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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

This page selects some extracts published during 2007 that provide a flavour of the prevailing themes.






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February 2007

Editorial: Was your New Years resolution "to help out more", read page 2 and find out how, that little bit of time could bring to you a magazine that you had a hand in. The Witham Staple needs your help, a little time it's greatly felt will help a lot to keep the production running smoothly. 

February is now upon us, a month into 2007 and Christmas now is in the past. Looking on forward into this the shortest month, there's romance in St Valentines Day for all you lovers out there and pancake day for those with a sweet tooth among us. Indeed Shrove Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday, on which and the two preceding days (Shrovetide), it was formerly customary to be shriven. From Ash Wednesday the start of Lent a time to begin 40 weekdays of observing a time of fasting and penitence taking us through to Easter Eve. Give it up you know you can.
The west has brought us all this rain, the wind will blow and howl again, the mildest start to a new year and the talk already of the warmest summer. Don't you think it's a little soon to pack away your winter gloom, keep your coat and scarf at hand there's still time yet for things to change. That north wind will blow and you can bet there's still time for snow! Take care.

A belated Happy New Year to you all.
Our readership is growing apace with new houses going up in several of our villages but none more so than in Witham St Hughs. As the readership grows we are now printing, collating and delivering more and more copies and our hard working teams need reinforcement. Are you willing to help? This does not take a lot of time but does need some commitment and a little expertise. I shudder to think of the number of hours that our editor puts in but the hours of our 'engine room' are much more reasonable. A printing team of 2 would be required to work 3 or 4 hours, 3 or 4 times a year; a collating and distribution team of 2 or 3 would be required to work 2 or 3 hours, 3 or 4 times a year, so you can appreciate that the demands on your time are not onerous.

Our current teams, many of who have been doing this for decades now, are almost exclusively from Bassingham, therefore we are particularly keen to pull in teams from the other villages. Please see if you can find someone that you would be happy to work with but, if not, we will be happy to accept and train singletons. Please give it some thought and then contact me on 789091 so that we can organise some training and you will then become valuable members of our team and be making a useful contribution to our village life. 

We look forward to hearing from you.
Mike Allport Chairman, The Witham Staple.

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The Aubourn & Haddington Children’s Playground Association 50/50 Draw

The Winner of the December 50/50 draw is :- Mr A South
The Winner of the January 50/50 draw is :- Mrs J Fish
Would you like to join our 50/50 monthly draw?
This would comprise of a lucky number being drawn, with 50% of funds raised being allocated in prizes and 50% being kept by the Association to help with maintenance and insurance of playground equipment. If you would like to become a member, it would be £1 per month charge, collected every six months. 

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Bassingham Playpark

Firstly a big thank you to Tina Braithwaite and Jess Emsley for their help on our stall at the PTA Christmas Fayre raising £82.10 towards the project and to Bassingham Bridge Club for their kind donation of £83. Thank you to everyone who helped with the Carol Singing around the village just before Christmas. Special thanks to John Heap for providing the transport, Pete Smith for the loan of the PA, Bassingham choir and all the volunteers for their efforts on the night and, of course, Santa Claus for his precious time. We raised a magnificent £179 on the night. Finally thank you to everyone who purchased our quiz and to Greens stores, the Post Office and all who helped by selling it on our behalf. This raised £161 towards the project with the winner being Hazel Hunt from Willingham by Stow.

We have now applied to WREN and Lincolnshire County Council for grant funding with another couple of applications shortly to be submitted. In 2007 we will be running regular car boot sales on the playing field between April and September (3rd Saturday in the month) – more details nearer the time.

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Vacancy For Managing Trustee Manor Lane Playground Charity Carlton Le Moorland

Would you like to help the children and youth of our village?  Here’s one way in which you could.

The Manor Lane Playground Charity has the task of distributing income from its considerable investments to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for the recreation and leisure of the children and youth of Carlton le Moorland.

Carlton le Moorland Parish Council, in its role of Custodian Trustee, is seeking candidates to apply for the currently vacant position of one of two Managing Trustees. The term of office normally lasts for four years, but may be shorter by agreement.  Eligible candidates must live in, work in, or have a good knowledge of Carlton le Moorland.  The work mainly involves attendance from time to time at local meetings called to administer and progress the Charity’s objectives.

This is a rare opportunity to help decide how the money is allocated, and to ensure that it is spent wisely for the benefit of Carlton’s children and young people, as stipulated by the Charity’s rules.

The Council is particularly interested in seeking applications from people with recent experience of managing a business or finances, or those who have worked in the voluntary sector or have been involved previously in the work of a charity.

For the first time in the Charity’s history it is now in a position to administer funds, and will be doing so for many years to come. So, if you have an inclination to find out more about this voluntary role or would like to know how to apply.

Closing date for applications: - 28th February 2007

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The SMILE Website Team

Let me introduce myself. My name is Katie; I am a pupil at Bassingham Primary School and a regular contributor to the website. My article this month is about Winter. Some people love it and some hate it.

Snow is like a blanket,
God spreads across the land,
Where wheat and oats and barley sleep,
Awaiting God’s command.
“Winter” by Ada Wine

So now we know what Ada Wine thinks about winter, I thought you might want to know how staff and pupils at Bassingham know when winter is here.

I know winter is here when…

“We do winter pictures in class!”  by Sam in Y2

“I can’t see my garden when I set off for work and arrive back home.”
Mrs Magri Y6 teacher

“No one plays outside after school,” by Katie in Y6

“The trees in the garden, and on the playground, are bare,”
by Savannah in Y2

“Every day the weather gets worse!”  by Lucy in Y1

“Rain seems to be here almost every day,”  by Tilly in YR

Somewhere on this page the word winter is hidden vertically, can you find it? Thank you for reading this page, I hope you enjoyed it!
Please continue to read our web pages on the Witham Staple Website

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RACoL: Don’t Let Your Community
Get Sluggish This Winter
As the evenings draw in and the nights become colder and darker, instead of hiding away at home why not make more of an effort to get out and about in the village? Maybe there are volunteering opportunities to be had such as a community litter pick or cleaning up local ponds and green spaces. Are there any community groups that meet regularly, why not pop along and find out what they do, it might be more interesting than you think! So what if it isn't? What are you interested in? Why not set up a new group like crafts, drama, photography, and book club. Maybe you fancy learning a language or brushing up on your IT skills?

If you want to be more active in your community and have ideas you want to share, help with setting up a new activity, advice on an existing one or support to develop new facilities, then get in contact with Suzanne at RACoL. RACoL or Regeneration Across Communities of Lincolnshire as it is known in full, is a community development initiative set up to provide funding and support to communities in North Kesteven.

Anybody who thinks they might benefit from this free support should contact Suzanne Saunter, the RACoL Community Development Officer for North Kesteven. RACoL is supported by the European Regional Development Fund

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

From Your New Community Beat Manager
I would like to introduce myself, I am PC Carrie Diamond and have taken over the area of North Hykeham Rural South from Pc Gordon.  PC Truelove will be covering North Hykeham Rural North from January. So far I have been in the post for 3 weeks and have attended several Parish Council Meetings, local youth clubs and been involved in a Christmas Initiative “Drink Drive Campaign” with local schools. I am really enjoying this post and am starting to get a feel for the local area and the concerns of residents.
After Christmas we are looking to give crime prevention advice to vulnerable residents in the villages including bogus caller presentations and street surgeries.

In the last month there were only a few crimes to note. Please be vigilant and if you notice any suspicious vehicles in the villages, please obtain the vehicle registration and inform myself.

I would also like to thank KJB Bus company/Westminster Truck and Vehicle rental for kindly donating a total of £100 for the children’s party being held at The Ark, Witham St Hughs.
It was greatly appreciated.

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North Kesteven Top At Recycling

North Kesteven District Council would like to say a big thank you to all its residents – for recycling 51.5% of their rubbish, making them the best in the country!

Announced in the week before Christmas, by Defra, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the District is the only area in the entire country that recycles more than half of its waste.

Councillor Mrs Marion Brighton, OBE, Leader of North Kesteven District Council thanked everyone in the District. She said, “Recycling is very much a hot topic at the moment. Our residents have taken it to heart and demonstrated that recycling can be easy, effective and incredibly successful. Recycling over half of our waste means that a lot less rubbish goes to landfill. This is good for the environment and helps the District Council to save money. Being top of the national league table is a big achievement for North Kesteven.”
To keep up the good work in the New Year, the District Council is urging residents not to put their items for recycling into bags. Councillor Dennis Roberts, Executive Board Member with responsibility for the environment said: “Please don’t put your recycling into plastic bags. It is much quicker to sort all the items if they are put loose in the bin. This will mean that even more waste can be processed, as less time is spent opening the bags at the recycling plant.”

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Watch NK

North Kesteven District Council know that having a clean environment is extremely important to our residents. To this end, we are embarking on an exciting new partnership. Working with Hill Holt Wood, and our leisure partner Leisure Connection we are tackling environmental crime by introducing a new countryside ranger service

Under the name of WatchNK the Ranger Service will:

    •       Report abandoned vehicles, littering and fly tipping;

    •       Undertake programmed and reactive litter picking;

    •       Allow rangers authorised by the District Council to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling offences; and

    •       Encourage Rangers to forge links with Parish Councils.

Hill Holt Wood works with excluded, at risk or unemployed young people to manage the countryside. Based at Norton Disney, Hill Holt Wood manages the woodland in a traditional sense, but also uses the woodland to provide employment, education and training. The new scheme forms part of the District Council’s work to implement the new environmental laws, under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act.

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Roger Chaplin's January/February 2007 Bird sightings

It would appear from my observations in Jan/Feb that the most commonly seen birds around the area are visitors from other shores, Fieldfares in great flocks of up to 100, Redwings of similar proportions and mistle thrushes in smaller flocks, All winter visitors from Scandinavia, Greenland and the tundra's of Russia, to our little part of the world, what a privilege. 


On to some resident birds now, A Nuthatch was seen in Tonges wood in January, although not a rare bird it's not all that common in this area. I'm trying to encourage hole nesting small birds at the moment by putting up some nest boxes in the local woods and I'm hoping a Nuthatch will take up residence in one. 


Whilst on the subject of creating homes for wildlife, back in October last year I saved some old pallets from going to a landfill sight and stacked them on each other and filled the gaps with some old dug up clay drainage pipes which would have been thrown away, into these I placed some small twigs and leaves I picked up from the floor of the woods, hoping to provide a winter home for Lacewings and Solitary Bee's, this is placed at the edge of Norton Big wood. 


After observing this "insect hotel" for a few days we have hibernating Hedgehogs (2) about ½ dozen toads, a pair of wrens and a pair of robins using it as a night roost as well as the Lacewings and bees it was built for. 1 hours easy work on a Saturday afternoon and discarded material was saved from a landfill site and a home has been provided for 12 of our wild creatures and who knows how many insects? Plus it's a pleasure to see these little fellows using something that I built to help them survive. 


I will update these observations next time Look out for flocks of Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Yellowhammers and Starlings, especially about an hour before dusk, you won't be disappointed with the flying display.

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March 2007

Editorial: March, yes that’s right March the 3rd month and the hope of spring is ever closer! Mother’s Day and the turning of the clocks amongst all the thing’s to look forward to. The snowdrops have bloomed and the daffodils are coming. There has been a lot of other activity too around the garden thanks to that second warmest January ever, but did you heed the warning? Yes OK it only snowed one day in January and two in February but I bet you needed your coat and scarf……


Thursday 19th April at 7.30pm Bassingham Village Hall Social Area

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is open to everyone and everyone in The Witham Staple area is most welcome. The committee would be pleased to see anyone interested in finding out more about how the magazine is produced or who would like to be involved in the monthly process. Each month the team between them produce, print, collate, staple and deliver well over 1500 copies to every household in the community. Hope to see you there.

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

From Your New Community Beat Manager

Carrie DIAMOND PC 1304. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support whilst I have been settling into my new role as the Community Beat Manager, everyone that I have spoken to has been very helpful.

Some good news to update –
The beat team is currently trying to move from North Hykeham Police Station into a permanent office within the area. We are in the process of looking at the Ark Community Centre at Witham St Hughs as a possible venue. We will keep you updated with regards to the outcome.

I am glad to report that the crime is very low in the villages and has actually decreased in the last 12 months.  We have recently had sporadic problems with theft from motor vehicles in rural villages of the A46 corridor.  Sat Nav systems have been targeted in particular. So please if you have a Sat Nav, do not leave it in the car or the mounting site where it is visible.

Road Safety is a concern for Rural Communities and as a Beat Manager for the area I have been out checking with the speed camera.  I have witnessed several people driving above the legal limit, as have Traffic Officers, and offenders have been prosecuted.  If you get caught speeding you will be fined £60 and 3 points will be put on your licence.  We will continue doing these checks so please check your speed against the legal limit.

PARKING. Several villages have parking problems especially Witham St Hughs and Carlton Le Moorland. Again we have tried to educate drivers by putting polite notices on vehicles, but there have still been several complaints. Please be considerate when parking your vehicle anytime day or night. Don’t park on the pavement, don’t park in front or at a corner of a junction. By doing this you are causing obstructions to other drivers and are committing an offence where a £30 Fixed Penalty Ticket can be issued.

Police Drop In Clinics in March

Tuesday 20th March 5pm to 6.30pm, in the Heritage Room

Tuesday 20th March 7pm to 8pm. In the Village Hall

Wednesday 21st March 5pm to 7pm In the Enterprise Centre

Thursday 22nd March 4.30pm to 6.30pm. In the Village Hall

Thursday 29th March 3.30pm to 5pm. In the Primary School

These clinics are being held, so that people in the area can meet their policing team and assist with any problems that they may have.  I know people don’t like to contact the police with what they believe to be trivial matters but this is what these clinics are for, to inform us what the problems are in the villages. We hope to see many of you there!

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The Witham Staple area LIVES RESPONDERS GROUP is now coming together. We have a group of members from our villages who are going to contribute some of their spare time to respond to emergency 999 calls initially, whilst an ambulance is en-route.


To get the group live we have to raise at least £4500 to buy essential equipment, and this has all to be done by fund raising. We have organised a charity ball & dinner to be held at JOCASTA's restaurant on 5th May. Tickets cost £35 each, with all proceeds going to our LIVES group. There will also be a charity auction as local businesses have donated some great prizes.


