent and I did a camp fire stunt. We sang some songs and people got chief scout awards.”

Frazer “When we had our cubs 100 years party my favourite part was getting my chief scout silver award at the end.”

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NK Remains a Top Place To Live

Its official – North Kesteven is a great place to live! A recent Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey ranks the district 14th in the country, up two places from last year’s report. The listings are put together based on measures as diverse as broadband availability, employment, weekly earnings, crime, affordability of houses and schools’ success, to hours of rainfall and hours of sunshine. For a fourth time in five years the district also featured within the top 50 of all 405 local authority areas in the national Halifax Quality of Life Survey – finishing 30th.

Results show that average life expectancy for men is 81.5 and 83.9 for women.

In a recent ONS personal wellbeing survey NK was 12th overall – in the top 5% – with satisfaction, feeling like life is worthwhile and happiness all scoring highly.

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Draft Local Plan Approved by Committee

A submission version of a document that will guide growth up until 2036 has been given the green light.

The Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (CLJSPC) has approved the Publication Draft Local Plan and supporting policies for the authority areas of City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council, supported by Lincolnshire County Council.

A Local Plan helps to plan for an increasing population and changes in lifestyle as well as ensure that roads, schools, shops and other facilities are provided for, while preserving and enhancing what is special about the three areas.

“The Local Plan also incorporates opportunities for employment and investment to support our growing communities and economy.”

If given approval by the PINS, the Local Plan could be adopted by the CLJSPC by the end of the year.

The plan and supporting information can be viewed online at www.central-lincs.org.uk


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June 2016

Editorial: June, June, June, where is time going? We step into the sixth month of the year putting us almost halfway through 2016. We even reach the summer solstice this month and the nights start pulling in again almost before we even get chance to appreciate them! But saying that, for now the summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street?? Well careful maybe not in the street, but you could have a little jig in the corner by yourself when no one’s looking because isn’t it great to step outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your face at last and to hear the morning call, the day time chirping and the evensong of our delightful medley of wild birds. As we welcome the sun and the song we also welcome a new chairman, at the magazines recent AGM the new chairman was elected, the standing down Chairman took on the Vice Chair roll, all other positions re-stood. So as your editor our time together continues and hopefully with your input of all manor of information, between us we can carry on producing a good monthly read.

Front Cover of Magazine:

“Scarecrow time” by Paul Hubbard

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The Witham Staple Needs Your Help.

Each month a team of volunteers produces The Witham Staple, organises printing, distribution and delivery to 2500 homes in the Witham villages. Each year the number of copies increases and we need more help to ensure we maintain our high standards.

Could you help in any of the following ways?

·         sharing or taking on delivery to about 30 homes each month

·         being a reserve deliverer

·         helping with distribution to deliverers a few times a year, or each month

·         working alongside the print manager, liaising with the printer

·         assisting the editor (particularly if you have IT skills)

·         assisting the web manager, to keep the website updated

·         working alongside the business manager, dealing with advertising

·         assisting the treasurer


As Witham St Hugh's continues to grow, help with distribution or delivery would be most welcome.

We know the community relies on and appreciates the magazine, which has been going for over 50 years on one form or another. With your help, it will continue well into the future. Please give serious consideration to volunteering. Every little helps

If you would like to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact:

Andy Sceeny (Chairman) 788303 or Stan Underwood (Vice-Chairman) 788461

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Bassingham Open Gardens 2016

Sunday 12th June 2pm to 6pm

This year we are welcoming several new gardens to our map of gardens to visit. Delicious homemade refreshments will be available in the Hammond Hall, Pimms in one of the gardens, ice creams in another and the plant stall on Christmas Tree Corner. Donations of any garden items you no longer need such as tools, furniture, containers and larger pots will be very welcome. Gardeners please remember if you have any spare plants, indoor or out, annual or perennial they will be snapped up by visitors to the plant stall. If you are very short of space we may even be able to look after them for you before the event. Open Gardens is one of the major fundraisers for the Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity. Your support enables the charity to continue to improve facilities on the playing field. Programmes, including a map of the gardens and a map of the scarecrows, will be on sale in advance from 28th May at Greens, on the day from 1.30pm at the Hammond Hall and at the gardens, price £3.50, accompanied children free. Please call Sandra (refreshments) 788213 if you can make a cake or offer to help with teas for an hour on the day or call Jan 788793 or Jean 788949 (plants/garden equipment and information).

Please join us and enjoy a delightful afternoon in a good cause.

This will form part of:

Open Gardens and Scarecrow Weekend 2016


Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June

It’s time to think about our Scarecrows again. This year our theme for Scarecrows will be ‘VILLAINS’. We look forward again to the amazing response from our villagers.

If you need any help with anything, please contact

Mike or Christine on 788086.

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Bassingham Primary School Awarded Primary Science Quality Mark

Primary Science Quality Awards have been awarded to 154 infant, junior, primary, middle and special schools to celebrate a commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning. The Primary School Quality Mark scheme enables schools to work together to share good practice and is supported by professional development led by local experts. It encourages teacher autonomy and innovation while at the same time offering a clear framework for development in science subject leadership, teaching and learning.

The Primary Science Quality Mark is led by the University of Hertfordshire School of Education in partnership with the Primary Science Teaching Trust. It is supported by the Royal Society for Chemistry, the Ogden Trust and the Association for Science Education.

Jane Turner, PSQM National Director said: “Gaining a Primary Science Quality Award is a significant achievement for a school. The profile and quality of science teaching and learning in each of these schools is very high. Children are engaging with great science both in and outside the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards science as well as secure science understanding and skills. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, head teachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”

A huge congratulations to Mrs. White our science leader and all the members of the team. A lot of continuous hard work has been acknowledged by this prestigious award. It reflects the high standards of teaching and learning at Bassingham and a commitment to making education engaging.

