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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

This page selects some extracts published during 2015 that provide a flavour of the prevailing themes.






July /August  





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February 2015


Well hello and welcome to the February issue of the Witham Staple, the first for 2015. We hope you all had a pleasant festive season and the New Year is all you hoped for so far. The weather unfortunately has been a bit up and down and forecasters have predicted our first eastly blast of the winter which means the cold is or has arrived and all we can do is keep warm and safe and think of summer! To warm your cockles for now take a good look through this months issue. It’s the shortest month of the year but has no less entertainment and as always there’s something for everyone to do for sure, from meeting up with friends and neighbours for a warm drink and a new year catch up, to meetings, craft, something to plan ahead for, something a little further a field. There’s even a bargain or two to be had or why not start the New Year volunteering, there are several openings available within some of our local groups. Whatever it is you choose to do have a good month take care and look out for friends and neighbours during the winter cold snap.


Front Cover of Magazine:


by Daniel Robertson Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2014 for 7 years & under


Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan

A Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan Development Group (BNPDG) has been established to develop the Neighbourhood Plan for the village. The Plan will form part of the planning framework for the District and is an important vehicle for ensuring that the interests and wishes of the community are clearly established. A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area and is primarily about the use and development of land. Drawing from residents’ consultation and feedback the Plan will set the foundations for informed decision making at local levels. It will also contribute positively to the wider perspective of appropriate and proportionate growth and enhanced living standards to ensure that the village retains its sustainability, character and appeal well into the future.

The activities of the Working Group are publicly funded with support provided by the ‘Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme’ led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England and partners, available through the ‘My Community Rights’ website.

Provided it is successful at referendum, which must be held before a plan is adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development planning for the Village. This statutory status gives Neighbourhood Plans far more weight than some other local documents, such as parish and community led plans. However, we will be taking account of recommendations and outcomes of the Bassingham Community Lead Plan, to be published shortly, where they are relevant. The designated area which the Plan will cover is land which is within the Bassingham Parish Boundary. The work of the BNPDG will be governed by a Constitution, Vision Statement, and Aims and Objectives. The draft Vision is “To create a strong and thriving community where our history and heritage are celebrated, our rural setting and character are preserved and enhanced for residents.”

The Aims and Objectives will focus on 4 key areas:

The Vision Statement and Aims and Objectives will form part of the Community Consultations which will be held to ensure that residents’ views are taken into account. These, together with the Constitution and an Action Plan will be posted on the Bassingham Parish Council website/; http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Bassingham/ when they have been approved so you can see what we are about and monitor our progress.

As the Plan develops there will be plenty of information made available through the Bassingham Parish Council Website, noticeboards, events and other publicity.

If you have any questions about the plan or the work of the BNPDG please email basspc@btconnect.com  or write to BNPDG, c/o Bassingham Parish Council. The Hammond Hall, The Playing Field, Bassingham, Lincolnshire, LN5 9HQ. Telephone: 789758.

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HYKEHAM RURAL Neighbourhood Policing Team. What is a Neighbourhood Panel?
Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people, and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community.
What does the panel do? They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting, and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period. The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.
Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are:
Tackling thefts of power tools from vehicles and outbuildings in the villages

The next panel meeting will be held on:

Monday 13th April 2015 at 7pm in Hammond Hall, Lincoln Road, Bassingham
So if you have an issue, please contact your local team
Hykeham Rural Mobile contacts on page 22
Based at Hykeham Police Station, Newark Road, North Hykeham
Tel: 101 Extension 5720 or 5721. Or visit www.police.uk and enter your postcode

Sgt Jon Hammond your Community Beat Sergeant Mobile: 07500 920185 - Office: 805721 Email : jon.hammond@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Evening all, Sgt Hammond here with a review of the incidents since last I wrote to you all.

Rural crime is a big feature of this review, in particular Skellingthorpe and the surrounding villages. There has been only one report of heating oil theft from Hives Lane in North Scarle, however the incidents of theft from shed, garage and vehicles has increased. We have intelligence that suggests who may be responsible and this is forming part of the investigation, but I need you to remain ever alert and continue to ensure that your outbuildings and cars remain locked, with valuables kept out of sight please.

That’s it, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and will leave you with the teams contact details.


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Bomber Crash Memorial

Over 70 years ago a Stirling Bomber on a training mission crashed on my farm killing all 7 members of the crew. The resultant fireball was one of my first memories as a child.

There is now a National Memorial to Bomber Command in London and also another is to be erected at Canwick in Lincoln commemorating the tremendous contribution that local aircrews made to winning the Second World War. However, after many years, I believe it is important to mark the exact site of the crash of the Stirling Bomber with its own memorial so that visitors can understand the local context of this particular event.

The dedication ceremony for the Memorial will be conducted by the Reverend Canon Nick Buck on Saturday 14th March at 11am.

The site is at Wirelocks Farm, Bassingham Fen, which is at the bottom of Linga Lane. The Post Code is LN5 9LD. O/S map Ref: SK9359. Everyone who is interested is invited to attend the dedication ceremony.

George Marsh 

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Antics in the Village Church

Thomas Hardy in one of his novels writes about a Village Church where music was provided by villagers on instruments. A new priest came who had travelled in Europe and brought back a new gadget, an organ. The priest told the musicians they were no longer required so war was declared. The priest left soon after! St Michael’s owned a bassoon which in recent times was sold to Newark Museum.

In a Cotswold church the North Aisle used to belong to the villagers was used for meetings and weddings etc. After a wedding they would dance in the north aisle drink and get drunk. The priest got so worried he made a peep hole in the Rood loft to watch what was going on. Rood lofts or galleries used to be above the Rood screen which is over the arch leading to the chancel. Very few have survived but in Norton Disney church there is a circular stone staircase to the side of the chancel which leads nowhere. In 1860 an extensive refurbishment was carried out in Bassingham and the Rood screen was moved to a farmyard. In 1899 it was found and made into a notice board for the church porch and the carving placed over the door into a solid screen into the Ringing chamber. In 1996 Mrs Margaret Theaker had the plasterboard screen and door removed and commissioned a new screen and door and put glass instead of plasterboard in memory of her daughter Carol Burke (who had died of cancer) with an inscription on the door to her daughter and “let your light so shine”

Today some teenagers think the organ is old fashioned and would prefer a keyboard, guitar etc which we have had for concerts.

H R Pounder

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Volunteers Wanted – Dementia Cafes

We are looking for Volunteers for our Dementia Cafes in (Lincoln, Skegness, Sleaford, Grantham, Gainsborough, Market Rasen) Dementia Cafés provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for people with dementia and their carers to socialise. As well as offering a range of fun and engaging activities, Dementia Cafés give both carers and people with dementia a chance to get information and advice and talk to others with similar problems. In offering your time at one of our groups, you will help with:

• Setting up the room

• Welcoming and greeting visitors

• Making and serving hot drinks and refreshments

• Socialising with people

• Joining in with activities

We are also looking for volunteers at our Singing for the Brain groups in (Lincoln, Middle Rasen) Singing for the Brain is a structured musical activity that provides musical stimulation for people with dementia to enjoy with their carers and family. It also helps to reduce isolation as music and singing are known to improve wellbeing. The sessions are led by a trained musical facilitator and there are a number of ways volunteers can support:

• Meeting and greeting people as they arrive

• Making and serving tea and coffee

• Socialising with people with dementia

• Encouraging participation

• Joining in with singing and activities

• Passing round song books and instruments

• Helping to set up the room and tidy away afterwards

If you are interested in the above volunteer opportunities, or would like more information, please contact Phil Measures on 692681 or phil.measures@alzheimers.org.uk 

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Amateur Photography Competition Open to All Ages

Are you a budding photographer? Or just love the outdoors? Capture what you love about NK in North Kesteven District Council’s first ever amateur photography competition. Is there something in your village or maybe your favourite place to visit; we want to capture the distinctive character of North Kesteven from its heritage and history to its diverse landscapes and communities.

Closing date for all entries is Friday 3rd July 2015. Winning entries will be featured in our NEW calendar that will be available from November. First prize will also include an opportunity to spend half a day with a professional photographer. Please note photographs must be taken within North Kesteven.

For more information please call 01529 308207 or

email: discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk 

Full terms and conditions are outlined in the application pack.

For regular updates of what’s happening in North Kesteven follow us on

Twitter @Discover_NK or find us on Facebook /heartoflincs.

Alternatively visit www.heartoflincs.com 

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Men in Sheds Project

A new project is starting up in North Kesteven at Hill Holt Wood based on the very successful Australian Men’s Shed movement. The project is aimed at men aged 60 and over and put simply, aims to encourage men (who are statistically the worst at engaging with others!) to be part of a group, socialise with others and put their skills to good use.

The project will be run from a well-equipped hobby workshop where the group can work together on a range of practical activities. Members can share their knowledge, learn new skills and generally put the world to rights over a cup of tea/coffee or whatever else they fancy!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Men in Sheds project, please contact the Partnership NK team on 01529 414155 or email partnership_nk@n-kesteven.gov.uk

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Carlton le Moorland Mini Library

The bad news: It is with regret that we have decided to close the Mini-Library immediately. If you have unreturned books please bring them to the Village Hall Coffee Morning on Saturday 7th February and hand them in at Book Sale Corner. Thank you to all our customer and to the people who ran the Library - Keith, Julie, Di and Bev.

The good news: The fundraising Book Sale Corner at the Village Hall Coffee Mornings has been very successful and will continue. In fact, part of the reason for closing the Mini-Library has been the success of our second hand book sales.

Please remember: That every four weeks the Library Van visits the village and stops outside the church between 11.45am and 12.15pm.