Let's get together as many residents, their families and friends as possible as it is for a good cause -the benefit of the local people. For more information please contact your local LIVES co-ordinator Jennie 07984273303 / 869518 tickets/LIVES info/joining LIVES or your local LIVES Fundraiser Karen 07792184614 tickets/donations

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The Hub - Bassingham Village Hall Community And Sports Project

In October 2006, the Village Hall and Playing Fields Committee gave a mandate to build a new Village Hall and Sports Facility to a project team comprising Andrew Keeling, Doug Smart, Pat Doody, Stuart Robertson, Colin Coulson and John Weir.

The aim of the project is to provide a Village Hall and Sports Facility that will service the needs of Bassingham and the surrounding villages. The minimum requirement is to meet the needs of all users of the existing village hall.

However, to secure Big Lottery Community Building and WREN funding, the project will have to show that this new facility will be used by more than the existing users, and that it will encompass new users including the elderly and youth groups.

To meet with this aspect of a Lottery/WREN bid, the team have carried out consultations with user groups and with the residents of Bassingham through a questionnaire which was both posted and handed out to people through clubs, pubs and the doctors surgery (so you may have received two!)

All the information gathered will help us identify the demands on the building and even the shape it may eventually take.

However, this will have to be tempered with just how much money we can realistically bid for from the Big Lottery and WREN. The first bid will be submitted to WREN by the end of March followed by the Big Lottery bid by the end of April. The team are continuing to meet twice weekly in an attempt to gather and collate all the information required. If you feel you can offer any advice or practical help then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team through villagehall@bassingham.com  or at the Parish or Village Hall meetings.

At this point, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultations, either as a user group rep. or by filling in the questionnaire; it will prove invaluable in our attempt to secure the bid.

Additionally, we would like to thank all the individuals and companies – including Lindum, Andrew & Co, Proof Media Limited and Quadrant – who have offered their services for free to keep the project moving and to keep the team on the right track.

For the duration of the project we will refer to the new building as The Hub with a logo that signifies the outlying villages for which Bassingham acts as a focal point.

The Project Team will try to keep you updated on progress through the Witham Staple, the Parish Council and Village Hall meetings
John Weir

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News from the Carlton le Moorland and Bassingham Pathway Group


1) There will be A Public Meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 7th March in Carlton le Moorland Village Hall, to which everyone is invited. The meeting will review progress, including some exciting developments, and discuss future plans. We want to hear your views! We also encourage you to pledge your support on the following website: www.sustransconnect2.org.uk/projects/ Go to project search and enter Carlton le Moorland.


2) Look out for our London Marathon Sponsorship Forms; all proceeds will go to the Pathway Group. If you could help by collecting sponsors, contact 788303.


3) We were pleased to receive the following endorsement from Bassingham Parish Council: “Bassingham Parish Council strongly supports the proposal for a pathway connecting Bassingham and Carlton le Moorland. The present routes along public roads are hazardous and generally unpleasant for pedestrians, cyclists and similar users. The new pathway would provide easy access to the facilities of the two villages while promoting a healthier lifestyle through exercise and separation from polluting traffic fumes and noise.


The Council has voted £300 towards the cost of launching the pathway scheme and invites parishioners to endorse further contributions as needs arise.” Geoff Culpitt, Chairman


Chairman: Stan Underwood. Treasurer: Bryan Thornborough. Secretary: Sue Sceeny.

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Hoof It For Horses

Amy Jones 12, Sam Renshaw 12, and Hayley Jones 10 recently completed a 5km hack out on horse back around the lanes and pathways near Bassingham and raised £101 for the charity group Hoof it for Horses. The hack out took place on a sunny but cold January morning and started in Bassingham. We left the village down Linga Lane and after about 2 km we crossed the bridge and took the footpath along the brook and then came back to Bassingham along Torgate Lane. We took turns to ride the 2 horses Alfie and Roscoe while 1 of us followed on a bike. Charlie our dog also came for a walk.


We would like to thank all the people in the village who sponsored us on this hack out. The money goes to the Hoof it for Horses charity. This charity helps to stop cruelty to horses and rescues them from terrible fates.

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Interested In A Bird Nesting Box?

With a bit of luck and time permitting Roger Chaplin will be making some small bird nest boxes out of recycled pallets from work over the next couple of months. He would like to offer these to Witham Staple readers for their gardens - free of charge! Any surplus that he is left with will be put up in the local wooded areas.

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Bassingham Primary School - Smile Website Team

Care For The Wild
The children in year 6 are doing a class topic on “Care for the Wild” at the moment. We are in groups of five and each group is planning to adopt a different animal. We chose five animals out of a possible nine to help, and they were the elephant, the brown bear, the snow leopard, the tiger and the polar bear. Our help would provide more food for the animals and a better and safer place to live. The animals we have chosen are endangered, and may soon become extinct, so we are trying to save them.

Raising Money
To adopt an animal will cost us £25, but if we raise £50, we can receive additional information on the animal we adopt. We have a couple of ideas to find this money. At school we are planning to have a non-uniform day where funds raised will go towards helping the animals we have chosen.

Invitation to Everyone
Another idea we came up with was a coffee afternoon, where we would serve drinks and biscuits to anyone who came along while they sat and looked at some of the work we had been doing on this project. The coffee afternoon would be held at Bassingham Primary School at 2.30 pm on Friday 23rd March. It would cost £2 to get in and for this you would get a free drink and biscuits. So if you want to help us, come along to our coffee afternoon if you have some spare time. Tell all your friends and bring them too!


Thank you for taking the time to read my article.
By Daisy

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North Kesteven Council For Voluntary Service

Ann McGirr is the development worker for North Kesteven Council for Voluntary Service (which incorporates the Sleaford & District Volunteer Bureau). We support volunteers and local and community groups throughout North Kesteven. One of our most successful ways of doing this has been putting on training events. All our training comes as a result of requests from groups. So if you are interested in training or you think we can help your group then pop into The Witham Office, on the first Monday of the month between 10am and 11.30am when I am there, or contact me on 01529 415417 or email:  ann.sleafordvb@btconnect.com.


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Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)

There are four local Household Waste Recycling Centres where you can take additional recycling and bulky household items such as fridge/freezers to, for recycling and disposal. They are:

Great Northern Terrace  Lincoln

April to September
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm (incl bank holidays)
Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 4pm

October to March
Open everyday - 8am to 4pm
Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Mareham Lane Sleaford

April to September
Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm (incl bank holidays)
Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 4pm

October to March
Open everyday - 8am to 4pm
Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Pottergate Leadenham

Monday to Friday - Closed
Saturday & Sunday - 8am to 4pm


Eagle Road Whisby

Monday to Friday - 8am to 4pm
Saturday - 8am to 12pm
Closed Sunday

Please note that these Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) are for household waste only. It is an offence to bring waste from your business to these sites.
Contact: Environmental Services Division. N.K.D.C.

Bulky Collection Service
North Kesteven provide a collection service from domestic properties to collect your old or broken domestic items such as: beds, washing machines, televisions or similar.

The charges (2006) are:
£6 for up to 3 items 
£12 for 4 to 6 items

£17 per item for fridges and freezers (no concessions) 

There are concessions if you receive an income related benefit.

Environmental Services Division. N.K.D.C.
Kesteven Street, Sleaford. Lincs. NG34 7EF
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April 2007

Editorial: Who or what determines when Easter occurs in this country?

A law of George II set Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21, unless the full moon falls on a Sunday, when it’s a week later. Actually this “full moon” is not the real moon but a hypothetical moon whose phases are given in the Book of Common Prayer. In 1928, the Commons agreed to fix the date of Easter after hearing the opinions of the Christian churches. Apparently, those opinions are still being canvassed.


April, the month for fools and April showers. Hats and scarves down and brollies at the ready? Easter holidays, Chocolate eggs and the celebration of St George’s Day towards the end of the month. We hope your magazine has arrived and found you well in this the Easter holiday month. There is lot to see and do throughout the month around the villages so read through and find yourself something to entertain, do or support in your local community.


After yet another warm bit followed by another cold snap and with the Equinox now passed and the moving of the clock forward to British Summer time we can look forward to longer days and set our thoughts to spring with the sun in the sky and the birds whistling a cheery tune - what could be better.


@ @ @

Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team

In February we held our community panel meeting, this is a panel where people from the community get together and inform the police of problems within the villages, and at these meetings priorities get identified. Issues that were identified from the meeting held were:-

PRIORITY ONE:  Dog Fouling
This was an issue brought up by several villages.  The Environmental Health has been contacted and the beat team will also be assisting in solving this problem.  If you are aware of anyone committing the offence of not clearing up dog fouling and are happy to pass on the offender’s details, please contact us by email or telephone on the contact details below.  We do need your help to assist on this matter, people can be fined up to £100 for this offence.

The second issue was speeding.  Again may I remind people to drive carefully through the villages and to check their speed.  If you get caught speeding you will be fined £60 and 3 points will be put on your licence.

OTHER MATTERS RAISED – Mud left on road by tractors


Reassurance for Bassingham Residents – We attended Bassingham Lunch Group held at Bassingham Methodist Chapel where we met several residents from several villages.  This was a perfect way to introduce ourselves and we used the time to talk to people about bogus callers and gave crime prevention advice.

Arrangements are being made to give further presentations in other villages

Poster competition to ‘cut off’ mobile phone motorists – Two schools in the Lincoln area took part in a poster competition to discourage motorists from using their mobile phones whilst driving. The 2nd Prizewinner was India Moore from Bassingham Primary School. The 3rd Prizewinner was Michael Lloyd from Bassingham Primary School. India and Michael have since been out with the Community Beat Team on Lincoln Road, Bassingham, looking for people on mobile phones and monitoring speed with the speed camera.


@ @ @

The Witham Staple Annual General Meeting
Thursday 19th April at 7.30pm
Bassingham Village Hall Social Area
The meeting is open to everyone and everyone in The Witham Staple area is most welcome. Committee would be pleased to see anyone interested in finding out how the magazine is produced or who would like to be involved in the process. Each month the team between them, produce, print, collate, staple and deliver over 1500 copies one to every household in the community. See you there.


@ @ @

Time Table for Parish Council Elections

Last day for receipt of nominations at Sleaford:
Noon on Wednesday 4th April

Publication of statement as to persons nominated:
Noon on Tuesday 10th April

Latest time for withdrawals:

Noon Wednesday 11th April

Publication of notice of Poll:

Wednesday 25th April

Polling Day:
Thursday 3rd May 7am to 10pm.
(note new extended hours)

If there is a vote the Polling Station at Bassingham will be the Heritage Room

Counting Day:

Friday 4th May

District Council elections will take place on the same day.

The parish Council will be elected to serve for four years.

Please consider if you can help your community and stand for election.


@ @ @

Dog Control In Witham St Hughs
How disappointing to have to write in about the issue of dog control and fouling in the Rose Hip Walk area of Witham St Hughs. 


Thankfully but in sadly a minority, those owners with a responsible attitude, fully understand that a dog on a lead is under control at all times. Not a potential danger or annoyance. What a shame others aren’t able to grasp this basic fact. It may surprise this seemingly growing majority that it’s not acceptable to let a dog run free wherever it wants, doing whatever it pleases in this, a residential area. Those same owners also appearing clueless as to what to do when, as inevitably happens, the animal dashes off, distracted by someone or something.


Equally disgusting and a direct result of this lack of control is the increasing amount of dog fouling on both the pathways and verges. Not a pleasant discovery during a walk. Why not take dog waste home or use the bins provided?

As a pet lover one would urge dog owners please to be more considerate all round for the benefit of everyone!


Yours sincerely

R & S Underwood (Letter to Editor)

@ @ @

Dogs and The Community

Dogs have been part of the man's social and domestic life since prehistoric times, and no more so than today. A dog can be an ideal companion and a real friend for young and old. It is a delight to see healthy and happy dogs enjoying life here in these villages.

Those of us who have a 'dog in the family' know that we have a responsibility to keep the dog healthy, properly fed and exercised. But we also realise we have a responsibility for ensuring that our dog is an acceptable member of the community. So, for example, we don't let our dog wander unattended in the streets or the fields, where he or she might cause a road accident or chase farm animals. Of course we don't.

Problems do, however, arise where those who have dogs allow them to defecate in unacceptable public places: anywhere within the villages or on footpaths outside the villages. The dog is not to blame – after all, he is by now house-trained. Sadly, the culprit is the owner who is just not yet street-trained! With such easy access to quiet lanes out of the village, there really is no excuse for dragging the dog along to the nearest verge or footpath. As always, the antisocial behaviour of the few can spoil the enjoyment of the many.

Apart from the unpleasantness of finding dog dirt where we want to walk or push a baby’s buggy, there’s a real danger of toddlers who walk on the grass being contaminated and even blinded by the toxocara worm. So let's behave as responsibly to the others in our community as we do to our dog – and make sure that others do so too!

Stan Underwood


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Community Car Wash Sunday 22nd April
Bassingham School Car Park: between 9.30am and 1.30pm

Please come along and have your car washed by members of the Bassingham Youth Club or one of the Police Beat Team.  The youths have arranged this day to raise funds for the youth club.  The youth club has been running for several months now, and the Youth Leaders and ourselves are finding it difficult to get funding to buy equipment.  There is no set fee for the car wash, donations will kindly be received.  Come along and let us do the dirty work for you!


@ @ @

Youth Club for Witham St Hughs

The youth committee ‘SWP’ group has successfully been awarded a grant of £6477 in order to set up a youth club for Witham St Hughs.  This is a result of several months of work for the committee and this has recently been recognised by Lincolnshire County Council as an exceptional project. We are currently awaiting the filling of the youth worker vacancy which should be finalised by the end of April. Registration forms will be shortly distributed amongst the youth to enable them to secure a place.
Further details can be obtained from Gill Finn on 07904 386138


Did you know that The Ark at Witham St Hughs is a multi use centre which incorporates many facilities that are available to hire for local residents.

We have a main hall which can cater for functions up to 120 people, with kitchen facilities and disabled access/toilet. There is also a smaller social room, which is ideal for meetings, educational and exercise classes. Rates are reasonable and we endeavour to assist local groups in start up advice and assistance.


@ @ @

The Royal British Legion - Brant Broughton And Bassingham Area
A letter from the above Sub Branch Chairman


May I bring to your attention the recent important changes which have taken place to your Local Branch of The Royal British Legion.


Following a merger, some ten years ago, of the Brant Broughton and Bassingham Branches of the Legion, declining membership through ageing meant that by the middle of last year it had become apparent that the branch could no longer be sustained on it’s own. Following discussions between The County Secretary, Branch Members and Members of The Washingborough, Heighington, Branston and District Branch, it was agreed that Brant Broughton would become a Sub Branch of the larger Washingborough Branch, this arrangement has now been successfully implemented. The arrangement allows the Sub Branch to retain and parade it’s own Standard and enjoy a degree of independence under the overall management support of the main Branch. A small Sub Branch Committee has been established which includes the previous Branch Chairman and Vice Chairman and we look forward to a successful future.