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The Witham St Hughs Summer Beer Festival 2016

Saturday 2nd July 12noon to 10pm Witham St Hughs Village Hall (LN6 9XG) In July 2015, the Witham St Hughs Village Hall Events Committee held the inaugural Witham St Hughs Beer Festival on the village field next to the village hall. It was a resounding success, with over 500 people from the village and from further a field attending on the day. Fantastic cask ales and ciders from local breweries were on offer, together with great live music to keep the crowds entertained, and freshly cooked BBQ food too.

Encouraged by the success of the event and the positive feedback we received, the festival will be back again on Saturday 2nd July – but we are determined to make it bigger and better than the first!

We’ve really pushed the boat out this year, in addition to everything we had on offer last year, we have added a hog roast, souvenir glasses and t-shirts; various stalls; hay bale and log seating areas; an ice-cream van; and of course bigger and better live music throughout the day! We haven’t forgotten the young ones either – we have bouncy castles and candy floss!

 We’ve enlisted the considerable talents of local brewers Cathedral Heights Brewery to put together a huge and mouth-watering selection of real ales, scrumpy ciders and craft beers from a range of local and regional breweries for you all to sample. There will be something to suit every taste, from golden ales to smooth stouts, fruity ciders and ice-cold craft lagers. Prefer to stick to traditional beers, wines or soft drinks? Don’t worry, the village hall bar will be open too. It’s all set to be a fantastic family day, so round up your family and friends and come on over to join in the fun! Did we mention it’s free entry?

p.s. Check out all the latest Beerfest news on our Facebook event page – just search for ‘witham saint hughs summer beer festival’

It's important to note that all profits from this event (and any other VHEC event) are reinvested back into the village and go towards improvements to the village hall facilities and also help to fund future village events. All committee members are volunteers and give a considerable amount of their free time to help organise and staff the events we put on – if you’re interested in volunteering on the day, let us know! We hope you'll be interested in supporting this community event and help it go from strength to strength. Kind regards, The Witham St Hughs Village Hall Events Committee.


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July /August 2016

Editorial: So did you go down to the polling station, stand in the booth and do the Hoky Coky referendum style, in out ,in out, shake your pencil about. Without a shadow of a doubt the outcome will not have pleased us all, but we’re still here and side by side we must stand. There is a rumour that the Witham Staple Magazine controls the weather, if there is an event entered in the magazine there is a 99% chance that day of rain!!! This is probably a myth and the simple fact is because we live on a small island with a Latitude 53° 14' North, a Longitude 0° 32' West and we’re 5,900km from the equator it will inevitably rain! But we are British and we will not let this get in the way. This is your “loosely phrased” July/August summer double issue and people are busy planning and getting ready a whole host of events to keep us busy. Let us crack on then, read up on what’s happening and get out there and have a jolly good summer, oh just a second don’t forget your brolly!

Quick Reminder Local Information Sheet

September will see the annual re-issue of the Local Information Sheet. Please can you courteously let the Editor know if the contact information on the sheet for your group or association is correct or if any changes need to be made to it, by the end of July? So please take a moment to have a look at a copy, if you don’t have a copy it can be viewed on this website and let me know if it’s wrong! Contact details for Editor on page 1. Remember by the end of July Please.


Front Cover of Magazine:

"To the Beach" by Paul Hubbard

@ @ @

Community Consultation on the New Carlton Le Moorland  Village Hall  

Tuesday 19th July 6.30pm to 8.30pm and Saturday 23rd July 2pm to 5.30pm

The Parish Council, as part of the National Lottery bid, wishes to invite all residents and members of user groups to review the proposed layout drawings of the options for the new Village Hall. The information will be available at the Village Hall. We will be pleased to receive your feedback and comments

@ @ @


Young People’s Trust Carlton Le Moorland

Registered Charity No. 521826

The Young People’s Trust has funds available to make a number of grants to the young people of the parish of Carlton le Moorland under the following aims and objects:

‘Subject to payment of administration expenses the Managing Trustees shall apply the income of the charity from the permanent fund in providing or assisting in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for the care, education, recreation or leisure time occupation of the children and youth of the parish of Carlton le Moorland with the object of furthering their development through learning, sport and recreational activities and improving the conditions of life for the said children and youth.’

Over the years the trust has given over £30,000 in grants in support of the young people of the parish in the form of individual grants to help with the cost of educational trips and grants to organisations of which they are members including Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Mothers and Toddlers and the Junior Act Two Theatre Group. Most recently we have been a primary source of funding for the improvements to the Carlton le Moorland Playing Field.

To receive an application form please call or text:

David Merchant on 07943 760 155

@ @ @

1st Bassingham Scout Group - Scout Troop Leader Urgently Wanted

A range of opportunities for volunteers in the community.

Bassingham has a well established Scout Group which has flourished for many years. The Scout Group is made up of three sections. There is a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. There are three appointed leaders and a number of assistant leaders and parent helpers who work with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on a weekly basis. There is a very healthy waiting list of young people who would like to join the different sections of the Bassingham Scout Group and we are in urgent need of an additional Scout Troop Leader to join in and help run the local troop of boys and girls age 10½ to 14. If you live in the area and think that working with young people in this way could be something you would enjoy then why not come along to one of the sessions to have a look, we meet on a Thursday evening from 7.30pm during school term time.

For more details please contact the Group Scout Leader Alison on 788241.

@ @ @

Scarecrow Festival Weekend. Many thanks to everyone for yet another awesome and brilliant display of scarecrows, they were very creative and confirmed what a talented group of people our village has. We had an amazing 33 locations with almost 40 scarecrows. The weather was less than kind (which resulted in the cancellation of the Flypast)..... but did not diminish the quality of all our efforts. If your scarecrows are still intact and they would welcome a big day out at our Show day on August 6th, we can collect them and bring them back home safely in time for dinner. Let us know on 788086 Mike and Christine.