For further information phone Andy on 788303

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March 2015


Whilst sat here thinking late one night, what it was that I might write, my email pinged with such delight. A message received from far way, greetings from Australia it did say. Down Under seems so far away but this is read and there’s no delay. This gave thought on what to say, if this is read so far away. Let us have a go at the Australian way. G’Day mate! Welcome ta the March issue we hope yoos are all well and that the changeable weather isn't get yoos down ta much. As we March on into the third month we tinnie start ta look forward ta Sprin'. (No sorry tongue tied already)!! Colour in the garden a blanket of snowdrops and aconites will flourish then daffodils will emerge from the winter soil like a golden sea or vapour trail. Grab a drink and sit straight down, read on with hope, sure as spring is growing, because far away even old friends are knowing, what we’re doing and where we’re going. Once we’re done and April looms one last thing is wind it on? British Summertime Begins. Sunday 29th March, wind your clocks on one hour.  


Front Cover of Magazine:

by Celia Davis Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2014 for 8 to 11 years.

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BASSINGHAM Parish Council Election May 2015 - Would you like to stand for election?

The number one objective of the Council is to maintain its endeavours to provide high quality services and never lose sight of its purpose to improve the lives of the inhabitants of Bassingham and continue to spend your money wisely. All Councillors give up their time freely, are likely to be members of other Village Organisations and be involved with Fund Raising for the benefit of our Village. Do you know what a Councillor does?

Bassingham Parish Councillors are required to:-

Take account and represent the views of all parishioners.

Ensure, with other councillors, that the council is properly managed.

In effect, they should work to sustain all the valued features of Village Life.


Councillors are summoned (not invited) to attend the monthly meetings, plus any extraordinary meetings, in addition they will be required to be involved in other Council sub committees and/or be representatives for the next 4 years. Further, Councillors have a responsibility to consider all related documents in advance of meetings.

Full Council, monthly - Hammond Hall & Playing Field, weekly.

Allotment, monthly - Neighbourhood Planning, weekly,

NK Village Cluster, bi monthly - Bassingham Village and PF Charity, bi monthly.


Other Projects as and when – e.g. during the last 4 years the Council has:-

Built Hammond Tower - Refurbished the Multi-Play Area

Upgraded the Cemetery - Provided the NK Local Access Point

Provided a Hard surfaced Play area that can be used for temporary car parking

Provided 29 new Allotments, together with a water supply,

Refurbished Community Car Park - Updated the Village Clock

Invested in the Bassingham to Carlton Pathway


Please don’t assume it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it does, Please use your Vote. If interested, or for further information, please contact: Roger Hales (Clerk to the Parish Council) Hammond Hall on 789758

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A Swimming Victory for Bassingham Primary School

Bassingham Primary School has recently been invited to a swimming gala at the Grove Leisure Centre on Monday 9th February. The team was: Freya, Niamh, Frazer, Dylan, Holly, Ellie, Jack, Henry, Oliver, Alex, Katie and Jenna. We had a very successful swim and ended up coming 3rd out of 8 teams. We set off thinking that we would never make it to the top three; that is why we are so proud of this achievement! As the first person stepped up we were thinking 'we are never going to win this' but we set off with a flying start. We would like to thank the parents that came and supported us in our pathway to success. Special thanks to Mr Howells and Jackie for putting up with us on poolside and helping us all the way to victory. Thank you swimmers for giving your time and effort for us to make this an outstanding achievement.

By Jenna and Katie

Bassingham Primary School Vacancies

Bassingham Primary School would like hear from you if you are interested in working for us on a temporary basis. We are looking for mid-day assistants to form a panel to cover staff absences. If you are local, friendly and prepared to work at short notice please contact the school office on 788395 for an application form. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check will be required.

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Witham St Hughs Allotments
The warmer weather is just around the corner and soon the Witham St Hughs allotments will be a hive of activity, as we see once again a flurry of digging; planning and nurturing for bumper harvests later in the year. Unlike most areas we still have vacant plots available; do you want to join a great community down on the allotments? if so then please contact John Phillipson, our liaison officer on allotments.wsth@outlook.com
For those wanting to renew the tenancy on your current allotment, a reminder that March 16th is the deadline for payment of the fees for 2015/16. This year, we are looking to run a “Best in Show” competition for Vegetables/Fruit and Flowers at the Village Summer Fete in August - more information over the coming months of what the categories will include.
Vacancy on the Allotments Committee. Do you want to have more of a say in how the allotments are run and help to support the allotments community? There is currently a vacancy on the Committee and we would love to hear from any allotment holders, or villagers who might be interested in filling it. The Committee meets four times a year. In addition to this, Committee members have a say in decisions relating to the allotments site and can provide help and advice to other allotment holders. If you are interested in putting your name forward please contact us on allotments.wsth@outlook.com or on 07709 126 327 or you can speak to any committee member.

Next committee meeting is on:
Wednesday 22nd April at 7pm in the Village Hall - all welcome
Cllr K Harrison – Chair WSH Allotment Committee

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Bells and Clocks

THREE of the churches in the Withamside United Parish have fine rings of bells: St Michael & All Angels, Bassingham, 6 bells; St Mary, Carlton le Moorland, 4 bells; St Peter, Norton Disney, 6 bells. All three rings have been refurbished in recent years, with new bearings at Bassingham and at Carlton major new fittings and a new bell cast, to make a ring of four to augment the old ring of three.

Bassingham and Carlton each have a clock high in the church tower. Bassingham’s clock chimes each quarter hour and strikes the hour on the church bells; Carlton’s just strikes the hour. With the bells away since March 2014, Carlton has missed the clock striking. But it’s now back in full working order since 3rd February.

FOR CENTURIES, church bells have proclaimed aloud for all to hear the Church’s message and the call to worship. We could now do with some new bell ringers. If YOU would like to learn more about the distinctly English art of church bell ringing and perhaps learn to ring please contact -

Stan Underwood on 788461 or Alan Haines on 788753.

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Lack of Winter Gritting for Bassingham High Street

A resident of Bassingham has noticed this winter that the High Street is no longer being gritted. They have been in touch with the Parish Council and the County Council at City Hall Lincoln "Winter maintenance route request Department" with regards to this matter. They have been told that this winter the High Street in Bassingham has been taken off the gritting route but no one can tell them why this has happened. This enquiry is being followed up with the council but in the mean time they wanted to draw this to the attention of residents who may not be aware this road was no longer gritted. If anyone has any queries or concerns on this subject they should contact the County Council on 782070 or the Parish Council to strengthen the need to get the High Street back on the gritting route.

Information brought to the magazines attention by concerned resident

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April 2015


Welcome, no fooling around, seriously its April. We are already a quarter of the way through 2015. We didn’t so much march through March but more of a quick hop, skip and a jump. The Welsh had their time to celebrate St David’s Day on the 1st and then the time came for the Irish to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on the 17th the old “Luck of the Irish”. Now in April it’s our turn, go on be a little patriotic and on Thursday 23rd April celebrate St. George’s Day. Said to have been born to a Greek Christian noble family around 280 AD George became a great Roman soldier, eventually executed by the Romans on the 23rd April 303 AD, after objecting to the request that all Christian soldiers in the army should offer a sacrifice to the Roman gods, George claimed himself to be a Christian and declared his worship of Jesus Christ. It’s very unlikely he actually slayed a dragon and as unlikely he ever stepped foot in England but it’s a lovely story to have and he’s our Patron Saint so let us celebrate. Happy St. Georges Day see you in May.


Front Cover of Magazine:


by Alice Ward Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2014 for 12 to 15 years.

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Hykeham Rural Police Update

You may be surprised that you are receiving the monthly Hykeham report from myself so I will explain… Sergeant Jon Hammond has temporarily moved positions so will not be working with Hykeham Neighbourhood Policing Team for a while. Sergeant Ken Whyte will be covering his position until the 1st July 2015. It has not been confirmed who will be covering the role after this date however I will keep you informed. Now that has been explained to you I will get on to telling you about our crime figures for last month.

February [2015] has seen Hykeham Rural targeted for horse equipment and feed, including rugs, batteries and tools required to keep the livery clean. The villages affected were Bassingham and Aubourn. Please ensure that your belongings are secured away in a locked shed or stable block. We do offer tack marking sessions, so if this is something that you are interested in please make contact with one of the beat team to arrange for your tack to be marked. We don’t just mark tack but power tools and anything which may be of interest to our local undesirables. Here is a breakdown of rural thefts.

BASSINGHAM 1- Theft of ride-on lawnmower from garage on Hall Wath.

AUBOURN 1- Theft of eggs on Bassingham Road.

2- Theft from field shelter.

3- Theft from shed.

Let’s make Spring a happy one.

PC Jess Goodall.

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Bassingham's New Information Boards Courtesy of Bassingham Heritage Room's Residual Funds

When the Bassingham Heritage Room was closed down the Management Committee had raised well over £1000 towards refurbishment of the room. We have now used most of this sum to install the information boards at either end of the village. We collected the information and the photographs and Sam Webster volunteered his time and expertise to draw up the artwork, which was then used by DAB Graphics of Grimsby to design, make and install the oak lecterns showing Bassingham 'then and now'. We hope visitors and residents alike enjoy these additions to the scenery! Jo H, ex-HR Management Group Secretary.

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Community Lincs Heating Oil Buying Scheme

Are you interested in saving money on your domestic heating oil? If the answer is YES you might be interested to know about a scheme that is operating across Lincolnshire helping its members to do just that! Community Lincs have run their Community Oil buying Scheme for the last 3 years, saving its members on average around 5p per litre on their heating oil. The scheme is open to anyone in the county who uses heating oil to heat their homes and premises. The scheme works by bringing together oil buyers from around county and purchasing the oil collectively, with around 40,000 litres of oil being ordered each month. The scheme is only £20 per year to join and includes advice on how to keep your tank safe from thieves and the benefit of their Oil Theft Alert System. Community Lincs also work alongside the Lincolnshire Credit Union, or Lincup, who have devised an Oil Savers Scheme to allow members to put aside money each month for their oil purchases. If you are interested to know more about the scheme you can visit the Community Lincs website at http://communitylincs.com/community-oil-buying-scheme/ or by giving them a call on 01529 301980.