The Legion’s role in supporting the service community and their dependants through a whole range of support services was never more demanding than now. Every year the Legion receives over 300,000 calls for information, advice or assistance. Our membership numbers over 400,000 and our annual turnover is around £75.5 million. We are the leading charity working on behalf of those who have served in our Armed Forces and their dependants. The Annual Poppy Appeal is a major contributor to The Legion Funds. The generous contributions to the appeal from the residents of the Brant Broughton and Bassingham Sub Branch Area, under the Stirling efforts of our three Appeal Organisers, two of whom are Non Legion Members and their Collectors, are much appreciated.


Additional fund raising efforts and stabilising and increasing our membership, are the major considerations the Sub Branch will need to address, as we move forward.


Membership of The Legion is currently £10.50 a year, and there is now one grade of membership. You do not have to be a member of the forces, or ex service to become a member. We need to strengthen our membership and new members will be welcomed.

Yours sincerely

Les Burrell (Sub Branch Chairman )


@ @ @

Bassingham Primary School - Smile Website Team

Hi, my name is Alice from Year 5 and I joined the Bassingham Primary School website team last year.
This month it is my turn to write an article for the Witham Staple.
Thank you to Daisy for last month’s brilliant item about “Care for the Wild”


School Playground Ban
Do you remember a few weeks ago a school in Bracebridge Heath banned all contact games from their playground? This is not the first story like this to have hit the headlines in recent years. Other schools have also banned skipping, conkers, tag, British bulldog, and even sports days!

Well, I have done some research at our school on this issue and asked around on the playground and in the staff room for different people’s views:

Some of the children said:
“We should be allowed to play these games because they are exercise and fun!” (Emma – Y5)
“The games should stop because people bump into each other!” (James – Y1)
“I don’t think they should stop because I like playing those games!” (Tilly – YR)

Some of the staff said:
“If children play safely, it’s not a problem!” (Mrs Brown  - Year 5 Teacher)
“Our school is alright really, so it’s up to the other schools in the county!” (Mrs. Symonds - Dinner Lady)
“It is always so difficult with health and safety issues to get the balance right. What is exciting to one person is dangerous to another. All situations in school where children are involved in play are well supervised and staff encourage children to play a wide range of games and activities. We will always intervene quickly when activities become potentially dangerous.” (Mr. Robertson – Headteacher)


In my opinion, games like these can be dangerous but they are part of growing up and I hope we can keep on playing them at our school. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this article. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, but it would be so good if you could respond to the children’s views above and tell us what you think about this issue. You can do this so easily by sending us an e-mail to enquiries@bassingham.lincs.sch.uk
By Alice

@ @ @

Lincoln Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic
We are Pleased to Announce the Provision of a Physiotherapy Clinic at Bassingham Surgery


For further information and appointments.
Please telephone the surgery on 788250


We have a highly qualified, professional team of Chartered Physiotherapists who offer treatment for the following conditions:

Back pain, Leg pain, Neck pain, Nerve pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Sports related injuries, Arthritis,
Acupuncture for pain relief, Chronic pain, Knee/Ankle pain, Shoulder pain, Hip pain, Hand/foot pain, Work related injuries, Posture related problems, Adolescent pains


Lincoln Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Clinic
Hykeham Green, Lincoln Road, North Hykeham
Lincoln. LN6 8NH


@ @ @

Roger Chaplin's Bird observations March 2007

It looks like spring has come a little early, or did winter not arrive?
And by some of the bird sightings this month it was hardly worth the effort of flying to Africa for their annual migration, why? Because Sand martin’s and Swallows and Chiff Chaff, a little warbler, have been spotted already in Lincolnshire, the first day of March to be precise,
Now a bit closer to home and the Buzzards have been showing very well above Tonges wood and Norton Disney big wood with as many as a dozen of these majestic raptors soaring and surfing on the thermals rising from the tree’s at a time,

Woodpeckers are showing quite well in these area’s, the Great spotted woodpecker hammering away on the trees, (at this time of the year it’s to mark out their territory not for food) and the Green woodpecker with his distinctive laughing call and undulating flight are seen and heard every day. Skylarks have also been spotted above the fields alongside Norton road on leaving Carlton,

The wetland areas, (although most places have been wet just lately) around the quarries and Thurlby lake are full of Gulls, Greater black backed, lesser black backed, herring gulls and black headed gulls and if you are in the area about an hour before it gets dark just spare five minutes to watch them come in, I’m sure you will stay for more than the five minutes to watch this spectacle.

Last month I wrote about the experimental “Insect Hotel” made from old pallets and filled with other waste materials picked up from the area....



...well the hedgehogs have been seen wandering about, the Toads are on the move, odd bee’s have been seen stretching their wings in the sunshine and my office has been like a magnet for the lacewings that lived in the hotel over winter. I will leave the “hotel” there and wait to see what takes up residence next, who knows the Robins and wrens are using it as a night roost so they might decide to raise a family there.

Just a little footnote: Please drive a bit slower at the “T” junction over the river near Norton Disney as the Frogs are making their way across the road to their breeding grounds. Thank you.

@ @ @

May 2007


What a transformation the sun is out, the sky is blue and there’s not a cloud to be seen in the sky, well not the last few days during editing anyway!!


The celebration and thoughts of Easter are now behind us and the end of Lent was reached, did you succeed in whatever it was you had given up or had you faltered under pressure weeks ago.


Here we are then moving forward into May and on we go through Spring, the grass is growing green and lush, buds are blooming all around and with Spring bulbs and blossoming trees there is colour and scent everywhere. The sunrise brings the morning chorus of nesting birds and the sight of visiting friends from the continent does really put the short dark days of winter to bed. The dormant winter now is through and there are lots and lots for you to be doing. You have Thirty-one days, two bank holidays and another magazine full of events. So first sit back, feet up read and digest, possibly even out in the garden enjoying the springtime sun and that early bloom. Enjoy.


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Front Cover of Magazine:



A Pair of Geese, by Jean Britnell


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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team

I am pleased to inform you that all the drop in clinics we advertised in the February issue have now been held. Thank you to all who came along to see us, it was great to see so many of you making the effort to come along and chat. We had a very mixed attendance at each drop in clinic ranging from 0 - 25 people attending. Having reviewed the attendance and feasibility of holding these clinics we have decided to continue them but to only hold them yearly in each village. As I am sure you can appreciate it takes up a lot of our time organising and attending each drop in and to get 0 people turning up at one of them was very disappointing. However, we do feel that the drop in clinics are beneficial not only to us but a good forum for the community to come and meet/talk to us. We will advertise them in the magazine so please do watch out for that. In the meantime if you do have any problems or queries you would like to discuss with us please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email, alternatively if you see us walking about in the village call us over and have a chat.


Dovecote Lane, Haddington. We have received several reports of vehicles using this road as a short cut. Please be reminded that Dovecote Lane is an access only road to residents living down the lane. 
Witham St Hughs – Anti-Social Behaviour. Over the past month there has been a number of complaints made regarding anti social behaviour at the parks in Witham St Hughs. We do not wish to stop people from having fun, we only ask that people using the facilities act in an appropriate manner and be aware that some residents live very close to the parks.                                         

I am pleased to announce that as promised we have now organised a further two Bogus Caller Presentations.  We will be giving a short presentation followed by a question and answer session afterwards.  This is a good opportunity to come along and not only talk to us about bogus callers but to also get some crime prevention advice or simply ask us any other questions. The two presentations are being held as follows. All Welcome!

Saturday 19th May at 1pm in Beckingham Village Hall

Wednesday 23rd May 10.30am
in Heritage Room, Meeting House Lane.
This is in conjunction with the tea/coffee morning.


The next community panel meeting will have be held on Wednesday 25th April where the panel will review our priorities set at the previous meeting and determine some of the next month’s policing priorities for the community. We will inform you of these priorities in the next edition.


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The Annual Bassingham Show Lives On! The 41st Annual Bassingham Show
Saturday 11th August

Back in the Autumn of 2006 you may remember an appeal in this magazine for someone to take over the organisation of the show from Tony Vickers, who had organised it for many years. Not wishing to see the Bassingham Annual Show disappear from the local calendar of events I volunteered to take on the task. I am lucky in still having people who have helped in the past and a number of newcomers, however, a few more willing hands on the day would really help things run more smoothly. If you would be willing to give a few hours of your time on the day of the show, please contact me – Valerie Bell. 


@ @ @

Celebrating Charles Wesley
Weekend of 26th, 27th & 28th May.
Doors open 10am to 5pm
This year we are celebrating the Tri-centenary of Charles Wesley the brother of John Wesley. To celebrate this special time we will be holding a flower festival in Bassingham Methodist Chapel and the Heritage room.

The displays will be staged by village groups and organisations.
Refreshments will be available each day,
Ploughman’s lunch, home made cakes etc.

Our local Police and Community Support Officers hope to be joining us and will be available to give helpful advice and information.


A special Songs of Praise service will be held on Sunday 27th May at 6pm so please feel free to join us.

If you would like more information please phone Chris on 788594 or Diane on 789187. We have disabled access to the chapel and Heritage room and disabled toilet facilities.

All proceeds from this event will go towards the purchase of new chairs for the Methodist Chapel.


@ @ @

Village Life In Carlton Le Moorland
I’ve lived in Carlton le Moorland for 20 years and year-by-year we seem to lose more of the village atmosphere. When my Mum was young there was always something going on, sports days, shows, dances, parties something for the whole village to gather at and enjoy. But now we have nothing for the new villagers to join in and get to know each other and what a great place to live in this is! This year we did however re-start the spring show which was a great success, well why don’t we try and bring the village life back to Carlton. If you have any ideas on how to do this and would like to get together as a group of friends to achieve it please call 788993 and ask for John Brogan Junior and lets get Carlton the place to be again!


@ @ @

Bassingham Choir & Bassingham Primary School Choir

Present A Joint Concert of Enjoyable Songs
Thursday 24th May at 7.30pm
In Bassingham Village Hall

This is a new and exciting venture!
The two choirs will sing a wide range of songs from Zadok the Priest
to Old King Cole. The concert has two clear aims. First it is designed to enable the children to sing with an adult choir and to see that music making is a life long activity. Secondly it is to raise money towards a Music Week in the Autumn term when the children at Bassingham Primary School will be involved in a range of music making activities.

Light refreshments, provided by the Bassingham Parent Teacher Association, will be available at the end of the concert.

Tickets are strictly limited and entry to the concert is by ticket only.
Tickets, £5 and £4 concessions for OAPs and children under 11 years of age, will be on sale from Tuesday May 1st. Tickets will be available from Bassingham Post Office and Bassingham Primary School


@ @ @

Bassingham Open Gardens & Scarecrow Trail
Sunday 17th June
A selection of delightful gardens will be open for you to enjoy from 2pm until 6pm and you can follow the Scarecrow trail around the village. Refreshments will be available and there will be a plant stall.

Entry to the gardens is by programme, £2.50, which can be purchased in advance at Bassingham Post Office or on the Village Hall car park from 1.30 pm on the day. Children are very welcome to visit free if accompanied by an adult.
All proceeds will go to the Bassingham Village Hall charity.

If you would like to contribute to the success of this popular annual event by donating plants or making a cake please contact
Jan Culpitt or Jean Solven who will be delighted to receive them.


@ @ @

Bassingham Primary School 

New Community Hall for Bassingham

My name is Chloe; I am a pupil at Bassingham Primary School and it is my turn to write the May article for the Witham Staple magazine. Thank you to Alice for last month’s brilliant item about “School Playground Ban”


As you might already know, there are plans to build a new village hall in Bassingham. Mr Stuart Robertson is one of a small, local group who are organising this project; I got the chance to meet Stuart and ask him a few of my questions.

I soon found out that it would take £1.2 million to fund this project; they also said they would raise the money by bidding for money from the Lottery and JML, as well as asking the school and clubs to do a few fund raising sales. To save money on heaters and to help the environment, heat in the soil will be used to warm up the building; also special glass will be installed for even more heat. The new hall will have loads of facilities; including a permanent stage for Act 2 and school productions, changing rooms for clubs like football, a café for parents and children, and facilities for deaf people, or someone who has any sort of special needs. The location of the hall has not yet been permanently decided, but the plan is it’s going to go near the park. It will probably take between 6 months and 1 year to build, but when the building starts depends on how much money they get. The reason Stuart thought of this project was all due to his 3-year-old son, who he wanted to come to a good school.


I then asked Mr Robertson, the school’s Headteacher what he thought about the project. He commented,” Bassingham is a vibrant village with so many activities and club opportunities for young and old. It desperately needs a modern community facility. This project will help the school too. As a growing school we need the extra space that would be created within the school to help our plans to develop and expand”.


I think it’s a great idea!  Not only will the hall provide more space, but it is also environmentally friendly. It’s a problem when trying to fit all the clubs in the school hall, a problem which will hopefully now be solved. It will be much safer for children to go to the hall instead of the park. It will be great for the school as we will have loads more space. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.
By Chloe


@ @ @

The Editor Out And About
I have had the time recently to attend some of the activities going on in the community. A couple of these that I would like to tell you about are first the re-launched Carlton le Moorland Spring Show on Saturday 31st March. A considerable number of hours by a group of residents had been spent organising the event before it even got going. However all their hard work was rewarded with a great days entertainment. Staging took place in the morning with over 250 entries on display to be judged. Then behind closed doors the tension mounted as judges went round scrutinising all the different exhibits. The Show opened in the afternoon, as you entered the hall you were hit by a spectacle of daffodils. To sit and observe as people of all ages came through the door with the look of excitement as they made their way over to see if they had won. The chat, banter and smiles as people passed their comments and thoughts around on all the different displays. By mid-afternoon the hall was high with activities and I think the organisers can be proud of their achievement. Hopefully next year they maybe able to draw in even more residents new and old from the village and beyond.


The other gathering was the Childrens’ Easter activity morning on Good Friday in St Michael’s Church. You entered the Church and were taken aback by the shear number of children and parents busy painting stones, decorating eggs, floral displays in seed trays, happy-sad faces, Easter baskets, decorated biscuits and sponge painting. It was a sight to be seen, children everywhere all busy. The challenge to decorate the Church for Easter and at the same time teach us about the meaning of Easter.