Photographs of the scarecrows displayed and gardens opened click here


@ @ @

Bassingham Care Centre Summer Fete

Saturday 13th August starting at 1pm at the Care Centre

There will be stalls, bouncy castle, live music and loads more

If anyone would like a stall its £5.


@ @ @

Bassingham Annual Show 6th August

This year Bassingham Show is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. For those of you that are new to the village this a traditional village show. We pride ourselves on holding a great display of all the talents of the local villages in our indoor show, be it Vegetables, Flowers, Craft, Baking or our wonderful children's section. (please see schedules on the witham staple site or greens stores or Hammond Hall. The display is something to be seen. We have many Arena events along with side shows, refreshment's, bar, bottle stall, games, Grand Raffle and much more. This is my last year as show coordinator of Bassingham Show, I would like to invite those of you in Bassingham to help keep this annual event enjoyable for all that attend, but for it to go forward we do need people to help out on show day, we do not ask you to give your whole day up, just what ever time you have to spare. Our Aim is for all to have a fun filled day for this wonderful village we live in. If you feel you can help us out in anyway please contact me. Look forward to seeing you all on the 6th August. Julie Thomas 789425, 07741 476 287, Julie.thomas9@btinternet.com

@ @ @

The Witham St Hughs Summer Fete 2016

Sunday 7th August 11am to 3pm

Witham St Hughs Village Hall (LN6 9XG)

The Witham St Hughs Village Hall Events Committee are holding the annual Summer Fete this year on the 7th August. Last year, we had an amazing turn out and some fantastic stalls and shows. This year, we are making it even better with plenty of activities for the children to take part in such as children’s orbs, a coconut shy, a train ride, inflatable and there will be classic cars to admire. Oh and did we mention the rather fabulous raffle?! Lots of fantastic gifts to win for the family. There will be a wide range of stalls and fun and games to keep the children entertained while you can take full advantage of the refreshments. Tea, coffee and cakes are available and something that little bit stronger for the adults as the bar will be open all day. Don’t forget, you can feed the family too as the BBQ will be open all day with burgers, chips and vegetarian options and if that wasn’t enough, we will also have popcorn, donuts and ice cream.

Our local guides and scouts have kindly offered their support and will be helping out on the day. So come along and spend some quality time with friends and family in a fun-filled atmosphere and best of all, it’s free entry. See you there!!

Check out all the latest Summer Fete news on our Facebook event page

– just search for ‘witham st hughs summer fete’. It’s important.......

@ @ @

Councillor Catches Fly-Tipper Red-Handed

A man has been ordered to pay £2,593 after a local member for the area spotted him in the act of fly-tipping. The man was found guilty at Lincoln Magistrates Court on June 8th, of being the registered keeper in charge of a vehicle that was seen involved in the offence on Somerton Gate Lane Waddington in May 2015.


As part of the Council’s proactive measures it has installed notices at locations of successful fly-tipping prosecutions, which say: “Warning. People have been prosecuted for fly-tipping in this area. Anyone who sees any fly-tipping in the District can report it directly via NKDC’s website, www.n-kesteven.gov.uk or call 01529 414155.


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September 2016

Editorial: Another summer of the ups and downs in life, the trials and tribulations, the disappointment, the almost nearly and the glory. It all rolls around our lives in one way or another. Whether it’s secondary, sixth form, college or University all the hard work comes out of an envelope, but your future is still what you make it. The summer of 2012 is something we may never forget, but Great Britain has surpassed its expected medal total and had the greatest away Olympics ever. The glory of gold whether like Bolt it takes you just a mere 9.81 seconds or in the case of Murray a whole 4 hours, the work ethic over four years is just as gruelling and the achievement emotion just as great. If you’ve watched it I’m sure there is a moment that touched your heart. Even the weather is golden, the sun is out warm and bright and everything is great as we head once more into another month, like our students and athletes your local groups and organisations have been putting a lot of hard work and dedication into bringing you something to do this September.


Local Information Sheet

The contact details for local groups and associations was updated for September 2016 and can be viewed and downloaded from the link below. The local information sheet gives residents contact names and numbers of local community groups within the eight Witham Staple villages as well as other district services and local utilities. If you are unable to access the internet or have problems viewing the local information sheet and require a copy please contact the Editor.

Local Information Sheet   [Click to Download]


Front Cover of Magazine:

“Down the Fen” by Brian Beeden

@ @ @

Post Office Carlton Le Moorland Village Hall Change of Hours
From Wednesday 6th July the post office outreach service hours changed. The service will be available on Wednesdays only from 2pm to 4.30pm. The post office outreach offers a full range of services in the Village Hall including foreign currency and motor vehicle road tax.
We need more support for this service or we will lose it completely so please make use of this local facility!

@ @ @

Bassingham Conservation Area Appraisal

An Extraordinary meeting of Bassingham Parish Council has been called on Tuesday 30th August 2016 - 7.30pm at The Hammond Hall.

This meeting is to discuss the Bassingham Conservation Area Appraisal and the comments to be made to NKDC in respect of such.