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Old Photographs Previously in the Bassingham Heritage Room

If you wish to see these please ask for them to be fetched out. The photographs which were at the Heritage Room are now at The Hammond Hall if you wish to view them please ask as the book rack will not be out automatically.

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1st Bassingham Scout Group Scout Troop Leader Urgently Wanted

A range of opportunities for volunteers in the community. Bassingham has a well established Scout Group which has flourished for many years. The Scout Group is made up of three sections. There is a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. There are three appointed leaders and a number of assistant leaders and parent helpers who work with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on a weekly basis. There is a very healthy waiting list of young people who would like to join the different sections of the Bassingham Scout Group and we are in urgent need of an additional Scout Troop Leader to join in and help run the local troop of boys and girls age 10½ to 14. If you live in the area and think that working with young people in this way could be something you would enjoy then why not come along to one of the sessions to have a look, we meet on a Thursday evening from 7.30pm during school term time. For more details please contact the Group Scout Leader Alison on 788241.

@ @ @

1st Bassingham Rainbows is in Urgent Need of a New Leader

from after the Easter Holidays.

If you enjoy working with young children and want to help in the community,

this is a great opportunity. Rainbows are part of the Guiding family.

The girls are aged between 5 and 7 years.

They meet every Tuesday during term times from 4.45pm to 5.45pm

in the Bassingham School Hall.

Their main activities are games, crafts, singing and of course, having fun!

If you are interested in getting involved please contact: Mags Smart on 789671.

@ @ @

Do you have some spare time to give 1st Bassingham Guides?

We are looking for someone to help with our Tuesday night meetings.

We meet in Bassingham School Hall from 7.45pm to 9.15pm during term time.

No experience is necessary - just a sense of fun and adventure.

If you would like to know more please telephone

Becky Jordan on 01636 894215 or Sarah Hassnip on 789649

@ @ @

Mole Gets a Medal

Someone thought it would be quite nice if we could surprise Paul for all his devotion over the years as Beaver Scout Leader with an award. Paul has been part of Bassingham Beavers since they formed back in March 2005 and been leading the group as far back as September 2006. The group started with a mere six young members, this rapidly grew with popularity and today the colony boast 20 young members with an 18 month waiting list behind it. In recent months the colony has surpassed 100 Beavers, most have gone on to cubs, scouts and Explorers continuing in the world of scouting. All this shows the value that the age old tradition of scouting still holds strong and gives a little insight in to the efforts achieved week in week out by Paul to hold the interest with the young members.

So a plan was put into action and on Sunday 8th March at a surprise presentation during The Lincolnshire Scout conference in Lincoln, The Chief Commissioner for England Tim Kidd presented Paul with "The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Meritorious Conduct". The Medal awarded to Scout members for their meritorious conduct of an exceptionally high standard. Then on Wednesday 11th during the Weekly Beaver Scout meeting we surprised Paul again. This time in the presence of family, friends, fellow leaders, present and past beavers, cubs, scouts, explorers and their parents and several members of Lincoln District, Robin Wright Lincolnshire County Commissioner after giving a highly commended speak got two former Beavers (now Explorers) to present Paul again with his award. The evening was finished of with a slice of celebration cake and a small glass of fizz (non alcoholic) and a big congratulation’s from everyone.

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Final Bassingham Village Community Led Plan Now Available

The Community Options Group has been working hard, over the past couple of years, to produce a Community Led Plan. This is designed to provide a guide to the Parish Council, North Kesteven District Council and the Local Authority about the aspirations of the community of Bassingham on how it should develop over the next few years. A full consultation process was used, including a questionnaire to find out the views of all residents of Bassingham village. The Neighbourhood Plan, which is currently being drafted, will also make use of the data collected.

The Community Led Plan reflects the collective views expressed through the consultation process and a copy of the final plan will soon be delivered to each household within the village.

Any comments about the plan can be made through the Community Options Group website. Website: www.mybassingham.co.uk

The Community Options Group would like to thank all the residents of Bassingham village for their support and help in producing this important document.

The Community Options Group

The Final Bassingham Community Led Plan and the Action Plan documents are available for download from this site.

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Life Down Under – Mike & Bunny Allport

As I pen this short summary of our move Down Under just over a year ago, we have just moved into Autumn, with a balmy high of 30 expected today (9th March). Retirement after 52 years taking the Queen’s shilling, selling up, packing and reducing our worldly goods and moving half way round the world to join our daughters was a fairly traumatic time compounded by the need for a hip replacement. However, we have now settled and are negotiating the final stages of getting our permanent residents visas. Full citizenship will take a further two years. Supporting the England cricket team is a trial in this sports crazy nation but we will remain forever British!

We live in a duplex on the Northern Beaches with younger daughter, her husband and grandson (our first and a delight, of course) and have enjoyed seeing them on a daily basis. The city is a ferry ride across the harbour with the iconic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Whilst everything has got more expensive, we are enjoying a better exchange rate and there is a lot for free. We enjoy public transport (unlimited travel on buses, trains and ferries as Seniors for less than the price of a coffee for a whole day). We have almost daily beach walks, ocean swims and body surfing (MKA only), with fabulous views out over the Pacific from various headlands and lovely weather.

We love both Australia and the Australians. They have an engaging forthright manner, are fiercely proud of everything Australian, are largely classless and call everyone by their first name or just mate. We are part of the coffee and café culture and are more out of the house than in UK. I live in shorts all year round and have worn socks twice in the last year.

What do we miss? We miss the melodious English dawn chorus (Australian birds are raucous), kingfishers, snowdrops, blue bells, St Michael’s Church, bell ringing, coffee mornings, Act Two plays and Pantomimes, village community events, relaxing and enjoying a tincture with our friends on the river bank and The Witham Staple.

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Norton Big Wood Open For Woodland Burials

Situated in Ancient woodland, Norton Big Wood burial ground offers a beautiful and tranquil resting place for your loved ones. The designated area is set deep in the woodland, surrounded by mature oak trees and will not be managed as manicured parkland but will remain a stunning green woodland space.

Simple, natural and reasonably priced, Norton Big Wood offers a unique opportunity; it is an alternative to traditional graveyard burials and crematorium ceremonies and provides a permanent connection with nature. Norton Big Wood offers burial plots, ashes internment and the scattering of ashes, all within easy access of parking facilities.

A beautiful venue is available at our sister wood Hill Holt, just five minutes away, to celebrate the life of your loved one with refreshments and music.

Call us today on 01636 892 836 and ask to speak to our Operations Manager to arrange a visit or have an initial conversation.

Norton Big Wood is part of the Hill Holt Wood Social Enterprise Group "Proving the Value of Ancient Woodland in the 21st Century"

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May 2015

Editorial:  May we have your attention please? Hello, we hope the May issue finds you all well and is delivered to you in good time so you can make the most of what is going on in the coming month. If a well known larger company made months then May would probably be the best month of the year!! How could that be you cry, well the days are once again longer than the nights, those horrid dark nights now a distant memory after turning the clocks forward. Spring is well and truly with us, there is colour in the garden from the blossom on the trees to spring flowering bulbs and the crops are pushing through. The birds are singing a glorious tune, lambs are skipping round the fields and oh yes there are two yes you heard, two bank holiday weekends. That’s two four day weeks and two three day weekends. What more could you possibly ask for, sweep the patio, tidy the lawn, brush the cobwebs of the BBQ and let us prepare!! Whatever you do, enjoy it, spring is here.

Front Cover of Magazine:


"For George" by Paul Hubbard.

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The Witham Staple Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 12th May at 7.30pm Meeting Room St Michael’s Church, Bassingham (LN5 9HA) The Annual General meeting is open to everyone and everyone in the Witham Staple area is most welcome. The committee looks forward to seeing you and would be pleased to see anyone interested in finding out more about how the magazine is produced or who would like to be involved in the monthly process. Each month the team between them produce, print, collate, staple and deliver well over 2400 copies, one to every household in the community. We hope to see you there.

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Witham St Hughs Phase III Development

Pre-Application Community Consultation Event

Wednesday 20th May between 3pm and 7pm

In Witham St Hughs Village Hall

Strawsons Property are holding a consultation event to seek the views of the local community prior to submitting an outline planning application to North Kesteven District Council in late summer 2015. This consultation advances the previous community engagement undertaken by ATLAS in October 2013 and January 2014. Click below for a colour map of the proposed plan.

Indicative Masterplan - April 2015

The outline application will be for up to 1200 dwellings including a range of house types from family homes, through to bungalows and possible extra care accommodation. The development will be contained within an attractive network of formal and informal open spaces and retained woodland, connected by green footpath routes and cycleways. The proposals will provide for further enlargement of the Local Primary school and expansion of the current community facilities adjacent to the village hall which could include indoor recreation and a health centre facility. As this will be an outline application, the development will be guided by an overall site masterplan identifying land use areas rather than any detailed drawings of houses and community buildings at this stage. We look forward to the continued input and support from the community on the day.

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1st Bassingham Guides

Guides have recently achieved Harry’s Challenge. Harry is a boy who has a brain problem which causes a lot of pain and severe headaches daily and he has problems with swallowing and balance. The rare brain condition is called ‘Chiari Malformation’. For each part of the brain we have to do a challenge representing that bit of the brain. The Guides have been doing some challenges like: blindfolded trail, under the cups, fruit salad, hunt the shoe, leader of the band we made an acrostic poem.