Just two events of the community gathering together and I'm sure others too are just as successful. Thank you to the organisers for all their hard work with these and many other activities.


@ @ @

The Legends And The Inca Crystals
You are invited on the 19th May from 10am to the launch of a children’s new incredible adventure novel, by local author Lia Ginno at the Lincoln Drill Hall Auditorium (next to the library). The book tells of myths’ magic and intrigue and will appeal to 7 to 12 year olds. Come and meet the writer when she personally signs your copy with –10% off retail price, along with balloons and a competition. Also from noon to 2pm in the Café bar there will be folk and blues classical guitar music.


@ @ @

Christian Aid Week - 13th to 19th May
Climate change is the biggest single threat to the World’s poor. Carbon emissions are chocking off the future for millions of the world’s poorest people, who rarely contribute to the pollution.


Have you ever worked out on an exercise bike? Have you ever wondered whether the energy you generate could ever be harnessed? Well in one of the poorest states of India since 2004 villages have now got a 24 hour water supply, which is pumped using bio-diesel fuel. This fuel does not emit greenhouse gases when burned and is produced by a machine powered by a pedal bike! (and some people in England are at present all moaning about noise, or how unsightly wind power is! Maybe they could get on their bikes!) Riding this bike for just 45 minutes a week provides enough fuel to run the water system for a week. Christian Aid is helping to support this project with the donations given by people like us who contribute, often without thought, to the contamination of this planet.


Rainforests and forests in general are called the lungs of the earth but still we carry on destroying them and cutting down trees to the detriment of the people living near by. So this year Christian Aid is also encouraging people to plant trees, in their gardens, community spaces, Church yards etc. as a way of reflecting and focusing on the impact deforestation has on climate change. So if you feel unwilling to give money this year, when our collectors call, maybe you could plant a tree instead!


More collectors are needed, especially in Witham St Hughs where at present we don’t have any. If you think you can spare a bit of time call Celia Wightman local Christian Aid organiser on 789259.

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June 2007


January, February, March, April, May, June! Yes June the 6th month and half the year almost behind us, but the summer still to come. Everything is now growing green and lush, well it would be after all the rain. April showers in May that’ll be global warming no doubt! If this is getting you down then maybe you are starting to plan your holidays and days out near or far in search of that summer sun and lots of fun. It’s short, it’s sweet with just room to let you know this month’s issue is jam packed full to bursting, updates, reports, news, events and all. The popularity of the Witham Staple just grows and grows. Read thoroughly as always and don’t miss out on one of the many events going on this month.
Next month is the double issue for July and August so you need to remember that all your events, activities and dates over the two Summer months need to be in by June 15th.

September’s issue will see the update of the local information sheet, the sheet gives details and contacts for all the local groups and organisations within the Witham Staple area. So if you are on it and shouldn’t be or not on and should be you need to be letting me know?

@ @ @

Front Cover of Magazine:



By Brian Beeden showing a view from Links Lane, Newark Road, coming into Bassingham.

First used as a cover design in June 2004



@ @ @

Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team

Firstly, some good news in relation to the amount of crime in our area. Lincoln Rural sector which is policed by North Hykeham and Bracebridge Heath Police Stations has been the best performing sector for crime for the whole of Lincolnshire Police. Reported crime is down 23%, dwelling burglary down 51%, criminal damage down by 21% and serious violent crime down by 10%. This hopefully means that the community you live in is an even safer place than it was before and there are now a considerable number more Police and Community Support Officers covering your area than there were twelve months ago.

Our last Community Panel Meeting was held on Wednesday 25th April at The Village Hall, Brant Broughton, to discuss local policing priorities in our area. It was decided that our priorities would remain much the same as they have in the past, these being:

PRIORITY 1 – Dog Fouling

PRIORITY 2 – Speeding
PRIORITY 3 – Youths - ASB

We reported that 21 drivers had been recently issued with fixed penalty notices for speeding, over 50 more warned about their speed and 2 prosecutions under the new legislation for use of mobile phones whilst driving.

It appears that we have had an increase in the number of incidents of fly-tipping, as is usually the case at this time of year.


@ @ @

Please be vigilant and report any instances to the Police if you see the offence taking place.


It has come to our attention that there has been an increase in the amount of rubbish dumped at the side of the road, particularly in villages and roads close to the A46 corridor. What is annoying is the size of the rubbish being dumped. This includes fridges, freezers and tyres/wheels that are no longer acceptable at the local amenity sites.
This waste is a hazard to both road users and pedestrians and is usually dumped right at the side of the carriageway.

Fly-tipping is an offence that we can prosecute offending persons/vehicles for. We need registration numbers of the vehicles involved or evidence of the person’s details, which can often be found should the offender dispose of household rubbish that contains letters giving their home address.

After the event, when the rubbish has been dumped then you need to report the matter to your local council. They will be able to put the rubbish on their list for removal when they do periodic waste collection.

Hopefully, in this way other people will not be encouraged to follow the lead and dump rubbish at the roadside. Leading to a cleaner and safer environment for your local community.

@ @ @

THE PATHWAY GROUP - Further Good News:
SustransConnect2 Big Lottery Bid. We have received the exciting news that the Pathway has made it to the Sustrans Connect2 Final List of Projects. This means that if the SustransConnect2 bid wins the television vote in the autumn, we shall have made a huge step towards funding the Pathway. Watch out for further details about that vote.

London Marathon Sponsorship. The Pathway Group is delighted to report that Claire Sceeny completed the London Marathon in April, despite sustaining an injury and not being able to run properly. Well done to Claire! Many thanks to all who sponsored Claire. We expect the final total to be just over £650, a terrific response.

Coffee Morning. Many thanks to all who supported our Coffee Morning on 10th May. Over 30 people came along, and we raised over £49.15. Thanks to Christine Butler for hosting this.

@ @ @

Come & Join Us!
Aubourn & Haddington Children’s Playground Committee are looking for new members to join our meetings and help us to come up with new ideas for fundraising to allow us to extend the playground facilities. We do need a commitment from people within the villages for this association to continue or we will lose this useful amenity.

We are an informal committee and we have a fun time organising the fundraising events. The equipment is for the benefit of all the children in the villages and we do want to expand the facilities as much as we can.

We desperately need your support for us to continue.
To find out more, please contact: Charlotte Long on 789017, Bev Ford on 788251, Trina Stubbs on 788676 or Jen Fish on 789749.

@ @ @

Since our previous report earlier this year, we have been busy making applications for grant funding for the project and are pleased to confirm that we now have offers of £2000 from ‘LEAP’, and £11250 from ‘WREN’ (subject to several conditions). We are still awaiting the outcome of another application (we should get to know sometime in May). Add to this the fact that the Parish Council have budgeted monies towards the cost of the safety surfacing and our own magnificent fundraising efforts since last April (in excess of £2300) we have moved significantly towards our target for the project. We still need to raise a healthy amount to be able to start on site and will shortly be applying to further grant funders, once we know the shortfall. We will continue with our own fundraising efforts throughout the year and have monthly car boot sales planned on the playing field. Anyone who is able/willing to help with the project, please contact Steve Gilman on 789072.

@ @ @

Bassingham Pre-school - Primary School Web Team Interview
Hello, my name is Emma; I am a pupil at Bassingham Primary School and a regular contributor to the Witham Staple website. My article this month is about the Bassingham Pre-school and the plans they have made to make them better in the future. They have decided to increase their classes from 16 to 24 because they are so full and popular. They will also be offering full day care in September to children from the age of 2 and upwards. I decided it would be good to interview Charlotte Lee who has a daughter in Class R at Bassingham Primary and is also a committee member at the Bassingham Pre-school. This is what I asked her:-

Roughly how long has Bassingham Pre-school been going for?
The pre-school has been running for 40 years.

Can people from other villages bring their children to Pre-school?
It doesn’t matter where you live, we welcome children from all areas.

Is the Pre-school free to parents or do you have to charge parents?
We have to charge parents if their child is under 3 (£6.00 per session) but once the child is 3 years old they are eligible for a grant to fund the sessions.

What are the ages of the children you take?
We have recently changed the age we can take children from 2½ years of age to 2 years.

Are you happy to take children with disabilities or learning difficulties?
All children are made welcome at the pre-school and we have a member of staff who is SENCO qualified who will be able to address each child’s needs and support them accordingly.

Does the Pre-school get inspected like an ordinary school? If so what are things that the inspectors said were good about the Pre-school?
OFSTED inspects us just like any educational establishment. During the last inspection we were commended on the good liaison that the staff have with the parents - as each child has a key worker and they keep parents regularly informed on their child’s progress.

What would be your greatest wish to help the Pre-school develop in the future?
The committee’s greatest wish would be to have a building for the sole use of pre-school (currently we use the village hall which results in a lot of time spent in setting up and packing away before and after each session).  As part of this wish we would also like to become part of Bassingham Primary School. We are currently working towards this goal as we have regular meetings with the Head and Chair of Governors, also the staff have planning meetings with the reception class teacher so to allow a smooth transition for the children from pre-school to school.

Thank you for reading this page, I hope you found it interesting!

@ @ @

Bassingham Youth Car Wash
The car wash held on Sunday 22nd April 2007 at Bassingham Playing fields was a great success. The Bassingham Youth helped by PC Diamond, PCSO Boyle and PCSO Czajkowski washed over 50 cars during the morning. Donations for their efforts amounted to £135 and we are grateful to everyone who supported us. This will be used to help develop the youth club run by Rob Lowe within the village.

Plenty of water was used both on the cars and on each other during our efforts. All helpers had a soaking but a good time was had by all. Thank you to all who helped to make this event so successful.  Special thanks go to “Greens” who kindly and generously donated the much needed refreshments for the morning’s efforts.

As this event was popular and successful,
we plan to run another car wash on the morning of
Sunday 17th June 2007.
We look forward to seeing you (and your car) then.
Michael Freeman & Sheila Dalziel


@ @ @

Witham St Hughs Primary School - Open Morning 11 June 2007


'Educating Your Child For Lifelong Learning’


Muntjac Way, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln, LN6 9WF

Open morning Monday 11th June from 9am to 11am Are you looking for a high quality education in a caring, forward thinking school? If so, please come along and join us for our open morning to see the school in session and to find out more. Places available for children aged 4 to 11 years. For further information or to arrange an alternative appointment, please contact the school on 869590


@ @ @

Summer Music Festival

A varied programme of music is being arranged for this summer. It is hoped that as well as bringing live music to our villages the concerts will also be enjoyable social events. The programme is as follows.


Saturday 23rd June at Thurlby Church (Rose Sunday weekend)
Quartet (Light classical)

Thursday 26th July at Norton Disney Church & Village Hall
Deep South Jazz Band

Saturday 18th August at Stapleford Church
Collage (Music from the shows etc.)

End October/November at Bassingham Church
Arrangements not yet completed
The proceeds from all the concerts are for
the churches in the United Parish

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Brant Broughton Gala

Saturday 7th July from 12noon

Organised by Grantham Lions Club. Charity No. 1008148
At Poachers Patch Caravan site High Street.
Among the events arranged are a novelty dog show. a dog agility demo, ferret fun day and competition, hen racing, birds of prey and many more animal stalls. Classic cars, local Fire Brigade, Police unit display, the list goes on.

Trade stands and various club stalls

There will be tea, coffee, cakes a BBQ and eight piece band playing throughout the afternoon.

In the evening we have arranged ME AND MY SHADOW to entertain with a bar and BBQ for an informal get together. 
All proceeds are going to Rainbows Children’s hospice and Grantham Lions charities.
All are very Welcome

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Roger Chaplin's Bird Observations for April/May 2007

With the mild weather still with us, as expected some species are coming in early such as the spring favourite the Cuckoo, first heard in the field at the back of Westhall close Carlton on the 26 April. I actually saw him the following day in the same area sitting in a tree, about the size of a Kestrel but when sitting in a tree his tail points upwards and his pointed wings downwards, if you are close enough you can see his striped front like a little pullover,

The sand martins have returned  to the quarrying area’s, fantastic aerobatic displays, I’ll carry out a count over the next couple of weeks and compare it to the last two years lists (Results next time) Swinderby airfield has thrown up a couple of surprises just lately in the form of 5 Curlew, a large wading bird with a large downward curved bill, the first time I’ve seen them in this area so will be keeping a lookout for them on my travels. Bullfinches also put in an appearance near the airfield, usually seen when flying away from me, the give away is the white rump just as they disappear into the bushes, a short wait with eyes peeled and they return to their feeding station again for a better view.

You have probably notice how brightly coloured the birds are looking at this time of year, well they are all trying their best to impress their potential mates with colour/display and song.

I’m looking forward to seeing how successful the Buzzards have been this year, the highest number soaring over the woods last year was 12 at one time so hopefully that number will increase.

I would just like to thank all those who took up my offer of a free nest box a few months back, and I hope the little birds have took up residence in them and you get the same enjoyment as me watching the young leave the nest for the first time and make their own way in the world.


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E.ON SOURCE provides funding and a web resource. Community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations can apply for grants of up to £30,000 to implement sustainable energy projects in their buildings. Examples of organisations that may apply are schools, local-based and national charities, special education colleges and wildlife parks. Applications are reviewed three times a year with the deadline schedule for 2007 as follows: Friday 11th May, Friday 24th August and Friday 21st December.

Projects that would be considered include: The purchase and installation of one or more renewable energy technologies (e.g. wind, solar thermal, PV, wood etc) The renovation of existing facilities to incorporate micro-generation technology (e.g. the reinstatement of a watermill and the purchase of a turbine to produce hydro-electricity)
An energy efficiency makeover for your building that could demonstrate significant energy savings and also behavioural change amongst users. The use of new or innovative technology to deliver either energy savings or micro-generation capacity. A project which can demonstrate the intelligent use of waste energy (e.g. a district heating system that uses waste heat from one building to heat or power another).

For Project Eligibility contact Laurence Wade Regional Account Manager, East Midlands

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July /August 2007


The Summer months are here? Sunny hot days, fun and holidays, with a hint of torrential rain. We might consider ourselves lucky up to now as we see on the news how many parts of the Country hardly get time to clear up after the deluge than more comes. We could be in for a bumpy ride let us embrace and soak up the good sunny days and pray that something soaks up the wet rainy days. Either between holidays or if you’re not off far this summer there are plenty of shows, galas, fetes, coffee mornings and much more going on locally. To find out what’s on and where it’s happening read on. Whatever you’re doing enjoy it and we’ll see you in September.