All residents welcome as the potential alterations could affect many households in the village

@ @ @

Bassingham 50th Annual Show Wash Up Meeting

We are having a wash up meeting on Monday 19th September at 7pm in the Hammond Hall meeting room. If you have any new ideas or would like to join us please come along or contact me. Julie Thomas Show Coordinator 2016, 789425 Julie.thomas9@btinternet.com

@ @ @

Witham Lives Group

The group has now 3 active responders and 2 backroom supporters, Louise who has taken the role of fund raising and myself as treasurer and support in fund raising. In June the responders were quite busy with 20 call outs, the dedication of the responders was highlighted on a couple of occasions as they had to support the patient for an hour until the ambulance arrived. The fund raising side is going very well his year, since we have had the support of Witham St Hughs community Centre and being invited to attend functions held there. On Saturday 2nd July at the BeerFest we managed to raise more than £500, even though the weather was more appropriate for Glastonbury than Witham St Hughs, a big thanks to the face painters and cake makers also to everybody who supported us. I also want to thank Mamma Mia Pizza and its clients for donating over £20 from a collection box, also thanks to Oakhill caravan park who raised over £24 from its collection box. Our main project at the moment is to raise £2,000 to purchase another responder kit, so any donation will help us achieve our goal. For further information contact LIVES HQ 01507 525999 email lives@lives-responders or www.lives-responders.co.uk

@ @ @

Message In A Bottle Scheme  - Providing Useful Information in an Emergency

How well do you know your friends and neighbours? In the event of a medical emergency would you know what medication they were on, if they had any allergies, what numbers to call to contact family members, or if they had children, pets, or relatives dependant on them? Help is at hand - Thanks to The Lions Club, who sponsors the message in a bottle scheme. It is FREE and designed to assist the Emergency Services. All you need to do is obtain a Lions Emergency Container from your doctors or local pharmacy, complete the form inside and place the whole thing in your fridge door. There are 2 stickers supplied, one should be placed on the fridge door and the other on the inside of your front door. The Fire, Police and Ambulance services then know at a glance where to find the information they need to help you.

@ @ @  

Milling Day Success

Over 250 visitors saw Cogglesford Watermill rumble in to action as they opened their doors for their Loving Lincolnshire Milling Day.

Cogglesford Watermill is thought to be the only Sherriff’s watermill still in operation in England. Dating back to Saxon times, the mill is brought to life on the second Sunday of the month from March to December grinding grain to make flour as if it would’ve done more than 200 years ago. Sunday 14th the mill opened their doors for their ‘Loving Lincolnshire’ milling day which saw 250 visitors who were able to see the mill in operation and enjoyed bread making demonstrations with Sherry Forbes from the Manor House Stables. Select Lincolnshire were also be in attendance on the day raising awareness of using local produce and celebrate the very best of what Lincolnshire has to offer for both businesses and consumers. Their popular shop also featured items from local suppliers and producers, such as honey, jams, curds, chutneys, woodcrafts, books, card, gifts, souvenirs including homemade preserves from M H Preserves. The mill has been producing flour since the early 18th century and the mill has been beautifully preserved by North Kesteven District Council, giving a real insight into milling in days gone by. The next milling day will take place on Sunday 11th September and will be a part of the national campaign Heritage Open Days. For more information about the Milling Days or anything else about the Mill please visit www.cogglesfordwatermill.co.uk. For other places to visit and things to do during the summer visit www.heartoflincs.com or contact North Kesteven District Council on 01529 308102. You can also find us on Facebook /heartoflincs or follow us on Twitter @Discover_NK

Both Cogglesford Watermill and Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre have announced that they have received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses and attractions that have earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12 month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.


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October 2016

Editorial: September has come to an end, hopefully the harvest is all safely gathered in. We have had the harvest moon (the last full moon of summer), the autumn equinox has happened and our nights are slowly pulling in day by day. At the end of October British summertime comes to an end once again. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday 30th October and avoid being an hour earlier arriving than anyone else! Do you ever wonder, is this time in the year one of the strangest, a real mixed bag, even a lucky dip? If the sun shines it’s hot, even reaching a record high since 1911 of 34.4c just a few weeks back, if it doesn’t shine though it’s damp and miserable. When rain comes it’s anything from fine to hard and vertical or even horizontal at times. You’ve cut and pruned everything back and with a blast of light, a bit of heat and a splash of rain it all shoots back into life. As you look around the garden and down on that pesky weed are you not convinced you dug it up just the other day!! Weather’s lucky dip, stick your hand in and pull us out a bit of brightness, if it’s rain you’ve drawn then stay in the dry and read on...


Front Cover of Magazine:

by: “Spooky goings on” by Paul Hubbard 

@ @ @

Approved for New and Improved Play Ground in Brant Broughton

Children and families in the village of Brant Broughton, are set to get a new and improved playground thanks to a £50,000 grant from funding body WREN. The money, awarded by WREN’s FCC Community Action Fund, will be used to buy new play equipment at Brant Broughton Playing Fields. The playground will also be partly funded by The Big Lottery and The Community Facilities Grant Aid from Lincolnshire County Council. Members of the Brant Broughton Playing Field Association believe the facility will make a huge difference to the lives for people living in the area. WREN is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, conservation and heritage projects from funds donated by waste and resource management company FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund. For more information about WREN funding contact Cheryl Raynor on 01623 755319, at cheryl.raynor@wren.org.uk or visit http://www.wren.org.uk/ Brant Broughton Playing Field Association hopes the new play ground will be ready to use by Autumn 2016. Brant Broughton Playing Field Association are continuing to organize fundraising events throughout the year – keep an eye on the local press for further details or have a look at their facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/bbplayingfield/.