It is really important that some more people get involved because the more people we have the more money we can raise. It is really fun to do but remember if you do something like this, always remember to raise some money. The Charity Ann Conroy Trust need your help!

Emily, 1st Bassingham Guides

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1st Bassingham Brownies

Our Brownie unit has had lots of inspiring and entertaining visitors this term and the Brownies and the unit leaders want to say a big thank you to them all, including: Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service, for the local Community Fire officer who came along Rachel and Jodie from Tangles hair salon who helped with our Pamper Night, Dr. Andrew Buffey, from Metheringham Surgery who talked about his career as a Doctor towards our Science badge, East Midlands training services for their time towards our First Aid badge, Nicole Murdoch, a Pharmacist with Lincolnshire Co-op who helped us learn more about Science in Pharmacy towards our Science badge, Rachel Harvey from Anglian Water who told us about the water cycle.

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50 Years Ago In Bassingham

In 1965 the long awaited Mains Sewerage Scheme was started including the construction of the plant on Clay Lane. Although it had first been proposed many years before at last the work began. Roads were dug up but most people accepted the upheaval as they appreciated the long term benefit. Prior to this there were several small units which had been constructed to serve Council houses. For example one connected to the houses on Eastgate. Newly built private dwellings had a cess pit and for others the "dilly cart" dealt with bucket loos, earth closets, etc. Now every house could have a flush loo!

Some rumours, completely unfounded, had spoken of a secret underground passage between the Old Rectory and the Church, but the installation of the mains destroyed that myth.

For some time after the work was completed unpleasant odours were noticed on occasions from the man hole covers and it was the duty of the Parish Council clerk to ring the Washingborough Road Works and request more oxygen to be pumped into the system. Then a high stench pipe was installed on Newark Road – problem solved. We take these amenities for granted and only take notice when something goes wrong!

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Hykeham Rural Police Update

It is that time of the month again, below are a list of crimes to be aware of, as they may be happening near to you!

Witham St Hughs –

1- Dwelling burglary – iPad x 2, jewellery and cash

2- 2 x theft from building site – insulation sheets, generator and hydraulic breaker stolen.

Please note that the items stolen during the burglary are small items which can be placed into a small rucksack. We need your help to remain vigilant and report ANYTHING that you believe is suspicious. Let’s crack down on these individuals who are causing heart break to families by rummaging around in their personal belongings. They may be on foot, on pedal cycle or vehicle.

Now spring is here the weather is (should be) getting nicer it is easy to leave your back door unlocked whilst you’re in the garden. All you have to do is turn your back for a minute and a burglar can be inside your house helping themselves to your hard earned possessions.

I will be back next month with hopefully some better news.


Pc 637 Jess Goodall

Community Beat Manager North Hykeham Police Station.

Telephone: 805 720 www.lincs.police.uk

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Spires & Steeples Challenge 2015

A 26 or 13 mile walk or run along the Arts & Heritage Trail from Lincoln to Sleaford

Entries Now Open

Entries are now open for the eighth annual Spires and Steeples challenge taking place on Sunday 18th October. Looking to achieve a goal this year? Then look no further! The Spires and Steeples Challenge is a charity 26 mile or 13 mile walk or run starting in Lincoln or Metheringham and finishing at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford following the Spires and Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail, in aid of Wheel Appeal which provides sports wheelchairs, training and support to disabled people.

Entries are now OPEN and cost £18 per person for the 26 mile challenge and £15 per person for the 13 mile challenge; places are limited to 1000. You must be aged 16 years or over to take part in the 26 mile run but children between the ages of 14 to 16 years can take part in the walks and the 13 mile run as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Event organisers have managed to freeze the costs over the last couple of years but due to increases in running costs (venue hire, first aid provision, logistical support etc) the steering group have agreed that in order to sustain the quality of the event, the £3 increase for the 26 mile walk and run was necessary and we hope this will be supported by our valued regulars and new participants for the 2015 Challenge.

To enter the Challenge or to see how you can get involved, please contact the Events Team on 870273 or e-mail EventsOfficer@1life.co.uk. Online entries are also being taken; visit www.runnersworld.co.uk/spiresandsteeples2015 to enter today! You can find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @Spires_Steeples to be kept up to date with the event. For more information please visit www.1life.co.uk/spiresandsteepleschallenge Make 2015 your year!

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NK Walking Festival will be returning for 2015
and will take place from
Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 July.
The festival aims to promote the walking opportunities that are available throughout North Kesteven. Planning is well underway and we want to create added value by offering extras to our walks including a visit to Cogglesford Watermill and a tour of Temple Bruer which was once one of the wealthiest Templar preceptories in England. There will also be a charity walk following the positive feedback from last year.

The district offers many walking opportunities for all ages and abilities ranging in distance from location to location. Walks have been carefully selected for the event and are taken from the current walking provision in North Kesteven which are:-
- The Stepping Out Network,
- North Kesteven Health Walks and,
- The Spires and Steeples Arts and Heritage Trail

Further details will be confirmed at a later date. For more information please contact Donna Sutton on 870273 or email eventsofficer@1life.co.uk

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June 2015


The June issue is a small landmark edition as our resident editor has been with us now editing for 10 years and this magazine is the 100th edition he has produced and you will read. In his first edition 10 years ago we were all introduced to Paul. As a brief reminder to longstanding residence or a brief insight to the more recent, Paul still resides in Carlton le Moorland with his family, there just a little bit more grown up know. He volunteers as your editor to produce your community magazine each month, there is no office, no opening hours, no secretary!!! It is all done from home in-between the usual hectic family life. All correspondence received is read and to the best of his ability used to produce a well balanced readable magazine for you to receive. The 15th of each month is deadline day to give production time to ensure that your copy is delivered by the 1st of the month. He is just a member of our community like you, please be courteous when calling and be assured that your magazine inquiry will be dealt with as ably possible.

Front Cover of Magazine:

"Where is my pretty hat" by Christine Forster.

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Important Notice Reminder Local Information Sheet

September will see the annual re-issue of the Local Information Sheet. This sheet gives us information on local groups and associations as well as public services and utilities, where to find them and a contact number. Please can you courteously let the Editor know if the contact information on the sheet for your group or association is correct or if any changes need to be made to it, by the end of July? The information sheet is widely used and given out throughout the year to new residents moving into the area, therefore it is only useful if it is up to date and accurate. So please take a moment to have a look at a copy, if you don’t have a copy it can be viewed on the Witham Staple web site and let me know if it’s wrong! Contact details for Editor on page 1. Remember by the end of July Please. Because of page restrictions and the increased amount of editorial content this year’s updated Information sheet will not be included in the September issue but posted on the magazine website for you to download and print as you wish, this way we will also be able to make alterations to your details should they change throughout the year. If you do not have internet access please contact the editor and alternative arrangements can be discussed.

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Hykeham Rural Police Update

Hello All, May I firstly introduce myself to you all, I am Sgt Ken Whyte. I am currently covering Sgt Hammond’s position at North Hykeham whilst he is on attachment at Police headquarters. I will be covering this post until November.

In the rural we have had one dwelling burglary, offenders got into the property however didn’t steel anything from inside. It would appear that construction and business sites have been targeted – 3 in total have been hit. The first was a container which has been broken into overnight at a building site – various items have been stolen. The second a generator has been stolen from a secure site and the third was theft of power tools from a construction site. There have been 5 other thefts occur-

1. Large shed broken into – nothing stolen

2. Theft of grab from forestry trailer

3. Theft of red diesel and 4 gas bottles

4. Theft of a generator from a horse lorry

The 5th theft occurred on the 8th April unfortunately there was a motor home stolen from Little Thorpe Lane, Thorpe-on-the-Hill. A neighbour contacted the Police immediately as they were looking after the property whilst occupants were away and gave police enough information to be able to locate the stolen motor home in Witham St Hugh’s a short while later. It is believed that the vehicle had been hidden so the thieves could return for it later. If the neighbours weren’t vigilant this vehicle could easily be gone never to be seen again.

Please feel free to make contact if you have any queries regarding the monthly beat news. Thank You.

Sgt 565 Ken Whyte, Community Policing Sergeant

Hykeham/Bracebridge Heath & Cliff Villages. Tel: 805 721 www.lincs.police.uk

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The Hard Surfaced Multi Use Area On Bassingham Recreational Field

In order to clarify the purpose of this hard surface, the Parish Council would like to advise you of the following:- This new hard surface is classified as part of the recreation facilities; with occasional use as a temporary overflow car park. The bollards will normally be in place, indicating and providing a safe play area which can be used for a multitude of activities e.g.

The bollards will only be removed when overflow car parking is required by users of the Hammond Hall & Playing Field activities.

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Mains Water, Mains Electricity

But Still No Mains Gas

It was in the 1920s when mains water was laid on to Bassingham and the standpipes were installed (there are still three preserved in the village). The Parish Council paid half of the cost to have one provided for the Workhouse cottages - £39. In 1978 the last standpipe was turned off.

It was in the 1930s when mains electricity was brought to the village but some properties were not connected until the 1960s. One elderly resident remembered returning to school after the summer holidays in 1938 to find electric lights had been installed.

Despite two strenuous efforts by Bassingham Parish Council to obtain mains gas this is still out of reach and accounts for the sale of bottled gas.

May 2015. Helen Ash.

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New Health Walk Launched In Sleaford

North Kesteven Social Strollers are increasing their popular walks timetable this month and have launched a new health walk in Sleaford.

The North Kesteven Social Strollers are a health walks initiative based in North Kesteven and currently has 15 walks available across the district ranging from 30 to 90 minute walks which are designed to help improve fitness and wellbeing. The NK Social Strollers is a free health walk scheme and is available to all. There are walks available 7 days a week in a range of locations – pick an NK Social Strollers leaflet or visit www.walkingforhealth.org.uk for more information.