Items to look out for in this month’s issue are:- Local Information Sheet. Editor needs notification of updates ready for Annual re-issue in September see page 10 for details.

Witham Staple Children’s Cover Competition in conjunction with Bassingham Show.


Reminder: Local Information Sheet September sees the annual re-issue of the Local Information Sheet. This gives us information on local groups and associations as well as public services and utilities, where to find them and a contact number. Please can you courteously let the Editor know if the contact is correct or of any changes in respect of your group by the end of July. The information sheet is widely used and given out throughout the year to new residents moving into the area, therefore it is only useful if it is up to date and accurate. So please have a look and let me know!

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Front Cover of Magazine:


By Brenda Cooper showing a view of High Street, Carlton le Moorland, looking towards Sands Lane. Previously used for the cover in July 2004.

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team

There has been a lot happening in the last month, which I will endeavour to update you on. There will also be a lot going on in the next few months so please have a look at what projects are arranged for the next month or so.

S59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 This act assists the police where a motor vehicle is/has been driving in a careless and inconsiderate manner, causing alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. This act includes mini mopeds. The first part of this act means that any vehicle seen by a Police Officer or PCSO (or even a member of public on certain occasions), the driver can be given an official warning. The details of this person and the vehicle will then be put on our National Computer. If this vehicle or person is seen again in the same circumstances then the Police will seize the vehicle.

There has been a particular problem with motorbikes in our villages, especially Witham St Hughs and Bassingham. Over the past month we have issued at least 4 warnings and 1 bike has been seized. Please familiarize yourself with the above and be warned that action will be taken if an incident is brought to our attention.

Bogus/Fraud letters and postcards In the last few months we have also been made aware that in several villages people in the village have received letters etc through their doors stating that they have won something and that their bank account details are needed. DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE. If you have received any correspondence that you are unsure of please contact trading standards and if you are really concerned please contact ourselves.


Bogus Caller Presentation/Neighbourhood Watch We will be holding a Bogus Caller Presentation 11am on Saturday the 14th July, The Community Heritage Room at Aubourn Clock Tower. This will be at the same time where the clock will be open to members of the public.

Please do attend and come and see members of your Community Policing Team. The presentation will last about 30 minutes and we will have plenty of leaflets and stickers that you can take away with you to read.

I will also be using this time to speak about Neighbourhood Watch and to see if more people are interested in joining. As a member of Continues on page 27 neighbourhood watch, the role of a co-ordinator is very limited nowadays but the more people we have the safer we can make your village. If you would like any information on Neighbourhood Watch please do not hesitate to contact the team prior to this day.

Parenting Groups/Information on drugs We are currently looking at starting up a new initiative that involves parents, we are hoping to set up a parenting group and introduce sessions and talks on things like alcohol/drugs, etc. We can discuss what drugs are out there and what signs to look out for with your children. This can be done in two separate sessions or in one, we need to know what the interest will be from parents. Please can you contact the team by email or telephone if you would like to express an interest?

Climbing Wall On Wednesday 29th August, there will be a climbing wall for all children to have a FREE go on. The wall will be in Brant Broughton in the morning and moving on to Witham St Hughs in the afternoon. Please look out for posters giving the exact locations. The event is completely free so please come along and join in the fun!

YOUR HELP NEEDED PLEASE Between 00:30 hours and 06:00 hours on Tuesday the 12th June 2007 a large Honda motorcycle was stolen from Holmesfield, Bassingham and found in the Five Bells Jetty. If anyone has any information regarding this can they please contact one of the beat team on any of the contact details given in this magazine.

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41st Bassingham Annual Show & Gala
Saturday 11th August 2pm to 5.15pm
Entertainment on the Playing Field will include a Car Boot Sale, Tricks with Pedro the Clown, Vintage Vehicles, Children’s races, a Climbing Wall, Donkey Rides and lots of Side Stalls and other attractions.


Refreshments will be available and there will be a raffle.

Shortly all the houses in Bassingham will receive a book of raffle tickets through the door. Please try to sell them to help in the fund raising effort.


Come and join us at Bassingham Village Hall from 2pm. Schedules for the Show competitions are available
at Greens and Bassingham Post Office.


All proceeds from this annual event go to the Bassingham Village Hall Charity.

@ @ @

Bassingham Village Hall Community And Sports Project Update June 2007 We NEED your Help NOW!

The team continue to progress the plans for the new facility with our two major funding bids, totalling £450k of the £770k projected costs in the hands of the validations. The news on the smaller bid, £100k from the WRG Communities challenge is that it has been turned aside and we are instead to seek a lower grant of £50k. We will hear about the Big Lottery outcome in August where we have £350k at stake. Additionally we have been encouraged to apply for Pro Help, a National network of firms who will provide Pro Bono (free!) assistance for projects like ours. We currently will need an Architects practice to take the proposed building to planning stage and will therefore need detailed drawings etc. We do not want to use up funds the Village Hall hold for the scheme as every penny will count towards the eventual build hence the application...we'll let you know how we get on.


The timetable is clear on the web site (under Big Lottery application) and we have just about concluded the tender document pending the architects input. It is important to note that thus far we have not spent any local funds on the bid with several firms providing free advice. We are now at the stage when we need to start local fund raising. Those of you who have looked at the excellent web site (bassingham.com) will see budget within the body of both bids and you will note we need to raise £60,000 from our own efforts (this is the £10k 'sale of bricks' and the £50k re WRG communities challenge shortfall).


Throughout the Consultation process we were enormously encouraged by the enthusiasm at all levels and across all user groups for the project, many of whom stated they would be pleased to make contributions and fund raise themselves to ensure the project moved ahead. What we now need is to engage the Villages who will gain from the new centre in raising funds towards the target £60k.Can those organisations who feel they can make a commitment please let us know. Our first request is for a sponsor of the measuring device (for eg thermometer) that we will use to measure the success of the bid. We have in mind a figure of £1,000 for this important focus which will be in the public eye for much of the next 18 months. Please let any of the committee (again contact details are on the web site) know of your interest. One important source of income could be personal contributions from those who wish to help the villages provide a better community for the future via the new building. If anyone, either publicly or anonymously wishes to make a donation now again please let us know...you will be making a very valuable difference to the people of the Witham Villages.


Equally many may know firms who may wish to make a donation of money or goods in kind and now is the time to let us know about this important income to the project.


We will launch the 'buy a brick' scheme very soon where individual families will be able to mark their contribution through named bricks for the inside of the building (for modest cost) and we would love to hear from anyone who has ideas of how else we can get to our target £60k as quickly as we can to deliver the building we all know is needed. Finally a big thank you for those who have already organised events to support the project. The Village Show, Open gardens and Bassingham Ball are all raising money towards the target. Please take some time to view the website and provide suggestions...we are moving ever forward to a start date and need everyone's support now to make the HUB a reality.

The Committee.

@ @ @

Summer Is Here – Lets Get Active!

Suzanne Saunter, RACoL Community Development Officer will be in the Local Access Point, Witham Office Bassingham on Monday 9th July from 10am to 11am and would really like to talk to community groups from the area. Come and talk to her about what you’re doing and what you would like to do in the future. Suzanne particularly wants to hear from groups or individuals who need support.


What exactly can a Community Development Officer help you with?

• Address community issues such as lack of facilities, anti social behaviour and the need for more community activities
• Applying for funding and income generation
• Helping to establish new community groups or develop existing groups
• Network groups and share useful contacts, training sources and other information
• Helping groups write constitutions and policies
• Help with event management and project management
• Advising on strategic and business planning
• Consultation methods and techniques
• Legal structures and management of committees


This is not an exhaustive list, so whatever the issue do pop along for a cup of tea and have a chat!  Or to contact Suzanne call: 550529 or email Suzanne.saunter@lincolnshire.gov.uk

@ @ @

Have You Visited The Witham Office? Survey

If not we would like to hear from you Your nearest Local Access Point is The Witham Office, Bassingham Heritage Room, Chapel Jetty, BASSINGHAM LN5 9EY

Many residents from the 'Witham Villages' use this facility but equally there are a number of people that don't. If you have never or very seldom (e.g. once a year) used your Local Access Point we would like you to tell us why.

Enclosed in this magazine is a survey. Closing date is Friday 20 July. All entries will be entered into a Prize Draw with the chance to win a £10 Book Token Good Luck and thank you Sharon Bark, Access Development Manager, NKDC District Council Offices, Kesteven St. Sleaford

Funding for Community Projects

Funding to Identify Local Community Needs (England)
Grants of up to £5,000 are available to Parish Councils to fund local consultations in order to identify the needs of local communities. The funding which is being provided through the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Rural Social and Community programme and administered by the Rural Community Councils can cover up to 75% of the costs involved in undertaking the consultation and producing an action plan that addresses their local community needs. The benefits that have resulted from Parish Plans are very varied, and have included;
highway safety improvements;
village hall refurbishments;
planning permission for health facilities;
installation of IT facilities; and revitalised Parish Councils.
Parish Councils interested in applying for funding under this scheme should contact their local Rural Community Council.  The programme will run until March 2008.
[WS Aug 2007]


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Bird observations for May-June 2007

Well the place is teeming with young birds, where ever you look there’s an adult bird feeding their young, house sparrows lined up on the fences and washing lines with their young wings fluttering every time the adult bird gets near as if to say “feed me first”, and blue tits doing much the same, I have been watching the swan nest site down stream of the bridge at Aubourn for a few weeks now but I haven’t seen any young, If anyone knows if the young hatched before the river flooded please let me know, talking of floods, there is a Bewick swan that has took up residence at the moment in a flooded field at the side of the road from Stapleford to Brant Broughton, a bit smaller than the more common Mute swan and he has a bright yellow patch on his bill from his head to half way down the bill, unmistakable compared to the Mute swan.

Buzzards have successfully bred again this year in Tonges wood and a wooded area near to the disused Swinderby airfield. The adult Buzzard that circles the airfield wood has a white head and shoulders, I know the colouration of these birds is very diverse but I’ve never seen one with so much white on it, No sign of the Nuthatch that I saw last month but fingers crossed it will return, In the area of the airfield main gate and the entrance to the old quarry a Grasshopper warbler has been heard, it sounds very much like a ratchet on a fishermans reel, although not rare in the area it’s not all that common so well worth listening and looking for. Talking of rare birds did you know there’s a Montagu’s Harrier nesting on Digby fen, I know it’s not our area but with only 5-8 breeding pairs in the whole of the UK it’s well worth mentioning and visiting, the site is well sign posted from the A17 near Heckington and from Digby village, the RSPB are monitoring the site and are more than willing to talk about the birds and point them out to you.

Back to our area and there’s a very busy Barn owl in the Carlton pond area going into the fields, catching it’s prey and returning to the farm area so I can only assume there are young that need feeding, I’ll keep a sharp lookout for any young and if spotted I will put it in the next report, Just before ending, has anyone noticed an increase in the Grass snake population this year? I see them most mornings now when I’m coming home from work. Keep your eyes open for them, they have a bright yellow “V” shape on their heads, Oh by the way they are harmless.

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Spate of Thefts in Bassingham in Summer 2007


There have been a spate of thefts in Bassingham in Summer 2007 including several burglaries three thefts of lead from St Michael's church roof.  Residents are advised to be vigilent and report anything suspicious to the police.


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Digby's Party in the Park

Lincolnshire's summer finally arrived at Digby's Party in the Park on 4th August as the RAF station welcomed over 2000 party-goers to a fun-packed day of family entertainment and music stretching late into the night.
Station Commander, Group Captain Sean Corbett, said "this was a truly cracking day, and blessed by good weather. We met all our objectives of having a fun day for the local community and service personnel, and raising substantial funds for our supported charities with the help of our sponsors."

With great weather all day and clear blue skies from mid-afternoon the main event opened with a breathtaking parachute display from the Royal Artillery Black Knights Parachute Display team, who landed with precision despite tricky cross winds.

The children's entertainment kicked off with the junior 5-a-side football tournament involving teams from local Lincolnshire clubs. Prizes were awarded to all participating clubs with John Schofield, Head Coach of Lincoln City FC, kindly joining us to present the cup to the winning team, Ruston Sports A.  Further local community involvement was provided by the award-winning Starlite Twirlers from Metheringham, the dog obedience and dance to music from Ichthus Canine Centre from Hougham near Grantham, and Clowns, Punch and Judy and circus skills from nearby Lincoln. 

Throughout the day, the giant inflatable slide - the largest in the UK -  was a hit with children and the young at heart, also operating adult-only sessions late into the evening.

However for most of those who had travelled from as far afield as Northern Ireland and Kent it was the air displays and 9 hours of live music which made it a special occasion. "The Spitfire display was the highlight of the day for me. The pilot seemed to pull every manoeuvre in the book," Mr Finch from Norfolk said.  With the RAF's Massed Bands and Shades of Blue Orchestra playing military classics and crowd-pleasing classics there was something for all ages.  The RAF's Live Music Association acts, comprising a talented cowd of service and civilian musicians, served up a variety of styles from rock and pop to more reflective acoustic perfomances in the new acoustic tent, and later on the superb main stage.

One of the local beneficiary charities, the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance, was able to put in an unscheduled guest appearance with a double fly-past by the unmistakeable yellow helicopter, based at neighbouring RAF Waddington. This was preceded by a display by a three-ship of Grob Tutor aircraft from East Midlands University Air Squadron.

The Party closed with its trademark treat for all age ranges, with TNT Soul Explosion reinforcing their reputation as crowd stormers with a longer than scheduled finale to the evening. They were followed by the spectacular fireworks display set against a starry sky.

Nicky Robinson, treasurer for the event, told us "although we are still doing our sums, I am hoping to be able to announce the final total of monies raised by Party in the Park by the end of the week. It looks as if we are on course to beat the total raised at each of the previous three events, which is great news for the national service and local beneficiaries. Of course this does not include the funds raised by other charity exhibitors in the trade stands."

Organiser Sqn Ldr Fraser Gray said "There is no rest for the wicked - we will be meeting this week to discuss what worked well and where we could improve. We'd love to hear suggestions from all of our guests so please do get in touch via the website"

Marketing lead, Flt Lt Philip Johnston-Davis, was keen to remind us about the photographic competition which is still open. "We would like to capture the spirit of the event with the best of everyone's photographs. There's a bottle of wine in it for the best photo under the 3 headings of 'people having fun', 'on the stage' and 'unusual camera angles'. We'll choose the winning photos at the end of the month and highlight the best entries on the website for all to enjoy."

The Station Commander will confirm the date and format for the next Digby Party in the Park in the coming months.