@ @ @

Local 8 Year Old Signs for Sheffield United

Leo-Beck started playing football two years ago for Witham St Hughs juniors. His manager immediately spotted his goalkeeping talents and put him in goal. After just three months playing he was identified by a Nottingham Forest scout and asked to attend a six week trial at their development centre in Grantham. After six weeks they asked him to stay and after another three months he was asked into the academy to train with them. He then stayed there and also got some external coaching from Barry Richardson on a Wednesday night. He trained with the academy for six months and in that time was also asked to train with Grimsby Town, Lincoln City and Notts County and all three offered him a contract for this season. He trailed with them all and made the decision to move to Notts County. Three weeks before the end of the season Barry Richardson approached and said that Sheffield United would like to offer him a trail so he went up for a training session. After just one session they asked him to play a game. After he played the game they also offered him a contract to play this coming season. After a weekend of decision making he accepted the offer at Sheffield United and is now officially a Sheffield United player. Both his mum Rachel and I are extremely proud of his achievements and more proud of the hard work he puts in every week. This season he is going to be lucky enough to put his skills against the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. He played his first game of the season this last Sunday just gone (4th September) against Nottingham Forest where the team won 11 - 2 and 13 - 4 in their 2 games. Daren

@ @ @

1st Bassingham Scout Group

Wanted Cub Leader

A range of opportunities available for volunteers in the community. Bassingham has a well established Scout Group which was founded 50 years ago and has flourished for many years. The Scout Group is made up of three sections. These are a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. There are three appointed leaders and a number of assistant leaders and parent helpers who work with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. There is a very healthy waiting list of young people who would like to join the different sections of the Bassingham Scout Group and we are in need of an additional Leader to help run the Cub pack to join in and help with the various activities and keep the group going. If you live in the area and think that working with young people in this way could be something you would enjoy then why not come along to one of the sessions to have a look. For more details contact Alison on 788241.

@ @ @

Little Darters Extends Children’s Adventure And Play at Whisby Natural World

A new extension to the award-winning Little Darters outdoor play area at the Whisby Natural World Centre has opened, extending free opportunities for adventurous play. Under the second phase of a £250,000 investment by owners North Kesteven District Council in facilities at the popular free-access attraction, the Wildlife Adventure Area has been re-modeled to increase the potential for more physically demanding thrills and challenges. There is now a new look-out tower, assault course, balance beam, climbing net, fireman’s pole and scramble board, extending Little Darters’ appeal to older children. This adds to the existing attractions which include water chutes and sand pits, super-sized wooden creatures to climb on, rope bridges and towers to clamber over and an underground cave giving a mole’s eye view in the world.

Through the refresh, Little Darters now inspires children of all ages to be more active, more often. Inside the centre, the new Otters’ Reach play area continues to be a real hit, bringing adventurous play to those too small to fully explore the outdoor wonders of Little Darters. Little Darters was initially opened in 2009 by the TV wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan and quickly won an award as the best-designed children’s play facility of its kind in the country. It all adds to the free attractions and facilities which form a part of the much-valued Whisby Nature Park experience. The Nature Park is open dawn to dusk every day and the Natural World Centre from 10am to 5pm. Both are entirely free apart from a £2 day-long parking fee – proceeds of which finance the ongoing improvements and investment and are easily accessed from the southern end of Lincoln Bypass. In the final phase of improvements, the centre’s basement is being remodeled to provide a conference and exhibition gallery and a separate meeting room.

Repeatedly awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, the Natural World Centre remains popular with approximately 200,000 visitors each year. Both Otter’s Reach and Little Darters can form the core to children’s party experiences arranged through the Centre. Details on 688868 or www.naturalworldcentre.co.uk Advisory age ranges across the Little Darters facilities, Little Darters’ sand pit and water area - little tots; Otter’s Reach – 3 to 8 years; Little Darters, in general 4+ Little Darters’ new extension 8+ in the new extension.

Jason Hippisley Communications & Media Manager NKDC

@ @ @

Power Cut! Council Supports Launch of 105

North Kesteven District Council is backing the launch of a new number that aims to support members of the public if they ever experience a power cut. Research has shown that many people don’t know who to contact during a power cut and wrongly call the electricity supplier they pay their bill to. 105 has been set up to help the public get through to their local electricity network operator – the company responsible for the power network. It’s a free, easy-to-remember number that people can call to report or get information about a power cut in their area and it puts the caller through to those who will repair their network and restore their power. 105 is available to electricity customers in England, Scotland and Wales. The number can be accessed from most landlines and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter who you choose to buy electricity from – anyone can call 105. The service is jointly funded by electricity network operators – the companies that manage the cables, wires and substations into homes and businesses. People can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put them, or someone else, in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk to life the emergency services should be called. Visit powercut105.com to find out more about 105 and electricity operators.

@ @ @

Photographic Competition Winner

The winning photo: ‘Nightingale at Whisby’ by Leslie Marshall

North Kesteven District Council’s second photographic competition opened last October in a bid to encourage people to get out and about and explore what’s right on their doorstep and showcase their favourite place in NK. Open from October 2015 to June 2016, people were asked to capture their favourite place in the district, whether it be a favourite walking spot or local historic site; the tourism team at North Kesteven District Council invited residents to capture the distinctiveness of the district and the wonderful things we have to see and do. The competition closed in July and from then all entries travelled to Heckington Show, Cogglesford Watermill in Sleaford and North Hykeham Town Council where visitors were able to vote for their favourite images. The most popular images were then put into the team’s 2017 calendar which will be on sale soon. The winner of this year’s competition was ‘Nightingale at Whisby’ by Leslie Marshall. Steve Hatton from Electric Egg who judged this year’s entries said “Electric Egg are delighted to pick ’Nightingale at Whisby’ as the winner of this year’s photo competition. Wildlife photography requires great technical skill, an eye for composition and patience. The judges thought the photograph was not only technically very proficient but also that the use of the branches as a natural frame gave the image a pleasing and balanced composition.” Leslie will not only have her image featured on the front of the calendar but will also get to spend half a day with Steve to gain some hands on advice about professional photography.

You can view all of this year’s entry on the tourism team’s Facebook Page facebook.com/heartoflincs. For more information about great places to visit and things to do in North Kesteven, visit www.heartoflincs.com or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk.