If you would like further information, please contact Carly Togher on 870272 or email nkhealthandsports@1life.co.uk. For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.

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Bassingham Open Gardens

Sunday 14th June 2pm until 6pm

Watch the sky at about 1pm for a fly past of the Battle of Britain Flight Dakota.

A number of gardens in Bassingham will be open to welcome you for this annual event held on the Sunday afternoon of Scarecrow weekend. There will be a plant stall on Christmas Tree Corner, delicious home-made teas will be served in the Hammond Hall and Pimms will be on sale in one of the delightful gardens and Dennett’s ice creams in another.

Tickets, in the form of a programme with a map and description of each garden, will be on sale in advance from Saturday 30th May from Greens and The Hammond Hall, on the day from 1.30pm on the Hammond Hall car park and from 2pm at each garden, price £3. Accompanied children enter free.

The money from this event goes to the Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity which is currently involved in improving the playing field facilities for all ages.

Would you like to help to make the afternoon a successful and enjoyable occasion for everyone? Donations of plants for the plant stall, large or small, are always very welcome and this year we are including garden sundries, your surplus pots or seed trays, maybe tools, unwanted seeds or ornaments. Contact Jan 788793.

Could you make a cake? Maybe you could give an hour on the day to help to serve teas. Contact Sandra 788213 or Susan 788459 who will be so pleased to hear from you.

Please join us and enjoy a delightful afternoon in a good cause.

In conjunction with Open Gardens

Scarecrow Weekend

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th June

This year’s theme is 'HERO'S'

it can be anyone who you think is a hero in your eyes

Please let us know if you are thinking of doing a scarecrow, so it can be included on the printed ‘Scarecrow Trail’….if you need any further information or help contact Mike and Christine on 788086.

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Bassingham Annual 49th Show

Saturday 8th August 2pm to 5pm

Bassingham Playing Fields (LN5 9HQ)

Once again it is that time of year to start preparing for Bassingham show, we always have such a wonderful turn out on the day, please look out for the Show schedules when they come out as it is so nice to see all the entries in the indoor event, you don't have to be an expert gardener, flower arranger or Mary Berry to enter our classes,(we also love to see the many entries by the children) we have so much talent in the village and all are eligible to enter, so we look forward to seeing entries from both young and old.

We are asking all groups and organisations to help out on the day, please if you have not already answered can you give me a call, we have a number of games that can be used on Show Day if you are stuck for an idea.

Bassingham show funds go to the regeneration of Bassingham Playing field for the use of the whole village and surrounding villages, so all of you out there that Bassingham means so much to you please give me a call to offer your help, however much time you can spare .we don't ask to you to be there all day.

Look forward to hearing from you, Julie Thomas,

Show coordinator 789425, 07741 476 287 Julie.thomas9@btinternet .com

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Miss Lincolnshire Earth 2015

My name is Molly-Marie Buckley, I live in Lincoln and in February I was crowned Miss Lincolnshire Earth 2015. I will be representing our region, competing in the Miss Earth England finals in Birmingham on 29th August, hoping to gain the title and travel to the Miss Earth grand finals in the Philippines in November. I am sponsored by the wonderful Fancy Frox of Spalding and highly involved in a Lincolnshire based charity. I perform in local theatres, model for companies all around the country, volunteer at a local wildlife park, am a nanny to three lovely children and am now competing in a national beauty pageant!

My reign as Miss Lincolnshire Earth 2015 extends until next February and during this time I am raising money and awareness for Kids Strut a local charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families across Lincolnshire. I have so far attended several fund raising events and have more events planned between now and August. I am also searching for other events, fund raisers and business openings to attend in my role as Miss Lincolnshire Earth.

A little bit about Miss Earth: Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d'etre is to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth. Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy and charitable causes.

I can be contacted any time by email: mollymariebuckley@hotmail.co.uk or by phone: 07917 875 231 and my sponsors email address is sales@fancyfrox.co.uk

Yours sincerely Molly-Marie Buckley

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July /August 2015


Well what a typically British topsy-turvy summer we are having, t-shirt, jumper, back to t-shirt then quick grab a brolly!! How does it manage to disrupt so much, when you can’t get out the sun will shine warm and bright, when you’re free to potter and enjoy it, it rains! The cloud descended and the rain did fall on a cold wet June Saturday and the Queen was not blessed with the full traditional fly past to celebrate her birthday, however less than twenty four hours later a small village in the corner of Lincolnshire that Her Royal Highness may never have heard of was honoured with not one but two returns as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota flew over Bassingham circling and passing over three time to celebrate and mark the opening of the annual Bassingham Open Gardens. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going dress appropriately, that is jumper, t-shirt, sandals, wellies, sowester! Most important of all enjoy it, it might turn out glorious!

Quick Reminder Local Information Sheet

September will see the annual re-issue of the Local Information Sheet. Please can you courteously let the Editor know if the contact information on the sheet for your group or association is correct or if any changes need to be made to it, by the end of July? So please take a moment to have a look at a copy, if you don’t have a copy it can be viewed on the Witham Staple web site and let me know if it’s wrong! Contact details for Editor on page 1. Remember by the end of July Please.

Front Cover of Magazine:

"The Village Show" by Paul Hubbard

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Good News for Norton Disney - Defibrillator

Norton Disney now has its own defibrillator, purchased and installed by the Village Hall Committee. The defibrillator is situated on the front wall of the Village Hall (facing the Green Man) for easy access. If you should need to use it you must dial 999 in the first instance, when you will be given the code to allow you to access it. The Village Hall Committee will be arranging a training session on its use at a future date.

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Bassingham Annual 49th Show

Saturday 8th August 2pm to 5pm

Bassingham Playing Fields (LN5 9HQ)

It is that time of year again to remind you all about Bassingham Show, for those of you that are new to the area this is a fun filled day for all to enjoy. We have an indoor section in the school hall where anyone can enter craft, vegetables, cookery, flower arranging and a wonderful children’s section and much more, look out for schedules in Greens Stores, Hammond Hall and on the Hammond Hall web site. There are many stalls and games for all to enjoy (see posters) we also have arena events with a display by the fly ball dogs, please see posters for details of when you can bring your dog along to take part. All proceeds from the show go to the village charity which will be used for the regeneration of the Bassingham Playing Fields. If you feel that you can spare any time on show day we would be most grateful for any offers. Raffle tickets will be popping through your door prior to the show with many fantastic prizes. So look forward to seeing you on the day.

Julie Thomas Show Coordinator 789425 - Julie.thomas9@btinternet.com


Everyone please book Bassingham Show's date in their diaries and get your fingers working so you can enter items in the Handicraft Section. The classes on offer are:-

A hand knitted article.

A hand crochet article.

A piece of hand embroidery.

A handicraft item not listed above - Textiles.

A handicraft item not listed above - Non-textile.

A photograph (own) colour print - Any vehicle.

A photograph (own) colour print - An animal.

A quilted item.

A piece of original artwork (preferably mounted or framed)


Once again at Bassingham Show and Gala we are having a display of  Vintage and Classic Vehicles. Please bring your ‘Pride and Joy’ along on Saturday 8th August and let our visitors enjoy seeing these spectacular vehicles. For further information please contact Stuart Barnett on 788459

We look forward to seeing your entries at the Show.

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Playing Field on Wheatley Lane, Carlton-le-Moorland

When we came to live in Carlton in 1969 the land which now includes the playing field and four bungalows was earmarked for a new school but it never happened. The original school was closed in 1983 and the Wheatley Lane land which was owned by the County Council was eventually sold for building. There were eventually four bungalows built on the front part of the field and the Parish Council obtained the rest for a playing field to replace the one on Manor Lane. I was Parish Council Clerk by then.

A sub-committee was set up to raise money. The first meeting was held on 12th May 1986. The Parish Council donated £1000 and a grant was obtained from the District Council but we had to do jobs, pay for them and then submit the bills before we could have the grant. We started off by raising money which consisted of things like a 50/50 auction, bingo evenings, 200 club, coffee mornings, garden fetes etc. etc. Work was done and paid for out of funds, the bills submitted and then the money received was used to carry on with the next job and so on. The bills were paid through the Parish Council account so that VAT could be reclaimed and also the sub-committee didn’t need a separate bank account. By the end of 1988 the play equipment was being purchased and a very nice replacement playing field, owned by the Parish Council, was up and running early the following year and all due to the work and support of residents of the village.

Stella Postlethwaite

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History of Bassingham's Telephone Box

It is hard to imagine life without some form of telephone communication but this was the problem Bassingham Parish Council fought hard to cure. In 1914 the GPO was asked to provide a telephone box – this was refused. A further appeal was made arguing that, including surrounding small villages, it would cater for a population of 1500. Neighbouring villages were asked to support this request. Still refused. 1919 A further appeal was refused. 1924 Bassingham Parish Council did not give up hope and enlisted the support of the M.P. via Alderman Pattinson – success at last!

The same box you see today but it was on Eastgate and was moved to save having to step out of the kiosk into the road way. This is one of the older listed models.

Helen Ash

100 years ago…

A request was made in the Church newsletter for people to stitch sand bags for the war effort. These had to be stitched by hand using carpet twine.

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Account of  a Bassingham Primary School Trip

A couple of weeks ago classes 5 and 6 went to PGL. We did lots of different activities such as raft building (we all got soaked!), the giant swing and orienteering.

The food wasn’t to everyone’s taste but it still filled you up and the activities made up for it. The rooms were great! Our room was so funny and we all had a great time at night. The night time activities were really fun, there was also The Disco where we met lots of new friends from Manchester and we all kept in touch. There was also Flag Games and Choose your Suit. All in all PGL was great and well worth the money. Thank you for reading.