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September 2007


Did you have a good holiday? Go anywhere nice? Visit the sights soaked up the sun and get a good tan? All refreshed and ready to go! Straight on into September, summer holidays now over and unless we get that Indian summer so too is the weather probably! So September then planning ahead and hoping for a bit more good weather! a quick run through the diary tells us there’s a new moon on the 11th and full moon on the 26th. Jewish New Year on the 13th,

Grandparents Day on the 22nd and autumn begins on the 23rd. One other thing, are you all prepared uniforms washed and neatly pressed, clearly marked with their names because the little treasures are off back to school. Whether you are a new starter in Reception, just moving up to the next class, maybe the big step up to secondary school or further still up in to higher education. Be positive work hard and good luck. Now you’ve got rid of them packed up and off to school you can make a brew sit back and digest the September issue in peace. For those of you not having the worry of school you should be halfway through by now, taking in all the events and goings on which as usual are varied and a plenty.


Reminder: Local Information Sheet has been updated this month

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Front Cover of Magazine:


This month’s front cover of a country gate is by Brian Beeden. Previously used for the cover in May 2004.


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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team

Firstly, the Community Panel Meeting was held on Thursday 19th July at The Ark, Witham St Hughs, to discuss local policing priorities in our area. The panel decided on two specific priorities for the next 6 months.


Speeding. Harmston Road, Aubourn & High Street, Brant Broughton

Re-energise the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Priorities must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time), therefore the panel were asked to specify the worst perceived areas for speeding at present. As part of the community beat team’s normal duties, speeding will still continue to be enforced across the whole area on an ad hoc basis.


S59 of the Police Reform Act 2002
We still continue to receive reports of the illegal use of off road bikes/mini mopeds driving in a careless and inconsiderate manner, causing alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public. Over the past 2 months we have issued several warnings and one bike has been seized. Thank you to the members of public who have reported these incidents. We urge you to please continue to call in any incidents regarding this.


Cycle Helmets
It has been brought to our attention that some children are riding their bicycles without a cycle helmet, especially in Witham St Hughs. Whilst there is no legal obligation to do so we urge all parents to ensure that their child wears one. It could save a life! Not only can the roads be very busy but also a lot of building work continues in Witham St Hughs with the result that there is an increase in traffic in the area.

Dog Fouling – Fixed Penalty Notices
Please be aware that the Community Beat Team has now been accredited to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for the offence of Dog Fouling. Anyone caught will be issued with a £50 ticket.


It has been brought to our attention recently that there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour, people drinking in the playing field car park at Bassingham and leaving their litter behind. Please be considerate when disposing of your litter and remember that this is an offence.


Bogus Caller Presentations
Since last updating you we have conducted a further Bogus Caller presentation in Aubourn/Haddington. Unfortunately it was poorly attended but I would just like to thank those of you who did attend. If anyone wishes us to give one of these presentations either to a group however big or small or would simply like to watch the presentation yourselves, please do not hesitate to contact one of your beat team.


Neighbourhood Watch
We are currently in the process of re-energising Neighbourhood Watch in all the villages. Over the past couple of months Stapleford have successfully set up a new Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in their village and we are presently in the process of recruiting members for Bassingham and Brant Broughton. Each village has varying levels of interest for Neighbourhood Watch and I am aware that some villages such as Norton Disney and Aubourn/Haddington already has an established Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in place which is fantastic.  However as you can appreciate people do leave and move in to the villages so we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in knowing more about Neighbourhood Watch. 


Parenting Groups/Information on drugs
We are currently looking at starting up a new initiative that involves parents, we are hoping to set up a parenting group and introduce sessions and talks on things like alcohol/drugs, etc. We can discuss what drugs are out there and what signs to look out for with your children. This can be done in two separate sessions or in one, we need to know what the interest will be from parents. Please can you contact the team by email or telephone if you would like to express an interest?


@ @ @

Local Heritage
Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th September
Celebrate the rich and varied local heritage of Lincolnshire during the Heritage Open Days in 2007. Over 80 special openings and events have been arranged across the county and all are free of charge. Pick up a leaflet to plan your visits and have an enjoyable few days. Leaflets are available from Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire at Heckington on 01529 461499 please be advised that it is necessary to book in advance for some visits.


@ @ @

Competition to Name Two Buses

Two buses have been bought as part of the 106 agreement relating to the new build in Witham St Hughs.

 Stagecoach have asked  for names to be given to the buses.
 The parish council would like to invite residents to be involved in this
 so if you have any ideas please send them to:
Cllr G  Finn, 7 Nettleton Drive, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln

@ @ @

Norton Disney Village Hall Summer Fete

The summer fete hung in the balance as with only two weeks to go the St Vincent Arms pub closed and the park at the rear was in an awful state with holes, tree stumps, scrap metal and litter everywhere. However, the committee worked hard and with outside help the site was cleared, holes filled in, grass cut twice as we were not prepared to lose months of planning and have a cancellation. The fete day arrived and stalls were set out (in a changed format). The pub opened “the sun came out” and the Kesteven Morris dancers performed for a true village fete. The committee would like to thank everyone who helped and for the prize donations from Greens Stores and C & G concrete. Thanks also to the households who gave so generously to our house collections and to the new management of the St. Vincent Arms. We wish them well. Thank you to Norton Lodge Conference centre and Manor Farm for the offers of alternative sites. The hard work resulted in a total of £885 which we hope will increase in the near future. All proceeds are for the village hall upkeep. Thank you all once again.

@ @ @

Conglatulations to the Winners of Witham Staple Cover Design Competition

Oliver Robertson………seven years and under
Scarlett Rowland……..………eight to eleven years
Emily Usher….….…..twelve to fifteen years

Well done to these young people and thank you to all who entered. The winning designs will be used for the cover of The Witham Staple over the next six to eight months.


@ @ @

Local Thefts

Please be on your guard! Several thefts have taken place over the summer months, targeting garden sheds and damage to unfinished new homes. Twenty two Churches in our area have also been targeted one of which was St Michael’s Church Bassingham where on three separate occasions substantial amounts of lead were taken from the roof around the south aisle, porch and toilet block all now needing protecting from the elements. Please be vigilant and if you know anything or see anything suspicious please contact the Police. Contact numbers can be found on page 14 of this magazine.


@ @ @

Bassingham Playpark Project

We are pleased to announce that funding for the main items of play equipment has now been secured, tenders received/approved and that works should soon be starting on site. The project includes the provision of a new slide, double pole space-net, pendulum swing, roundabout and seesaws together with the necessary safety surfacing and a new access footpath. The car boot sale planned for 15th September will go ahead (weather permitting!) as hopefully this will generate additional funding for seating etc. Hopefully the new facilities will be available for your enjoyment in October.

PARKLIFE DAY, SATURDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER In addition to the main contract works we will be holding a ‘Parklife Day’. This involves a ‘facelift’ of the existing playpark facilities by ‘village volunteers’ and will include rebarking of the toddler play area, painting things, mending things, general weeding and tidying etc. We have scheduled this for Saturday 22nd September (depending on the weather). If anyone can spare a few hours to help on the day or if you require more information, please call Steve Gilman on 789072. (You would need to bring your own gloves/tools etc).

@ @ @

End of An Era  - Closure of Aubourn's "Hut"

Almost 85 years ago a Village Hall committee was formed at Aubourn the “Hut”, as it was then called, has closed, the contents sold and assets distributed. Built by public subscription, an ex services hut from Waddington purchased at a cost £1 per foot, initially 50x15 feet, opening on 4th April 1923 with a concert. The hall was the centre of much activity, villagers paying a subscription could visit the hall on most days of the week for a variety of activities ranging from Billiards to Whist drives and much between. The first record of a non committee event being the renting of the hall “to the football team for selection of team, committee meetings, dressing rooms for £1 per annum”. Minute books are a mine of information on associated activities, for example on more than one occasion sporting facilities have been set up and run by clubs and other bodies which at a later date have had to be taken under the wing of the management committee at the hall, examples include tennis courts, cricket and football. With the changing times and the diversity of other entertainments growing the activity slowly eroded with virtually all regular activities decaying away. Aubourn over 60’s club closing in 2005 the last of the longstanding hall users. Over recent years the committee endeavoured to maintain a range of events, including plant sales, coffee mornings, firework display on 5th November, summer gala, an autumn entertainment night and the free annual Christmas party for the younger children in the villages of Aubourn & Haddington. Other events were private lettings and for a while the villages benefited from the re-formation of the youth club. Other events, including the 100 club plus the support villagers gave. The Royal Oak Public house who helped the committee to run a fortnightly quiz with all proceeds to support the hall and provided sandwiches for free.

Why the closure? The disability access act combined with the growing list of necessary repairs was beyond the ability of the committee and villagers to fund. Over time one or the other may have been achievable, but not both. There was no point in raising and spending monies to comply with the access act if the hall was still unusable due to necessary repairs. Although there are various sources of grant aid which may have been available the Hall was excluded from applying as the committee could not show any form of ownership or tenure. (Whilst there are several references to land being given, and additional land given, to the management committee e.g. minutes 21st February 1947 refer to “ ground being given in July 1925 by the late Mr G H Nevile for a tennis court” no legal documents can be found. Strangely the committee granted a lease to the Director of Education at £30 per annum Sept 1950, rising to £35 in 1960! To date no documentation has been traced, despite the local authority files reflecting the minutes (they believe the lease document is possibly misfiled in their old papers.)

On receiving a visit re the works required to comply with the Disability Access Act it was clear to the committee that the options were close or raise tens of thousands of pounds the advise of the Charity Commissioners sought and on their advice and instruction an open meeting was called for all residents of the two villages. That meeting could see no realistic option other than closure and the distribution of assets deciding that monies held should be split into two “funds”. Fund one. The general assets and monies raised by the action of the committee be shared between:- The Parish Council £524.14, Aubourn Playing Field Committee £1048.25 and St. Peter’s Church £1362.76. Fund two. Consisted of a bequest and accrued interest from Sid & Olive Elkington (Sid had been a strong supporter of the over 60’s and a Hall committee member for over 60 years until a few months prior to his death.) This bequest stated that the monies were “for the use of the committee as they felt appropriate with a preference that they be used to maintain the hall”. Whilst legally the bequest formed part of the assets of the Hall the meeting felt that the committee should decide on this distribution.

Donations to St Peters Church Aubourn - £1363. Aubourn Playing Field Committee - £1048. Aubourn & Haddington Parish council clock fund - £524. Summers/Nevile Trust for Aubourn & Haddington - £1000. Bassingham Surgery - £1000. Candles - £1578. St Barnabas - £1578. MacMillan Nurses - £1578. Urology Trust - £1578 Breast Cancer - £ 500

These Funds arose through a bequest by Sid & Olive Elkington and the village meeting authorised the committee to use its discretion on the distribution. As Sid suffered from cancer the committee felt these charities were appropriate.

The current committee are most disappointed at the outcome. Despite their being no alternative they feel for all the past committees who worked so hard to establish and run the facility. That said a big thank you to all those who have supported the hall’s fund raising activities and functions.


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Broadband Problems?
Have you been experiencing problems in the Bassingham and Carlton le Moorland area with loss of internet when it rains or when there is heavy cloud or during thunderstorms. BT had a major fault, which they were looking at and they are also doing some fairly involved work on the Bassingham to Carlton Road for which they don’t seem to be able to give details. Are you having trouble and know the reason why or the solution. Comments?

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Grant Funding Available


Regeneration Across Communities

Regeneration Across Communities of Lincolnshire have a small amount of grant funding to spend in North Kesteven. The funding is for capital projects only that focus on: • improving access to key services, employment and training opportunities • preserve local heritage or the natural environment • enhance rural tourism • support social enterprise The deadline for submission of applications is end of September. A maximum of 7.5K is available. Groups that want to discuss a project idea or request an application should contact Suzanne Saunter. (see below)

Grant Funding

A small amount of grant funding is also available for projects that focus on improving access to services, preserve local heritage, enhance rural tourism, preserve the natural environment and support social enterprise. Deadline is end of September, groups that want to submit an application should contact me:- Suzanne Saunter. (see below)

Contact:- Suzanne Saunter (RACoL) Community Development Officer

Funding To Identify Local Community Needs

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to Parish Councils to fund local consultations in order to identify the needs of local communities. The funding which is being provided through the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Rural Social and Community programme and administered by the Rural Community Councils can cover up to 75% of the costs involved in undertaking the consultation and producing an action plan that addresses their local community needs. The benefits that have resulted from Parish Plans are very varied, and have included; highway safety improvements; village hall refurbishments; planning permission for health facilities; installation of IT facilities; and revitalised Parish Councils. Parish Councils interested in applying for funding under this scheme should contact their local Rural Community Council. The programme will run until March 2008.

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Hiding in the shadows,
Beneath the plant pot,
Creeping around,
Hoping no one will spot,
Its woven web,
Of silver lace,
Its crystal chain,
In an unthinkable place,
The thin shimmering silk,
Catching raindrops,
Hiding in the shadows,
Beneath the plant pot.

by Emily Raisen


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Bassingham Primary School Music Week

Bassingham Primary School is having a Music Week from 1st to 5th October. This is an exciting and ambitious project for our school. During the week several musicians and groups will be visiting the school to give workshops and performances to the children. There will also be concerts for children, parents and the community.


On Monday 1st October and Tuesday 2nd October ‘Live Music Now’ will be visiting the school with their “Instruments of the Orchestra Project.” They will be bringing a Percussion Duo, a String Duo, a Wind Trio and a Brass Quartet. Each group will give a performance and workshop to each class and there will be a community concert on Tuesday evening 2nd October. The community concert will be provided free of charge.


On Wednesday 3rd October there will be a ‘Music and Computers’ workshop for each class. The children will be shown how to compose their own music using computer technology.


On Thursday 4th October and Friday 5th October Opera Start will be visiting the school. There will be workshops and performances for the children and this will culminate in a Key Stage Two performance of ‘The Magic Flute’ by Mozart at the Terry O’Toole Theatre in North Hykeham on Friday evening. The concert will be for parents and the local community. It will be free of charge.


The Music Week has been made possible by grants and support from a number of different organisations. These include: The Ernest Cook Trust, The Young People’s Trust Carlton-le-Moorland, The Kochan Trust and North Kesteven District Council. We are extremely grateful for the support they have given.


As you can see, this is a very exciting project for our school. Members of the local community are welcome to attend the evening concerts during the week. We would be delighted to see you! However, tickets are strictly limited for both evening concert events and priority will be given to parents of the children from the school. If you are interested in attending either of the concerts then please contact the school for further information and ticket availability.