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November 2016

Editorial: The clocks have gone back, it’s dark, it’s damp and there is an autumnal feel in the air. You might catch a quick glimpse of the sun as it creeps low across the autumn sky but its brief! Yes readers it’s November. If you take a moment can you honestly believe we’re into the eleventh month of 2016. Halloween has past, bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Christingle, the unmentionable, New Year, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Easter before you know it!! No, too much? Sorry, maybe you’re right let us concentrate on the here and now. Although time seems to pass by so quickly and you find yourself planning ahead earlier and earlier to the point you are organising two or three events before what is actually happening. As always your Witham Staple is here to help you, from planning your idea and asking for help, advertising your event to thanking the attendees for their support. On we go then, off into the pages of November we head, there’s a lot to see and do this month with a few festive treats to tempt you in December too?

Front Cover of Magazine:


Avro Lancaster Bomber by Micah Wilding

Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2016 for 7 years & under.


47 Bus Service In Carlton Le Moorland
As operations manager I have been asked by our drivers who operate our Lincoln to Newark service number 47 which runs through Carlton le Moorland to contact you. It is regarding the parking of cars along Church Street in Carlton le Moorland and restricting access for our buses to travel safely around the village on the bus route. There have been a number of occasions recently, normally on a Saturday where the buses have been unable to travel along Church Street and have had to reverse back along Vicarage Lane which I am sure you will appreciate is an unnecessary hazard.
Can residents and visitors in this area please give consideration to parking motor vehicles responsibly to allow access for the buses along this bus route?
Kind Regards. Phil Shirley
Operations Manager P C Coaches of Lincoln Ltd


Bassingham Playing Field – No Fit Place for a Dog?

Persistent dog fouling continues to be an unpleasant feature of Bassingham Playing Field and a proven health hazard. Some dog owners plainly don’t care but it annoys those who clean up after their dog and it provokes fury in many people that a minority cause the problem and the rest suffer. The certain answer would be to exclude dogs from the Playing Field. No dogs: no dog poo: no health hazard: no furious parishioners: everybody happy. Except that, as of today, not everybody would be happy and anyway, exclusion could not be enforced.

We are advised that education of owners is the best way of dealing with the problem. For a start, we could ask everyone to accept that, over time, the formal public attitude in Bassingham will be that ‘taking a dog onto the Playing Field is an antisocial act’. We could allow ourselves 2 years to get used to the idea and agree that from 1st January 2019 anyone taking a dog on the Playing Field and anyone responsible for a dog seen on the Playing Field will be the subject of social disapproval. Please let us know how you feel about this proposal. Meanwhile, it would be helpful to us if images of dogs, accompanied or unaccompanied, which are suspected of fouling the Playing Field were forwarded with any comment you wish to make on this matter to:


Bassingham Parish Council

Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity


Bassingham Neighbourhood Development Plan: Public Consultation

Public consultation on the draft Bassingham Neighbourhood Development Plan 2012 - 2036 will take place between Monday 24th October and Sunday 4th December. The plan and its supporting documents will be available for viewing from the 24th October at the following places:

The Hammond Hall Local Access Point Mon/Weds/Thurs 9am to 1pm

Ring 789758 to make appointments outside these times.

The Bassingham Parish Council web site www.parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Bassingham

There will be 3 public consultation events being held in the Hammond Hall for you to speak to the team and complete a feedback form.

Sunday 13th November 2pm to 4pm

Monday 14th November 9am to 11.30am & 6pm to 8pm

You can also e-mail your comments to basspc@btconnect.com

Or by post to The Hammond Hall, Lincoln Road, Bassingahm.

Closing date for comments Sunday 4th December

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 13th December at 7pm to listen to the views of the public about the plan before adopting it and formally submitting to NKDC.


1st Bassingham Scout Group: Cub Leader Wanted

Bassingham has a well established Scout Group which was founded 50 years ago and has flourished for many years. The Scout Group is made up of three sections. These are a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. There are three appointed leaders and a number of assistant leaders and parent helpers who work with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. There is a very healthy waiting list of young people who would like to join the different sections of the Bassingham Scout Group and we are in need of an additional Leader to help run the Cub pack to join in and help with the various activities and keep the group going. If you live in the area and think that working with young people in this way could be something you would enjoy then why not come along to one of the sessions to have a look. For more details contact Alison on 788241.


NK Devolution and Mayor Discussions

Devolution is the subject of much debate at present. NK is one of ten councils in Lincolnshire who are soon to decide if they wish to continue with this bid which will initially bring in £15 million a year for 30 years. However, government insist that an elected mayor is part of the deal.

The consultation period brought support for devolution but not for a mayor who will be paid from the council tax.

All 10 councils must agree if devolution is to proceed.

Emerging Central Lincolnshire Local Plan has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for formal consideration as part of the examination in public. This will take place in November in Lincoln. You are welcome to attend.

The inspector will make his decision in the New Year when we hope to have a favourable report which enables the plan to be adopted.

NK continues to get good results from their satisfaction surveys and works hard to be a good council promoting economic growth and prosperity.

NK Councillor Pat Woodman


Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity: Chairman’s Report

Where has the year gone, here we are once again meeting for the yearly AGM. I would like to thank Andrew Francis - vice chairman, Sue Barnett – secretary, Roger Baker - treasurer and Pat Doody – Auditor along with our Elected Members, Co-opted Members and Executive Members from our Organisations for their support throughout the year and hopefully their continued support for the year ahead.

During the year we have explored a variety of topics that led to some very interesting discussions and debate amongst us and would like to highlight what the Charity has been involved in during the year. Firstly it was brought to our attention that there was a problem of Algae on the Wicket Pitch and on the Bowls Court which we were able to make financial contributions to both clubs helping to solve the problem enabling both grounds to be brought up to an appropriate standard. We have also seen the progress of the Playpark and what great progress has been made including the completion of Phase 1 which ended with the addition of the Scramble Net, the commencement and completion of Phase 2 with the addition of the much used Zip wire and hopefully we will be able to look forward to the start of Phase 3. With that in mind I would like to thank all who have been involved in this ongoing project and thanks to Ben Heaver for his enthusiasm and commitment.