By Sam, Jasper and Alex

Year 6, Bassingham Primary School

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Neighbourhood Policing Team -Neighbourhood Panel Meeting

Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community.

What does the panel do?

They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.

Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are:

1. Crime prevention activity in relation to reducing dwelling burglaries

2. Traffic enforcement in relation to mobile phones and speeding

The next panel meeting will be held on

Monday 6th July at 7pm

Stapleford Church, Beckingham Road Stapleford (LN6 9JZ)

@ @ @

June 2015 Crime Report

Please see below crime figures for Hykeham Rural throughout June 2015. Crime is on the decrease, however you can see that we have had a number of incidents of damage on the Witham St Hughs Estate, whilst there have been no suspects identified in respect of these offences, a number of youths from the area have been visited and parents spoken too, and I have issued Anti-social Behaviour warning letters to them. As a result of these incidents, extra patrols have been deployed to the area as and when we have available resources.

Brant Broughton

Witham St Hughs


Norton Disney

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September 2015


Did you blink?? It’s gone, yes folks that was it, July and August, summer and holidays, it came, it did what it did and in a flash it was over. Did the sun manage to shine down when you hoped it would and the rain fall for those in need of water? Hopefully it did what you wanted it to and when you wanted it, so all could enjoy whatever it was they were doing during the summer. Let us not dwell on what has been as what’s to come could probably be just as exciting as we rush full steam head straight on into September. As summer comes to a close the young spring shoots have matured and are ready for harvesting. When this is all safely gathered in ploughing and preparing the ground will start all over again. We have reached the time in the year where our own young grow, starting school, a new class and beyond, college, university or maybe even work. To take your mind away from the bare fields, the shortening evenings and the cooling nights read on because as always there is plenty going on out and about to keep you busy.

An updated copy of the September 2015 local information  is available to access it please click the link at the top of this page.


Front Cover of Magazine:

"Ride & Stride" by Paul Hubbard


The Witham Staple Cover Design Competition

The competition was held at the Bassingham Show on Saturday 8th August 2015

Congratulations to:

Daniel Robertson…………seven years and under

Toby Ward…………eight to eleven years

Lucy Davis…………twelve to fifteen years

Well done to our winners and thank you to all who entered this year’s competition. The winning designs will be used as the cover for The Witham Staple over the next six to eight months, so keep your eyes peeled for all the winning pictures.

@ @ @

Bassingham Best Kept Garden Competition - Its Origin and This Year's Results

The widow of District Councillor Mr. Wells, who lived in Bassingham, gave a cup in his memory to encourage residents to keep their gardens, as seen from the road, tidy. It was hoped this would also help the Parish to win the Best Kept Village competition and to this end the gardens were judged prior to the Best Kept Village competition. Then the problem arose how to compare a large garden with a small garden and to get round this problem Parish Councillors clubbed together and purchased another cup. At one period an outsider did the judging.

When Councillors began to judge the plan was for them to identify other problems i.e. neglected areas needing attention, pot holes, at the same time. For a few years Raymond Ash gave a wooden plaque for the house holder to keep. Several years Norman and Diana Geeson, 35 High Street, won and so they were awarded a glass trophy for them to retain.

From the beginning it was made clear that it was the BEST KEPT as seen from the footway and not the prettiest.

The 2015 winners are Rossin, Old School and Smalley, 22 Croft Lane.

Helen Ash. June 2015.

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Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan - A Reminder and An Update

In November last year a small working party was formed to manage and produce Bassingham’s own Neighbourhood Plan. This plan deals with planning and development issues in and around Bassingham for a period up to 2036 to link up with the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.

It is important to remember that the Neighbourhood Plan IS NOT just another version of the COG. Whilst the COG did deal with some planning and development issues it will be the Neighbourhood Plan that will clarify and add legal weight to the views and wishes of the village in relation to planning and development.

So, in summary the Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan:

As part of the Plan’s preparation a number of village consultation events have to take place in addition to surveys. There will be a further survey coming out in the near future so please take the time to give us even more information.

It is really important that you get involved and have your say. It is YOUR plan and it is YOU that will help decide what happens in Bassingham.

Please register your e mail address on the Bassingham Parish Council website (http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Bassingham) so you can get updates and see the minutes of the working party’s meetings taking the plan forward.

@ @ @

Bassingham Show 2015 - A Great Success

What can I say about Saturday 8th August for our annual village show, the Sun was shining the entries in the indoor show were amazing with over 50 more entries than last year, the display was amazing. The Arena events were well supported with a brilliant display by the Fly Dog display team and a Very Big thank you to all the Children From Gemma Shaw Dance school, you were all fantastic. Along with all the stalls, games and fantastic teas and cakes and those who donated such wonderful Raffle prizes. I could mention so many people that made this day such a success but this is what Bassingham life is all about. So a very big thank you to all the residents and families and friends that attended to make it one of the best Village Shows. A Very Very big thank you to all of the wonderful committee who make this day possible I couldn't do it without you. Next year will be the 50th Annual Show and we hope to make it extra special, if you feel that you can spare some time or have any ideas please come along to the Wash up meeting, or contact me. For further details on this please see below.

@ @ @

Enjoying Learning Achieving Success – Bassingham Primary School

Lincoln Road, Bassingham, Lincoln LN5 9HQ

Telephone: 788395. Fax: 789467



Headteacher Mr Ian Howells B Ed (Hons) Cert. Edn. NPQH First of all we would like to thank everybody in the village for donating their Sainsbury's vouchers. Together, we've collected over 9000 vouchers which will provide us with lots of lovely sporting equipment. It's been a busy term again. The term started with a healthy eating week and the children made fruity pancakes, designed a class rainbow rice dish and used dry ice to make frozen fruit kebabs. These whole school events would not be possible without the generosity of the parent volunteers who helped prepare and cook all the healthy and fresh ingredients; we'd like to thank everyone involved. Next, was library week and all the children took part in writing their own school books and got familiar with the new Library. The books went on sale and raised an amazing £400 for the school. Library week was quickly followed by Arts week, where the children looked at a range of different artists and created their own master pieces. The theme of the last day was music and all the year groups showed off their new skills and some individual pupils performed a piece of music they'd learned in their music lesson. The music day celebrated the opening of the new music room and it was a huge success. We were awarded our music mark. The members of the Cookery club have also been busy; designing their own sausage recipes which the Spar made and sold in the shop for a week. They also donated 140 sausages to the Cookery club which we cooked and sold, raising 100 pounds for new electric frying pans. A big thank you to the Spar shop for supporting the Cookery club again. The children really enjoyed seeing their own creations being sold in a shop. The Big Bash, a joint fundraising event between preschool and the school, was also very successful. The weather was on our side and the children and parents had lots of fun and to our former year 6's, we wish them the best of luck in their new adventures at secondary school and beyond.

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Bassingham Brownies

The Brownies have been out and about enjoying the local area. A walk round the lakes at Whisby Nature Park included bird spotting, leaf rubbing and enjoying a walk in the rain. An evening of orienteering at Hartsholme Park, led by Park Ranger, Dougie proved quite an adventure, with unit members using compasses, maps and local sights to orientate themselves round the park. Encounters with friendly squirrels and ducks were the highlight of the visit. Rain did not deter the brownies from enjoying the evening and all hope to return their soon.

Nature spotting, orienteering and learning more about the countryside has helped the brownies work towards their Wildlife Explorer Badge.

One of the hottest evenings of the year saw Brownies and their families take a walk along the Bassingham to Carlton le Moorland Pathway, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the local countryside. Brownies would like to say a big thank you to the Bassingham Bowls Club who hosted an evening for brownies to have a 'roll up' on the green, an evening enjoyed by all, of all ages.

Brownies are hosting a Coffee morning at Bassingham Church on Saturday 3rd October from 10am to 12noon. The event will includes tea, cakes, quizzes and activities for all ages as well as a chance to catch up with family and friends over a drink at the church. Proceeds will be shared between the church and the brownies. Hope you can join us.

Heather Lee

Unit leader Bassingham Brownies

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Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team

What is a Neighbourhood Panel? Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people, and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community.

What does the panel do? They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting, and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.

Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are:

1. Tackling the antisocial behaviour and associated damage in the villages.

2. Traffic enforcement in relation to mobile phones and speeding.  

The next panel meeting will be held on

Tuesday 6th October at 7pm

Aubourn Heritage Room Clock Tower, Bassingham Road, Aubourn


The crime figures for the last month, only covering the period to 30th July are:-


Production of cannabis

 Attempted break into outbuildings – locks forced

Witham St Hughs

Theft of Bowmag road roller from construction

 Theft from workshop area at Game engineering Ltd

 Theft of dumper and road roller

 Break into shed – nothing taken


Theft of hot water tank from driveway

 Theft of money from donation tin inside church

 Attempt burglary – damage caused to secure unit


Theft of lead flashing from bay window


PS 565 Ken Whyte


Your Neighbourhood Policing Team is based at:

Hykeham Police Station, Chatsworth Drive, North Hykeham, LN6 8LD Supported by Neighbourhood Response Officers

Sgt 565 Ken Whyte, Community Policing Sergeant

Hykeham/Bracebridge Heath & Cliff Villages. Tel: 805 721 www.lincs.police.uk

To contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team member,

call them direct on their mobile phone.