Claire Brown
Year Five Teacher and Music Co-ordinator, Bassingham School

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October 2007


Is that it then? Can we say goodbye to summer! In that short space of time it came and for the most part it was wet, then with that it’s gone, over, finished, in the past. With ground frost reported in Northern counties it won’t be long now. Time to prepare, pruning and trimming, tidying, clearing away and protecting your shrubs and plants. The Earth now spinning on its Autumn Equinox, the nights now longer than the days. With each night pulling in that little bit more and to add insult to injury don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour (to make it darker even earlier) on Sunday 28th October. Yes British Summer Time is over.


Hey! look on the bright side you get an extra hour in bed. Autumn though, we must make the most of it possibly the most exiting change in the year when all that green slowly changes into thousand of yellows, reds, oranges, rusty, golden fiery colours spread across the land and slowly it falls covering the ground like a blanket. The Harvest Suppers, a celebration of all that labour bringing home the gathered crop. When you sit and think about it, probably it’s not all doom and gloom now summer is over….

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Front Cover of Magazine:


This month’s front cover is of a wild hedgerow.

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team


Location of Beat Team We are pleased to announce that the Beat Team is now using The Ark at Witham St Hughs. We are booking on and off duty from this location and using this as a base to work from. Unfortunately we still have no IT equipment or telephones so are still using North Hykeham Police Station for this. But as I am sure you would agree this is a much better location for us, not only can we be more responsive to calls but we can literally walk out of the door to be on our beat! Please continue to send any mail to us in the post at North Hykeham.


Theft of Lead – St Michael’s Church, Bassingham

We are pleased to be able to update you that 4 suspects have been arrested for the theft of lead from St Michael’s Church, Bassingham. The file is currently with CPS and we are awaiting the outcome.


Anti-Social Behaviour

We have recently received a couple of calls on our beat mobiles with regards to anti-social behaviour in Witham St Hughs, especially in the area of Tall Pines Road. We are working towards rectifying the problems raised but need members of the public to call in with any issues. If we don’t know we can’t do anything to help! Please call.


Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch meeting has been arranged for Bassingham on Tuesday 2nd October to be held in the Heritage Room. Members of the Beat Team and Martin Dickie the Neighbourhood Watch Administrator will be present to answer any questions regarding the scheme. All welcome!


Junior Crimefighters

During the summer holidays the Beat Team has run a Junior Crimefighters course for children at the schools in Witham St Hughs, Brant Broughton and Bassingham. It was a two-day course at each school designed to give the kids a taster of some of the things we get involved in. Some of the things that we organised included personal safety and first aid, conservation of the environment, litter picking, vandalism and the children had a tour of the CCTV van. Members of the Prison service also came along and organised a session as did Scenes of Crime Officers. The whole initiative was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyable. The Beat Team would like to thank the three helpers who gave up their time on the 6 days to come along and lend a hand. Our thanks go to Emma Tenwick-Ford and Sarah Henson from Bassingham and James Brown from Carlton Le Moorland.


Youth Clubs

We are in the very early stages of trying to set up some sort of youth club at Carlton Le Moorland. At present we are looking for volunteers to help run this and would appreciate offers from anybody who could help with this. Please contact one of the beat team if you are interested.


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Zebra Butterfly in Bassingham

While out walking on Sunday 26th August Ron Scatliffe of Lime Grove spotted this stunning exotic butterfly in my garden on High Street Bassingham, the butterfly was approximately 3" across and had a lovely floating habit when in flight. We think it was an American Zebra butterfly. We thought how interesting this sighting was and decided we would share it with the readers of the Witham Staple.


Christine Forster


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Bassingham Bonfire Night - Saturday 3rd November at 7.30pm

The Bassingham Bonfire will be lit at 7pm on the field at the top of Torgate Lane and the Firework Display will start at 7.30 (prompt). If you would like to make a Guy Fawkes please bring it along before 7pm and we will put it on the fire for you. Hot dogs, burgers, mushy peas and soft drinks will be on sale.


This annual event is self financing and can only continue if the donations at the gate cover the cost. Please give generously as you enter the field.


If you have material for the bonfire please bring it along to the field on the morning of Saturday 27th October but remember we cannot accept glass, metal, plastic, foam, mattresses, upholstery or tyres.


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Bassingham Heritage Room - Help!

Wednesday 17th October at 7.30pm is the AGM of the Heritage Room Management Committee. Followed immediately by an ordinary Committee meeting. We are desperate for new members, and for anyone willing to take on the posts of Chairman and Treasurer in particular. It’s not an onerous task: the present officers have been doing it for over 6 years, and for some time before that as members of a voluntary group running the Heritage Room. We are still a voluntary group, but properly constituted, and we have worked hard to keep the facility going, and to improve conditions. We need your support. We are self-funding, and also are entirely separate from the Witham Office.


We were awarded a grant by LEAP and RACoL to install the kitchen, and raised the money ourselves (by income from the talks and hiring fees) for the heating and the newly installed lighting. Several groups of varying interests now use the rooms, so in their own interests couldn’t one or two of their members join us, or at least come to our Committee meetings (always posted in the Witham Staple and on the Heritage Room notice board)? Ever optimistic, we look forward to seeing you there on 17th October, and again on 24th October (see below).


Recent Event

The talk by Gordon Bettington on 11th September about his time in the Falkland Islands was very interesting, amusing and informative, bringing home to us a little of what life can be like on those very distant islands, both for the service people and the general population.


Christmas Is A Coming by Anne Barnes Wednesday 24th October at 7.30pm

Entrance £1.50 to include refreshments Raffle A demonstration of seasonal dried flower arrangements, with a chance to try your own skills as well.


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Youth Centre Opens - Witham St Hughs


Ten months ago a group of young people came together with the purpose of launching a Youth Centre in Witham St Hughs. Despite many difficulties including raising money and finding staff, Ryan, Katie, Lamorna, Verity, Jade, Rachael, Page, Jessica and Cassie, with the support of Gill Finn, formed a committee and never gave up on their aims. They have obtained almost £6500.00 from the youth opportunity fund, as well as other smaller financial achievements to get them started. The committee have purchased equipment, including a table tennis table, Pool table, basketball nets, Computer gaming equipment and arts materials. With the small steps taken, at each committee meeting, these young people have finally achieved their Objective. Every Friday night beginning 21st September, The Ark will be transformed into a warm, safe and friendly place for young people to meet their friends, discuss future ideas for equipment and activities or to simply chill out and enjoy the evening.


The committee approached Lincolnshire youth service, who in turn requested an expression of interest from Youth workers within the county, to take a lead role in the running of the Friday night sessions, this will be done with the valued support of Volunteer workers from within the community.


As a level 2 Youth support worker with almost seven years experience of youth work in various centres, I see this as a great opportunity to develop a much needed facility within a fast growing community. The effort that the committee members have put into achieving their objective of opening a youth centre is very commendable and I look forward to working with the young people of Witham St Hughs and welcome the support of the community in ensuring its future success.


Opening times will be 6pm to 9pm every Friday night for all young people aged 10 to 17. Parents will of course be welcome to call in for a chat and to see what we have to offer.


Dean Waters - Youth support worker.


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The Royal British Legion Brant Broughton and Bassingham Area


Since my last letter in The Witham Staple magazine, we have continued to work on consolidating the position of the Sub Branch and I am delighted to say, we now have four additional members. One in Brant Broughton and three in Carlton le Moorland. We would welcome more, particularly those of younger years, to help ensure the future of the Legion in the area.


Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Heritage Room, Brant Broughton on Wednesday 7th November at 8pm. It is hoped that as many members as are able will attend. Non members are invited to attend, if they so wish. Refreshments will be provided and notice of intention to be there would be appreciated, so that proper provision can be made. Tel Les Burrell on 794974 by the evening of Sunday 4th November if you are attending.


The Brant Broughton and Bassingham Standard will be paraded at the Remembrance Service to be held in Bassingham Church on Sunday 11th November as agreed at our last AGM.


Fund raising continues to be an issue we need to address and this year we shall, again, be holding a Christmas Draw in conjunction with our parent branch. Local contributions to the Annual Poppy Appeal continue to be well supported and efforts of both Legion and Non Legion members of the community are much appreciated.

An urgent response to this invitation would be appreciated.

Les Burrell Sub: Branch Chairman


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CONNECT2 Bridging Transport Gaps for Local Walkers and Cyclists


Sustainable transport charity Sustrans plans to join up the dots between communities and amenities, with its groundbreaking Connect2 programme to develop new walking and cycling routes around the UK – and the nationwide programme of seventy nine projects includes two projects in Lincolnshire, a route over the A17 at Holdingham and Sleaford and a green link between Carlton-le Moorland and Bassingham.


The charity’s Chief Executive John Grimshaw explains:- “We’re working on a total of seventy-nine Connect2 projects in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, two of which are in Lincoln.” He welcomes Connect2 being short listed for a grant of some £50m in the Big Lottery Fund’s Living Landmarks ‘The People’s Millions’ competition, up against five other schemes, with the winner to be ultimately decided by a public vote on ITV1 in December. The projects have already gathered public support with comments from local residents such as:

"Long overdue. A wonderful idea which will give us a pleasant rural pathway, for accessing services in Bassingham, but also provide a leisure facility and enable us to leave the car at home."

"Whilst visiting friends in Carlton-le-Moorland we often take walks in the surrounding countryside. This pathway would provide a safe means of walking to Bassingham"

“This pathway would provide safe linking of sister villages eliminating the current need to transit along a busy rural road. It would have amenity value as a stimulating walk and an opportunity to see and appreciate wildlife in the countryside.”

“This is a brilliant idea. It will make such a difference to the village. It is long overdue and we all look forward to being able to go to Bassingham without our cars and on a safe route.” Connect2 in Lincolnshire needs your support, please visit www.sustransconnect2.org.uk or text connect2 to 80010 and Sustrans will keep you informed of how and when to vote.

Further details on: Carlton-le-Moorland and Bassingham Link


These two Lincolnshire villages are typical of so many settlements in our trafficked countryside. They are scarcely 1 mile apart and separated by a small main road. The volume of traffic and speed of vehicles between the two does however mean that walking and cycling is neither pleasurable nor safe, forcing local residents into their cars.

All this is to be changed by making a wonderful field-edge promenade that will serve as a route for everyday journeys and a leisure resource throughout the year.


Sustrans' Connect2 needs you. This UK-wide project aims to improve local travel for everyday journeys in 79 communities and is competing for a grant of 50 million pounds in the Big Lottery Fund's Living Landmarks: The People's Millions competition. The winner will be decided by a TV vote in December 2007. Visit www.sustransconnect2.org.uk and leave us your details so we can update you about our progress. Text CONNECT2 to 80010 to be told how and when to vote.


Sustrans, National Cycle Network Centre, 2 Cathedral Square, Bristol, BS1 5DD, UK. Registered Charity No: 326550 To find out more visit www.sustrans.org.uk


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The Hub - Bassingham Community and Sports Centre


The Hub Update: There has been a delay in making a decision on your stage one application to the Community Buildings programme. It was planned to advise all applicants by late August, but we have received three times as many applications as expected.


Because this programme has a single round of decisions and very high levels of competition, we recognise that it is essential the we maintain a robust, fair and transparent assessment process even though that means that we will take longer to finish all our work.


We have prioritised completing all initial assessments for the 1,600 applications received. I am pleased to tell you that your application is one of the 545 that have been successful in progressing through the initial assessment stage. We are now working hard to fully assess these applications, so that we can make recommendations to our England Committee about those that most fully meet our criteria.

We now expect to make decisions in December 2007.

Liz Daw. Head of Programme Management


It is great to hear that we are still in the running and I am hopeful we will get some good news for Xmas. Thanks to Andrew, Colin, Doug, Pat, and Stuart for all their hard work in getting us this far, well done.

John Weir

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Need a Helping Hand Onto The Property Ladder


With house prices and interest rates on the up, new affordable housing opportunities are being developed in North Kesteven. If you are having difficulties getting on the property ladder, help is now at hand, with a number of new shared ownership properties being built around the District.

Shared ownership is a ‘middle ground’ between renting a property and full ownership. A ‘shared owner’ buys a share of the property, typically 25% to 50% initially, with the possibility of purchasing more at a later stage.

For Example • A 2/3 bedroom house that is on the North Kesteven open market for £130,000 • A 50% share would cost £65,000 • Rent is then paid to the Housing Association for the remaining 50%, which in this case would be £149 per month • An insurance administration charge would cost £18 month.

In many cases, there is an option to purchase more equity so that you eventually own 100% and the property outright. This will vary on different properties.

Upon selling the property you would retain the percentage of the sale price that you own

Shared ownership properties will be available in many parts of the District over the next couple of years.


If you would like to register your interest or wish to discuss the scheme in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch with North Kesteven District Council’s Housing Needs Team and we will discuss whether this is the right option for you!

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Its Your Community Initiative to Fund 60 Projects Per Month

O2 have committed £1 million to the “Its Your Community” initiative. Its Your Community, which is managed by the Conservation Foundation, provides grants of £100 to £1,000 to individuals and groups to improve their local environment. The type of projects supported in the past included environmental projects such as turning derelict land into an amenity park or wildlife area, tree planting, creating a wildlife pond, renovating neglected river and canal footpaths, providing water butts and recycling facilities in village halls, etc. The commitment by O2 means that the initiative will now be able to support up to 60 projects per month. Applications can be made at any time and are judged on the 20th of every month.

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Need Help To Attract More Facilities Activities or Funding to Your Community?


Suzanne Saunter, RACoL Community Development Officer, will be in the Community Access Point, Witham Office, Bassingham, between 10am and 11am on Thursday 18th October. Suzanne would like to invite community and voluntary groups to come and chat to her about what they are doing and is particularly keen to hear from groups and individuals who are looking for support with community projects.

What exactly can a Community Development Officer help you with?

 Address community issues such as lack of facilities, anti social behaviour and the need for more community activities  Applying for funding and income generation

 Helping to establish new community groups or develop existing groups

 Network groups and share useful contacts, training sources and other information

 Helping groups write constitutions and policies

 Help with event management and project management

 Advising on strategic and business planning

 Consultation methods and techniques

 Legal structures and management of committees


This is not an exhaustive list, so whatever the issue do pop along for a cup of tea and have a chat! Or contact Suzanne Saunter. RACoL Community Development Officer.