I would also like to thank Emily Markham who once again was able to arrange and organise Bounce About to come to our village during the summer months and what a wonderful time was had by all who attended. All look out for next year’s dates. The Charity has seen and been involved in the first Bassingham Village Life Expo 2016. This was a very successful event involving 23 of our village organisations where they were able to demonstrate aspects of their group with an aim of attracting new members. It is hoped that this may be an annual event – Thank your Roger Hales. We have all seen and been able to enjoy the wonderful display of the garden borders flourish during the year and the lovely individual planters. Thank you to all who have been involved in these great visual attractions. My penultimate thank you is to the Friendship Club who generously made a donation for a seat/bench to be bought for all to use in our village community. This has now been cited for all in the Playing Fields area.

During the year we were also very lucky to be part of an exceptional celebration of one of our villagers John Rowland who received the BEM for services to the community – what a proud moment for all of us.

As you all will be able to see there are a variety of projects/topics that the Charity have been/are involved in albeit financial, man power and forthcoming ideas for the Village and its residents. Lastly I would like to thank you all for the fund raising that has taken place during the year - open gardens, scarecrow display, the Village Show and Bonfire Night – well done everyone. What a great village we all live in and let’s hope we can continue to prosper and succeed in the coming year.

Val Wiltshire



Whisby Nature Park: Taking a Step Back in Time

The Centre is to host a brand new exhibition showing the history of Whisby Nature Park set to open later this year. We are asking members of the public to share their interest and memories of Whisby Nature Park and to contribute to their ‘History of Whisby’ exhibition. The exhibition will focus on the development of the site and is planned to open at the Natural World Centre later this year. The exhibition will be the first to be displayed in the centre’s refurbished basement area which until earlier this year housed the ‘Our Changing World’ exhibition and is part of the recent investment from North Kesteven District Council. Completion dates for the area and opening of the exhibition are still to be confirmed. It is hoped that the exhibition will be made up from a combination of contributions from the public who have been involved with the parks development or who have visited over the years. It is intended to be a celebration of the site and have a real visual element showing visitors the history of the site and how it compares to today. Contributions can be in the form of documentation, imagery, articles, film or audio footage. The team are also collating individual stories and memories to add a personal touch to the development of Whisby. They are also welcoming any artefacts, materials, equipment or items which can bring the story of Whisby alive.

For further information, or if you have anything you would like to contribute, include or show, please contact Ann Worrell on 688868 or email whisby.exhibitions@1life.co.uk In fact, if you feel you can contribute in any way, please contact us.

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Local Autumn Walks

Going for a walk is always enjoyable, no matter what time of the year, but it’s hard to deny that autumn provides the most beautiful backdrop. As we celebrate the autumn equinox, experience the changing landscape and get out and about with weekly walks available in the North Kesteven district. The North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk scheme is a free initiative designed to get you out and about and enjoy the outdoors. The scheme now offers 18 walks across North Kesteven ranging from 30 to 90 minute walks which are designed to help improve fitness and wellbeing. North Kesteven offers many places to walk, in the picturesque villages or out in to the countryside; there’s plenty to see not to mention the wealth of historic sites that the area has. Regular walks take place across the district 7 days; why not join the team in one of their latest locations which are:

Bassingham – every Wednesday at 10am

Meet at the Five Bells of Bassingham, High Street, Bassingham, LN5 9JZ

Sleaford – every Thursday at 1.30pm

Meet at Sleaford Leisure Centre, East Banks, Sleaford, NG34 7ET

Navenby – every Friday at 10am

Meet at Cliff Village Medical Practice, Grantham Road, Navenby, LN5 0JJ

If you would like further information, please contact the Carly Togher on 870272 or email carly.togher@1life.co.uk. For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.


The Natural World Centre’s Annual Photographic Competition Winners Announced

The Natural World Centre’s annual photographic competition closed at the beginning of last month and there have been a great number of entries all capturing the beautiful landscape and creatures found within Whisby Nature Reserve. The winners of the categories are as follows:


Best Close Up – ‘Common Darter’ by Paul Marshall

Best Landscape – ‘Evening Discourse by Jo McLaren Dunn

Best Wildlife – ‘Willow Warbler’ by Keith Prescott

Best Under 16s – ‘Teasel Shield’ by Josh Headley aged 14.

The competition is now in its seventh year and was sponsored by Guildhall Studio, Lincoln in association with artsNK. They also had the difficult task of choosing the winners along with the Natural World Centre and professional landscape photographer Brett Gardner who hosted summer photography workshops at the park earlier in the summer. Each winner will receive a fabulous prize along with receiving and featuring in the Natural World Centre’s 2017 calendar.

All shortlisted entries can be found at www.naturalworldcentre.co.uk or on the Natural World Centre’s facebook page – www.facebook.com/naturalworldcentre. You will also find images that have been commended and highly commended by the judging panel; just proving how difficult it was to shortlist so many entries. The Natural World Centre would like to thank everyone who took part and congratulate all that won and we hope that next year, which marks the eighth year of the competition will encourage more people to pick up a camera and get involved.

Next year’s competition dates are still to be confirmed. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with us at whisby@1life.co.uk or call the centre on 688868.


Bassingham Bonfire and Fireworks

Saturday 5th November

Do come and enjoy our Village Bonfire and Fireworks. It will be held in the first field on the right hand side just past Vasey Close. The Bonfire will be lit at 7pm and the firework display will start at 7.30pm. Why not make a Guy Fawkes to put on the Bonfire.

Refreshments will be on sale.