PC Jess Goodall 07825 100370 - PCSO Sarah Lingard 07944 776791

PCSO Jo Mackie 07825 100379 - PCSO Donna Hill 07500 920537

Email : hykehamrural.npt@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Facebook "Hykeham Town-NPT" Twitter @HykehamNPT

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Vote For Your Favourite Photo

Following the launch of their first photographic competition last October, North Kesteven District Council’s Tourism Team, DiscoverNK, have been delighted by the high standard of images which have been submitted. All of the entries are now on display in Cogglesford Mill in Sleaford and North Hykeham Town Council offices on Fen Lane in North Hykeham and DiscoverNK are inviting everyone to come and vote for their favourite photos. You can vote for more than one picture and the photograph with the most votes will be awarded first prize and the top 13 will be included in a calendar which will be available from the beginning of November. You can also see the entries on www.facebook.com/heartoflincs, just click ‘like’ to vote for your favourite photograph. The next photographic competition will be launched in October asking for photographs of your Favourite Place in NK.

For more information visit www.heartoflincs.com or call 01529 308207.

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October 2015

Editorial: Woooosh!!!! Another month again has past and dawn is breaking on October. As we leave September and head into the tenth month of the year, we finally reach the realization that not only is summer now well and truly behind us and the hope of an Indian summer fading, but also have to grasp the fact that the year is coming to an end whether we wish it away or not. Yes the dawn of October brings with it the autumn chill and the increasingly noticeable drawing in of the nights. By the end of the month it’s time to officially say good bye to British Summer time and turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday 25th October. Then looking ahead, planning and getting ready for Halloween, ghouls, ghosts, and trick or treat, Guy Falkes “penny for the guy”, a moment of reflection for Remembrance Day and…. Christmas!! there said it and thankfully so do others as you read through this month’s magazine and get to grips with all the community has to offer this month and beyond. So don’t stop here keep going and don’t miss out…..


Front Cover of Magazine:

"Hallowtide" by Christine Forster

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Lincolnshire Police Hykeham Rural

The crime figures for the last month, covering the period up to 28th Aug 2015 are:-

Norton Disney: Attempt commercial burglary. Doors forced – search conducted but nothing taken; Burglary other – doors forced – stolen items include welding cables, a small generator and power tools

Witham St Hughs: Burglary other – theft of boiler from unoccupied new build property

Bassingham: 30-35 hay bales slashed open

Stapleford: Theft of bush cutter and garden blower

Haddington: Dwelling burglary – garage broken into tools stolen

If anyone has any questions regarding the attached report, or wishes to discuss Policing matters within the district please don’t hesitate to contact me on the number below and I will be happy to discuss.

PS 565 Ken Whyte

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Great War Memories from Opposing Sides

Leonard Heaton from Bassingham kept a diary starting 27th February 1915 when he left Southampton on the Golden Eagle (a small paddle steamer used in peacetime between London and Margate). There were 700 soldiers and 25 crew on board and it was escorted by a destroyer. By 8th March 1915 they were marching towards Mons.

He compared farming methods en route i.e. thrashing beans and talks of cobbled roads and comments on the weather. 26th March, 1915, 500 of the 4th Lincolns were billeted in an old Brewery (the engine house, boilers and chimneys had been smashed.) Having moved on they were told that after they had left The Brewery it was shelled to the ground.

He records 18th April walking through a small wood and gathering some primroses and saw birds eggs - all of which reminded him of home.

The only part of the diary that survived finishes 23rd April, 1915. Leonard was killed in action on Wednesday 13th October, 1915 aged 22 and is buried at The Arras Road Cemetery, France.

I have also been allowed to read the diary of a German soldier and the similarities are very noticeable. Both talk of the land and buildings they passed and food available and weather conditions and different billets en route. Both record bathing in streams and the pleasure of a clean shirt!

If you wish to read Leonard’s diary (a photocopy and a transcript) and other records of The Lincolns please call Tel. 788220. These were in The Heritage Room and I hope will eventually find a safe home at the Hammond Hall.

Helen Ash. Sept. 2015.

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Dr Osborne Johnson’s Printing Blocks

I shall be eternally grateful to the Witham Staple for leading me to my Great Grandfather – Dr Osborne Johnson and ultimately re-uniting his printing blocks with his modern day family. I was surfing the net, seeking any information about my Mum’s Grandfather – he passed away before I was born in the early 1950s, but then I am not telling you something you do not already know.

The Staple made me aware of the blocks and led me to Jenny Thomson who is now resident in South Wales. Her father acquired the printing blocks and Jenny told me it was always his intention to return them to Dr. Johnson’s family and now they will be returned, courtesy of Jenny’s generosity. Regrettably quarantine regulations make it unlikely they will ever get to Australia, unlike Osborne’s father (who was also Osborne) who is reported to have travelled to Sydney as a Ship’s Surgeon before returning to the UK.

I will be sharing the news of the blocks with my Mum this weekend (5th and 6th September) – she lives in Sutterton and since it is Father’s Day in Australia on Sunday and with my father still being alive I do like to speak with him on that special day.

You might also be interested in knowing that the name Osborne did carry on for one more generation through my Mum’s Dad, he was christened William Henry Osborne Johnson.

Kind regards, David Potter

Kanmantoo South Australia

In reply to advert posted in April 2012 issue

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Central Lincolnshire Local Plan

North Kesteven District Council will be holding a public consultation event for the Draft Central Lincolnshire Local Plan on

Monday 12th October between 3.15pm and 7.30pm in the Hammond Hall (LN5 9HQ)

Please come along and find out what the plan says about Bassingham, express your views and lend your support to this important document.

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5 Years of Witham Runners

FIVE years ago four friends decided to start running together with the aim of forming a running group. This month, Witham Runners has taken on its one hundredth member and is celebrating its fifth birthday with its two local parkruns, Newark and Lincoln, in October.

Danny and Michelle Mortimer and Marcus and Clare Capell had seen numerous runners out and about around Witham St Hughs and the surrounding countryside, so there was obviously an underlying interest in the activity, it was just a case of putting the word out. Based on the principle of “no one gets left behind”, Witham Runners started to grow and after that first winter the group had a regular group of people attending. It was in these early days that the club started to form an identity. Rather than being an athletic type of running club, its ethos became one of “running with friends” and today it has a reputation as a friendly club where anyone can join.

Witham Runners is now affiliated to England Athletics and has just successfully organised its first road race, the Bassingham Bash 5 mile road race, which is an annual event each August. Look out also for the Sport Relief Mile, returning to Witham St Hughs for the third time in March. Club runners are now preparing for their second season of cross country races as winter approaches and the annual Santa Run in December.

The club holds an annual Learn to Run programme which is designed to introduce people not only to the sport of running, but to the concept of running as part of a club. The benefits of running with friends are significant, not only is it safer in the dark winter months, but it is proven that people who join a running club are more likely to stay running and meet their goals. The club has gone from strength to strength and now has over a hundred members who regularly meet to run together.

Whether you’re looking to run your first parkrun, or your first marathon; whether your goal is a distance or time, Witham Runners has experienced coaches and leaders in running fitness who can support you along the way.

The club meets every Monday and Thursday at 7pm at Witham St Hughs Village Hall. First 4 sessions are free. www.withamrunners.co.uk

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The Bassingham Story Edited 2015

The original book had 116 pages which have been reduced to 20 in larger print. I have concentrated on farming and food essential but also care in the village, which was carried out by the Church Vestry Meeting from1680 to 1894.

The first mention of Church Wardens was in 1654 as the church was Roman Catholic until Henry VIII changed things. In 1572 Churches were required to register births, marriages and deaths and these documents are now in the Archives in Lincoln.

The first Vestry Meeting started about this time, made up of the Rector, Churchwardens and land owners who would have to understand Latin, as all documents were in Latin.

Over the years, the church used charity money to help the poor and offered houses to the homeless. In 1773 the offering at communion was used to provide schooling for poor children, by bricking up the north aisle and providing a privy. The Vestry were also responsible for drainage, the upkeep of the roads and provided a Constable to keep the peace. In 1850 they provided 3 workhouse cottages with land (see no 7 on the centre map of booklet).

In 1894 Parish Councils were formed so anyone in the village could attend. Helen Ash was Parish Clerk and Treasurer for 50 years so has a vast knowledge of modern local history.

St Michael’s church is open daily from 10am to 5pm, so come in to see your heritage.

Rona Pounder. Sep 2015

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Learn Traditional Crafts

Cogglesford Watermill and Navigation House will be hosting a traditional Country Crafts event giving inspiration to their visitors and to embrace their rural heritage.

Sunday 11th October from 11am to 3pm

Cogglesford Watermill and Navigation House in Sleaford.

Try your hand at willow weaving, grinding grain and there will also be woodworking demonstrations. The millers will be busy throughout the day putting the mill into action for their regular milling day. Alison will be at Navigation House demonstrating willow weaving skills and helping you make your own willow work and you will be able to try your hand at canal art, reflecting Navigation House’s importance in Sleaford’s navigation heritage.

For more information about this event or other places to visit and things to do visit www.heartoflincs.com or contact North Kesteven District Council on 01529 308102. You can also find us on Facebook /heartoflincs or follow us on Twitter @Discover_NK

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November 2015

Editorial: November is here, this you may find a little hard to believe at times, but there’s no trickery, no speeding up of time, it just simply naturally happens. Hopefully you remembered to turn your clocks back, unfortunately now it’s dark before tea and there’s that distinctive November nip in the air. In the grip of autumn we prepare for winter. Summer migrating birds have raised their young and headed for warm shores. Winter visitors are arriving, some a little earlier than usual! The bewick swan pops over from Arctic Russia each year to escape the arctic cold, but this year the fine feathered chap turned up 25 days earlier than last year and the earliest since records began in 1963 at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge. This coincided with the first frosts of autumn in the area and experts say its early return could be a sign Britain is facing a long, hard winter, the worst in fact for 50 years as the swan’s arrival traditionally heralds the start of the winter season. Hoorah!! with all that to look forward to this month, for now we’ll just Remember…

Front Cover of Magazine:


Lest we forget" Ipad art by Paul Hubbard.