Entrance is by donation at the field gate,

please give generously as we must cover costs for the event to continue.

On Saturday 29th October from 9.30am to 12.30pm there will be a team on the field to receive suitable, burnable material for the bonfire. Please do not bring mattresses, glasses, plastic, cans or anything that is not of a burnable substance.


The Witham St Hughs Bonfire Night

Saturday 5th November gates open at 5pm.

Witham St Hughs Village Hall Field.

The Witham St Hughs Village Hall Events Committee are holding their annual Bonfire and fireworks display this year 5th November. This year’s fireworks display will be bigger and better with award winning firework display team and bonfire to keep you all warm. The village hall bar will be open and there will be a selection of Barbecue food. Children’s entertainment on the evening.

Ticket information.

£5 per person (early purchase) or £6 on the gate kids under 3 (free)

You can buy your tickets from all Witham St Hughs Village Hall Committee members from the 5th October and from the village hall bar from 7th October and from the local Co-op 22nd to 29th October.

See you all there for a great evening

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December 2016

Editorial:  The end of yet another year approaches! Advent for 2016 has begun and 2017 is just around the corner. At this time of the year the Witham Staple Committee wish to take the opportunity to thank all those who have given their time each month in 2016, to help produce and deliver The Witham Staple to you and your neighbours covering over 2400 homes within our eight villages. We hope that it proves to be a special time for everybody and we wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Front Cover of Magazine:

"Partridge in a Pear Tree” by Paul Hubbard



Bassingham School: Enjoying Learning Achieving Success

Lincoln Road, Bassingham, Lincoln LN5 9HQ. Tel: 788395



Headteacher Mr Ian Howells B Ed (Hons) Cert. Edn. NPQH

What a busy time the children have been having recently. Just before we broke up for October half-term we held the Great Bassingham Bake Off. Each class entered decorated cup-cakes and these were sampled and judged.


There were some amazing designs and decorations. All the cakes were sold at the end of the day and over £200 was raised for the Williams Syndrome Foundation, a charity very close to our hearts. Thank you to everyone who entered.

The children celebrated Diwali at the beginning of November. The children came dressed in brightly coloured clothes, took part in Diwali dancing, explored and learned about the Diwali story, made special pictures and ate curry sauce, poppadum and rice with their fingers!

Don’t forget the Ladies Fashion Show is Friday 2nd December. Bassingham Primary School will be hosting the Ladies Fashion Show by Lincs Fashions. The clothes, from M&S, Next, Fat Face & White Stuff, are all half-price or less. All garments are perfects – no seconds. Come along and treat yourself to a bargain for Christmas! The fun starts at 7pm. All proceeds from the event will be for the benefit of our children. Please contact the school office on 788395 for tickets.

All the children and staff wish everyone a very

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.’


NK Train Station Parking Facilities

In addition to the free car park at North Hykeham, North Kesteven have now opened one at Swinderby.


Brant Broughton Play Ground

Work begins on a new and improved play ground in Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire. Building work is under way to create a new and improved play ground in the village of Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire. The project is a step closer now that the first stages of work getting the site ready in preparation for the installation of the new play ground equipment is underway. The project, which is being funded by a £50,000 grant from WREN’s FCC Community Action Fund, will provide a new fenced off toddler area alongside the installation of more challenging equipment for older age groups by spring 2017. The playground will also be partly funded The Big Lottery and The Community Facilities Grant Aid from Lincolnshire County Council. The Brant Broughton Playing Field Association is excited that the project is starting to take shape. The Playing Field Association say “It’s great to see our vision for this vital community facility moving closer to reality. We are extremely grateful for the funding WREN has given us and we’re looking forward to opening to the public”. WREN is a non-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund. Brant Broughton Playing Field Association are continuing to organize fundraising events throughout the year – keep an eye on the local press for further details or have a look at their facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/bbplayingfield/.


Slow Down for Horses

Local horse riders regularly ride around the villages at various times of the day. Where possible they try to avoid the more busy roads however depending on which route taken it is inevitable on occasions that they have to use one of the busier roads. When doing so they have on occasions been concerned that car drivers do not always treat horses with the respect they deserve. We forget that they are large and powerful animals; they are also 'flight' animals which makes them unpredictable and easily scared. If something like a speeding car or a barking dog frightens a horse, its natural reaction will be to get away from whatever scared it. This will be sudden and could take them straight into the road and the path of your car - even an experienced rider on a well-behaved horse will struggle to control a horse in this situation. A very calm and traffic wise horse will even at times jumps sideways when startled or unhappy out into the road. Fortunately on these occasions there has not been any traffic near but in this rural environment birds, cows etc can startle a horse causing it to jump sideways.

The AA recommends If you meet a horse on the road while driving: Slow right down and be ready to stop - Give them a wide berth, at least a car’s width and pass slowly - Avoid any actions likely to spook the horse(s) - splashing them with puddles, sounding your horn or revving your engine for example - Watch out for signals from the rider to slow down or stop - Don’t expect all riders to raise their hand in thanks when you drive considerately, it’s not always possible to take a hand off their reins and maintain control most will smile or nod their thanks instead - Accelerate gently once you have passed the horse. The above guidance relates to the Highway Code rule 215. So please on behalf of all local horse riders please be aware of horses and treat them with respect.


Newark Community First Aid

We are a local charity based in Newark serving the town and 90 villages in the surrounding 15 miles. We have been to many local villages over the last few years delivering FREE first aid training and first aid cover at events. As we enter our 4th operational year we would like to make local people aware of the services we provide, what we have achieved and our future plans. We are particularly keen to encourage more people to attend our FREE training on basic life support, as we have some of the worst survival rates in Europe of a sudden cardiac arrest. We also need more volunteers. See press release.

Kind regards Philip Jessop

Operations Manager Newark Community First Aid

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