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Sustainable Bassingham: The Importance of Getting Involved
One Sunday, I was going around Vasey Close, a new development of affordable housing off Torgate Lane in Bassingham. I was asking residents if they would sign a petition in support of Bassingham Parish Council’s objections in respect of a development of 120 houses to the North of Thurlby Road. It is fair to say that the majority of residents signed the petition; However, a couple of visits stood out.
One gentleman did not have a car and his workplace was around 10 miles away. He said he was biking to work. Although it inevitably kept him fit, he felt that it was too far to bike, particularly as the winter months are approaching with treacherous narrow and winding unlit roads. His only option was to cycle, as Bassingham’s public transport system is woefully inadequate. I wondered how sustainable it is to live in Bassingham with your only practical means of transport being a cycle. I came to the conclusion… not very!!
Towards the end of my visits I spoke to a lady in her back garden and asked if she would mind signing my petition. She said no and that she was not interested in signing thank you. As it was pretty much my last visit, I asked her how she had settled in to her new home. Predictably, she loved living in Bassingham and found people very friendly. We got talking about the doctor’s surgery, just down the road and she agreed with peoples’ perceptions that it was difficult to get doctors appointments very easily. At this point, the lady’s son came out of the back door of the house and into the garden. I asked how he was enjoying his time at Bassingham Primary School. She told me that she could not get her son into the school and that it would take a year to do this. I asked her if she has trouble getting her son into the school (a couple of minutes walk down the road) how did she think that building 120 houses on the other side of the village would help? It hardly seemed sustainable for her to drive many miles away on our poor road system when the local school is visible from the house and only a few minutes walk away!! Needless to say, she asked for my pen and duly signed the petition!!!
I guess the point is, large development anywhere in the village has an effect on everyone, not just those who live close to the development…. Food for thought!!
Chris Booth (Bassingham resident).

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Environment Agency: Only Rain Down the Drain!

The Environment Agency is investigating an oil pollution impacting a tributary of the River Witham in Bassingham. The pollution appears to be coming through the surface water drainage system in the village. We are reminding households and businesses in the village not to tip oil or chemicals into surface water and road drains. The drains in the street outside your house often carry rainwater straight to rivers and streams. Harmful liquids, such as oils from maintaining your car, can have a devastating effect on local wildlife if put down these drains. Polluting a watercourse is also a criminal offence which can lead to enforcement action being taken. So, before you pour anything down a drain - think! It could cause pollution of a river and kill wildlife. Local authorities offer free disposal of waste oil, paint and other substances at household waste recycling centres. Businesses can find out more about disposing of oil and other substances at http://oilcare.org.uk If you have any information in relation to this incident please call the Environment Agency’s hotline on 0800 80 70 60 quoting incident reference 01329033.

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Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team and Panel

Neighbourhood Panel? Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people, and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community.

What does the panel do? They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting, and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period. The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.

Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are:

1. Seasonal crime prevention activity to reduce dwelling burglaries linked to the end of British Summertime.

2. Seasonal activity to encouraging children to be safe and seen walking/cycling

The next panel meeting will be held on

Tuesday 13th January at 7pm

Skellingthorpe Parish Office Lincoln Road Skellingthorpe.

So if you have an issue, please contact your local team

PC Paul Truelove - Beat Manager

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Italian sculptor - Medardo Rosso?

Dear Reader,
My name is Sharon Hecker. I am an art historian who specializes in the works of an Italian sculptor who lived in the late nineteenth century named Medardo Rosso.
A piece of work by Rosso was recently sold by a person living within the withamstaple villages area and I have tried in many ways to make contact with this person, but to no avail. I am using the magazine to reach out to the community, in the hopes that the person might read it and be willing to come forward and contact me. My email is sharhecker@me.com
My interest is purely for scholarly purposes as the work is a key piece for my research and I am very interested in finding out more of the history of it.
With kind regards,

Dr. Sharon Hecker

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Community Lincs Save Money on Your Heating Bills through a Local Charity Scheme

Are you interested in saving money on your domestic heating oil? If the answer is yes you might like to know about a scheme that is operating across Lincolnshire helping its members to do just that! Community Lincs have run their Community Oil Buying Scheme for the last three and half years, saving its members thousands of pounds on their heating oil. One of our recently joined members was on an automatic top up scheme and despite the drop in prices was still being charged over 50p per litre. This was at a time when our scheme had secured a price of 31.5p per litre for our members. He is now very satisfied and looking forward to an affordable and warm winter! We have achieved excellent prices over the last few months as you can see below:

May 35.7p per litre, June 34.7p per litre, July 31.5p per litre, August 29.1p per litre

All our prices are exclusive of VAT which is currently at 5% for domestic heating oil. The scheme is open to anyone in the county who uses heating oil to heat their homes or work premises. The scheme works by bringing together oil buyers from around the county and purchasing the oil collectively, with around 40,000 litres of oil being ordered each month.

Membership of the scheme is only £20 a year and you can order as many times as you want. Community Lincs also provides advice on how to keep your tank safe from thieves and the Oil Theft Alert System and have worked alongside the Lincolnshire Credit Union to devise an Oil Savers Scheme that helps members to put aside money each month to purchase their oil.

As winter is approaching it may be worth checking if your tank needs a top up ready for the coming months. For further information, advice or help relating to the Community Lincs scheme please contact Sharon Keeble on 01529 301953 or email sharon.keeble@communitylincs.com 

You can also visit the Community Lincs website  to join the scheme or simply to find out more at http://communitylincs.com/community-oil-buying-scheme/


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December 2015

Editorial:  Christmas and New Year Double issue of The Witham Staple. The end of yet another year approaches! Advent for 2015 has begun and 2016 is just around the corner. At this time of the year the Witham Staple Committee wish to take the opportunity to thank all those who have given their time each month in 2015, to help produce and deliver The Witham Staple to you and your neighbours covering over 2400 homes within our eight villages. We hope that it proves to be a special time for everybody and we wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Front Cover of Magazine:

"Christmas Robin" Ipad art by Paul Hubbard.


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A village without trees ?

The following e-mail was received by the Witham Staple website in November 2015:

"I write to appeal to residents of our rural villages to please consider the benefits of trees to our way of life.

Over the last couple of years I have been alarmed and ultimately saddened by the loss of significant trees to the heart of our village in Bassingham. While I recognise issues of insurance, light, disease, damage, death and more recently the high demand for firewood,  I am a firm believer that trees should be viewed far more positively by us all and certainly as real assets to all our villages. It should be remembered that mature trees have, in virtually all cases, been planted for our benefit by previous generations and should not simply be viewed as problematic but  justifiably as important contributions to our heritage and village character.

Not in our lifetime will certain trees reach maturity even if we choose to plant them tomorrow. Trees along with hedgerows define our villages and are not only beneficial to wildlife, but help with flooding, privacy, soil erosion, sound and wind protection while also helping to create village charm and character. Sadly with hedges being replaced by fences and significant trees simply being lost forever, this steady urbanising effect of our beautiful green spaces will without doubt,  slowly erode the character of our village to all our detriment both present and future.

Thank you for your consideration."

Ian Vickers

@ @ @

Wheelie Bin Stickers

A reminder to those residents in Aubourn and Haddington who still have not stuck the speed limit stickers on their wheelie bins. The parish council gets so many residents complaining about the speed of traffic in the villages; so stickers were bought by the parish council and delivered to every house within the speed limit. So it is disappointing to see on bin day so many bins still without the stickers on. If you haven’t stuck it on, please do it as it really does work in reducing the speed of the traffic.

Rachael Raraty Parish Clerk 788654 - email aubournhaddingtonpc@outlook.com

@ @ @

No Winter Gritting for Bassinghgam High Street

In the March 2015 issue a Bassingham resident brought to our attention that Bassinghma High Street had been removed from the winter maintenance route and was no longer gritted. After lengthy discussions with Lincolnshire County Council, the highways department and with the help of the Bassingham Parish Council, local residents have unfortunately been unsuccessful in getting the High Street added back onto the winter maintenance gritting route. As winter approaches can we please remind people to take care when out and about especially here on the now untreated High Street and on all other untreated roads in and around our villages.

@ @ @

Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team Priorities

Current priorities set by the Neighbourhood Panel for this area are:

1. Seasonal crime prevention activity to reduce dwelling burglaries linked to the end of British Summertime.

2. Seasonal activity encouraging children to be safe and seen walking/cycling


Crimes reported in the Witham Staple area for the month to 31st Oct 2015:

Bassingham -Theft of Equipment from St Michaels Church

Witham St Hughs - Criminal Damage to Garden Furniture

@ @ @

Opinion on Future Development of the Witham Villages is Divided

Although many support the efforts of Sustainable Bassingham  in trying to prevent the urbanisation of our rural area by excessive building (for example, see resident's letter in the October 2015 edition of the Witham Staple), not everyone shares that view, in particular some of the farmers and rural landowners. For example, the following e-mail was received in November 2015 by the Witham Staple Website:


"Imagine Bassingham villager's reactions back in time when there was an application for a new estate later to be called Badgers Oak, for the new estate off Carlton Road and off Torgate Lane. I do not remember a campaign against them. The estates were built and people who had been looking for a house moved in. The school changed, the surgery changed, the shops changed and the new people were welcomed. The country will soon have a population of 75 million and they want to live somewhere. I have no doubt there will be new estates built to the north of Bassingham, to the south of Bassingham, and on green fields in Carlton and Norton Disney in the next decade. People will move in and the school, surgery, shops and roads will all change. Whether we like it or not, it's called progress, get involved."

Frazer Chamberlayne

(Farmer) Carlton le Moorland

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Witham Staple Web Editor can be contacted by e-mail: info@withamstaple.com