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November 2007


A warm welcome to another issue of the Witham Staple your community magazine. The weather is slowly turning and those autumnal colours mentioned last month are changing day by day. Into November and forward, Guy Falks, (be careful), Remembrance Sunday and St Andrew’s Day for all you Scot’s.
Thursday 1st November? Prepare yourself, 7 full weeks, 8 Saturdays, 55 shopping days to Christmas. Have you written your list because someone is going to be checking it twice and will find out who’s been naughty and nice. OK have you put the fruit to soak for the cake, steamed the pudding, ordered the turkey, bought an Advent calendar and put the sprouts on low to simmer!! 
If after all that you’re still conscious there’s plenty more to read about, with lots of events going on round and about from all the usual, to this time of years many traditional, including bonfire nights, services, Christmas fayres, coffee mornings and more. What can you do and where can you go, sit down (Oh you are after the Christmas shock) have a read through and we’re sure there’s something for you?

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Front Cover of Magazine:


This month’s front cover is of a Train by Oliver Robertson. Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition for 7 years and under

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team



Bassingham Village Hall Car Park – We have received several calls from local residents regarding a lot of littering after cars have been in there for the evening.  If anyone is caught littering they will receive a fine of £50.  If the vehicle is causing a nuisance, this can include the playing of loud music, the person driving the vehicle can receive a warning under S59 of the Crime and Disorder Act.  On the second occasion the vehicle will be seized and they will have to pay to get it back.  Several people have already been spoken to.

Internet Fraud – Please do not reply to any emails from banks asking for personal details, as they may be spam emails.


Carlton le Moorland Youth Club – I would like to thank Mr Brogan and his volunteers for coming forward and offering to support a youth club in Carlton le Moorland.  We will now be looking at different ways of funding to make this a success.


Dogs not under control – There has been an increase of reports again about dogs not being in proper control around the villages, i.e. dogs not on leads and dog fouling.  Please see below reference education of young people in relation to the responsibilities of the care of a dog.  Please lead by example.


Police Community projects


Dog Welfare – On Sunday 14th October youths from our villages attended Collingham Dog Rescue to learn about dog welfare.  The day involved animal husbandry and dog owner responsibilities.  More details will be in the next issue.

Bassingham Neighbourhood Watch – I would like to thank all the people who attended this meeting and the 24 people who have volunteered to be co-ordinators.  If you would like to be involved in Neighbourhood Watch in any village please contact us by email or telephone.


Beat Street Football – The league is on a break at present due to Fairplay football being played every Friday evening.  Our 2 teams from Bassingham and Witham St Hughs are doing really well in the Fairplay League and we continue to support them with PCSO Boyle as a mentor.  If you are interested in joining the league.  Please make contact.


Seasonal Projects – Halloween and Bonfire Night
We have been attending local schools and youth groups in relation to safe trick or treating and the consequences of vandalism and criminal damage that may occur over this period.  Local shops will be asked to support ourselves by not selling eggs etc to youths under the age of 18.  Please stay safe over this period.  Our patrols will be more visible during this time.

@ @ @

Carlton Le Moorland - Bassingham Pathway Link

It is with considerable regret that the Steering Committee has to report that our project is in serious jeopardy.


You will recall that the Pathway project received substantial support from the people of our villages, from our parish, district and county councillors, as well as letters of support from the whole range of local organisations; we were successful in securing grant funding for a thoroughgoing professional feasibility study, which addressed the technical and financial considerations for the route and design of the proposed Pathway; Lincolnshire County Council Highways Department approved the proposals and agreed to oversee the construction and then adopt the Pathway. Local support was evidenced by our local fundraising and donations which to date amounts to some £1800.


The strength of our case meant that Carlton le Moorland and Bassingham Pathway was selected by Sustrans to be included on their final 79 projects list (from 450 submitted projects) for the SustransConnect2 Big Lottery Bid.  This Bid will be decided by television vote in December.  The Connect2 Bid is for £50 million and our share would be £200,000, nearly half the funding we need. 


Regrettably, negotiations to acquire the necessary land have so far been unsuccessful.
Stan Underwood Chairman

Wednesday 28th November at 7.30pm
in Carlton le Moorland Village Hall

Please continue your support for SustransConnect2 and help win the £50 million in the Big Lottery Fund’s People’s Millions, with the winner decided by public television vote in December.


@ @ @

Norton Disney - Vacancy For Parish Clerk

As a consequence of the resignation of our Clerk after 31 years of service, the Council is seeking a reliable and public spirited person to replace her. The vacancy will become available as from the 2nd January 2008. Some training will be given and support will be available from the present post holder and Council members. Remuneration and expenses will be paid in accordance with the Agreement of the National Joint Council for Local Government Services and is based upon a notional commitment of 60 hours per year. For a job description and/or an informal discussion regarding the position you are asked to contact Mrs Jenny Wright, Twin Tree Farm, Main Street, Norton Disney. Tel: 788211


Applications in relation to this position should be made in writing by Friday 14th December 2007 and addressed to Mr Terry Johnson, Parish Chair. Sagres, Swinderby Road, Norton Disney, Lincoln. LN6 9QH.


@ @ @

1st Bassingham Beaver Scouts - Wanted! Warranted Assistant Leader

The Beaver Scout group is looking for a new Warranted Assistant Leader to help run the Colony. The Colony needs two Warranted Leaders to be able to run. With the stepping down of one of the current Leaders this position needs to be filled in order for the Beavers to continue. The applicant would be required to plan, prepare and run each meeting jointly along with the other leader. The group meet on Wednesday evenings 6pm to 7.15pm in Bassingham Village Hall during the school term time.

@ @ @

Bassingham Charity Trustees - Bonus for those of 85+years

If you have been a resident for at least 3 years and achieve the age of 85 years by 31st December 2007 you are eligible for a £15 Christmas bonus. Please write your name, address and date of birth on a piece of paper and place it in the box in the Post Office.  


@ @ @

Creative Writing Award for Harry Swales age 10


I saw a fairy with wings alight

I saw a comet sent down with might

I saw a dove that wasn’t cooing

I saw a cow that wasn’t mooing

I saw a quail swallow a tail

I saw a nail throw up some ale

I saw a nun with an extra bun

I saw a bun with extra fun

I saw the sun in the middle of the night

I saw a girl that saw this with sight.


Harry Swales age 10. Brant Broughton CE & Methodist Primary School. Harry received a “TALENT FOR WRITING” certificate of merit to certify that he has written a creative piece of distinction that was selected for publication in a Young Writers anthology.


* * Well done Harry * *

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Bassingham Playpark Project Update

We would like to say a ‘’Big Thank You’’ to all the volunteers that helped with the ‘’Parklife Weekend’’ back on 22nd September. This was carefully timed to smarten up the play park in preparation for the arrival of the new play equipment by Wicksteed. The day was very productive and although hard work, resulted in a significant improvement to the appearance of the playpark. The existing monkey bars, swings and log trail were repaired, the climbing frame repainted, the toddlers park area weeded/‘’re-barked’’ and the wooden fencing and equipment stained. It was good to see lots of volunteers working together, a real team effort! Also, thank you to everyone who helped at and supported the Car Boot sales in August and September. Although the turn out was slightly disappointing, every penny counts and we are now able to purchase additional seating for the playpark.


Hopefully, by the time this in printed, works on site should be underway. During this time, security fencing will be erected around the works and areas of the playpark closed off. The fencing will be in place primarily for safety reasons so please treat the works with respect and DO NOT ENTER the construction area. Our understanding is that the fencing will be wired up to the mains after 6 o’clock at night. Thank you, on behalf of the Playpark Volunteers Group.

Steve Gilman 

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Bassingham Junior Football Club

Bassingham JFC is a voluntary run club, teaching football to children from 4 to 11 years of age. Currently there are around 60 players with three teams playing in the New Newark Youth League at different age levels. The club is looking for new sponsorship. You may be a parent with an interest in the club, a local company or a resident whose company is interested in sponsoring a local club. What ever your business, please consider sponsoring the club and help it continue and thrive into the future, teaching youngsters skills, ambitions, working together as a team and sportsmanship.


For information, please contact Colin Coulson.

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December 2007


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The Witham Staple Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who give their time each month to help produce, print, collate and deliver The Witham Staple to more than 1500 homes within the eight villages. We hope that it also proves to be a special time for everybody and we wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers


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Front Cover of Magazine:



This month’s front cover is a Christmas welcome. By Jan Morgans

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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View

Hello Again From Your Local Beat Team


Community Panel Meeting Firstly, the Community Panel Meeting was held on Tuesday 6th November at The Ark, Witham St Hughs, to discuss local policing priorities in our area. The panel decided on three specific priorities for the next 3 months, which are as follows:

PRIORITY 1 Speeding, Harmston Road, Aubourn & High Street Brant Broughton (this priority is to remain the same as last time until Community Speed Watch is up and running)

PRIORITY 2 Continue to re-energise and set up Neighbourhood Watch

PRIORITY 3 Create a leaflet to be distributed to all villages featuring top tips and crime prevention advice.

The next Community Panel Meeting will be held in February. Anybody who wishes to know more about or even join the Community Panel please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Vehicle Crime – Witham St Hughs. The beat team has recently received reports of vehicles being damaged, especially around the area of Squirrel Chase. Anybody who has experienced such problems please do get in touch with one of us.

Merry Christmas! Please continue to be vigil over the Christmas period, we still require anybody to report anything they feel is suspicious. We also tend to see a rise in the number of incidents created for the illegal use of mini motos around this period. The beat team really doesn’t want to be spoiling anybody’s Christmas by seizing a mini moto that has been driven illegally. If you are unsure regarding the law please get in contact with us and ask. The Community Beat team would like to wish all our villages a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Neighbourhood Watch. As stated above Neighbourhood Watch has been a Community Panel priority for the last 3 months. 3 villages have now been re-energised Stapleford, Brant Broughton and Bassingham. Continues on page 25 My next two villages to re-energise are Carlton Le Moorland and Witham St Hughs, so I am actively seeking volunteers from these areas. Please contact a member of the beat team if you are in the slightest interested. As a co-ordinator nowadays, the amount of time you have to put in is limited.

Collingham Dog Rescue. On Sunday the 14th October several youths from Witham St Hughs and Brant Broughton attended Collingham Dog Rescue. This day was arranged to help educate the children about the responsibilities involved in dog ownership and animal husbandry. They learned the importance of walking a dog on a lead and cleaning up their mess. I believe all the children involved had a great day on this day out and are now fully aware about the realities of looking after a dog as a pet. .

If you feel that you can assist the Collingham Dog rescue in anyway please contact Val Hosegood on 07808 003152. Ie. Transport/dog walking/foster/permanent homes/hold a fundraising events (packages available), unwanted presents for raffles/bric-brac

Speed Watch. The beat team is in the process of setting up and piloting Community Speed Watch. This is a new initiative involving the beat team and members of the public spending one hour a week in Bassingham, Brant Broughton and Aubourn with a speed gun. We are still looking for volunteers for these three villages to help us with this project. All that is required is one hour of your time a week, at a time that suits yourself and us! For more information call one of your beat team – help will be appreciated.

Seasonal Projects – Halloween and Bonfire Night. During the run up to Halloween and Bonfire Night the Beat team ran practical workshops at all our schools highlighted safe trick or treating and vandalism and criminal damage issues. One example of this was teaching the kids how difficult it is to wash off eggs thrown at windows. Our thanks go to Scott Weatherbed, site manager of Bryant Homes at Witham St Hughs for providing us with a double glazed window to use for this exercise. We can report that we had no reported incidents of this type over the period. So hopefully this has done the TRICK!

Please see photos below from the school visit.

Best Team practical workshop with school children - removing eggs from windows!

October 2007

The beat team would also like to thank the local businesses for assisting us during this period by not selling eggs and flour to children.

Top Tips for Keeping Yourself and Your Property Safe

Staying safe at home
Make sure your house or flat is secure. Always secure outside doors. Fit barrel locks top and bottom. If you have to use a key, keep it in a safe place away from the door where you can find it quickly in an emergency – you may need to use the door in the event of fire.

If other people such as previous tenants could still have keys that fit, change the locks. Don’t give keys to workmen or tradesmen, as they can easily make copies.

If you wake to hear the sound of an intruder, only you can decide how best to handle the situation. You may want to lie quietly to avoid attracting attention to yourself, in the hope that they will leave. Or you may feel more confident if you switch on the lights and make a lot of noise by moving about. Even if you’re on your own, call out loudly to an imaginary companion – most burglars will flee empty-handed rather than risking a confrontation. Ring the police as soon as it’s safe for you to do so. A telephone extension in your bedroom will make you feel more secure as it allows you to call the police immediately, without alerting the intruder.

Draw your curtains after dark and if you think there is a prowler outside – dial 999

Use only your surname and initials in the telephone directory and on the doorplate. That way a stranger won’t know if a man or a woman lives there.

If you see signs of a break-in at your home, like a smashed window or open door, don’t go in. Go to a neighbour and call the police.

When you answer the phone, simply say ‘hello’; don’t give your number. If the caller claims to have a wrong number, ask him or her to repeat the number required. Never reveal any information about yourself to a stranger and never say you are alone in the house.

Staying safe when you’re out and about

If you often walk home in the dark, get a personal attack alarm from a DIY store or ask your local crime prevention officer where you can buy one. Carry it in your hand so you can use it immediately to scare off an attacker. Make sure it is designed to continue sounding if it’s dropped or falls to the ground.

Carry your bag close to you with the clasp facing inwards. Carry your house keys in your pocket. If someone grabs your bag, let it go. If you hang on, you could get hurt. Remember your safety is more important than your property.

If you think someone is following you, check by crossing the street – more than once if necessary – to see if he follows. If you are still worried, get to the nearest place where there are other people – a pub or anywhere with a lot of lights on – and call the police. Avoid using an enclosed phonebox in the street, as the attacker could trap you inside.

If you regularly go jogging or cycling, try to vary your route and time. Stick to well-lit roads with pavements. On commons and parklands, keep to main paths and open spaces where you can see and be seen by other people – avoid wooded areas. If you wear a personal stereo, remember you can’t hear traffic, or somebody approaching behind you.

Don’t take short-cuts through dark alleys, parks or across waste ground. Walk facing the traffic so a car cannot pull up behind you unnoticed.

If a car stops and you are threatened, scream and shout, and set off your personal attack alarm if you have one. Get away as quickly as you can. This will gain you vital seconds and make it more difficult for the car driver to follow. If you can, make a mental note of the number and description of the car. Write down details as soon as possible afterwards.

Self-defence and safety awareness classes may help you feel more secure. Ask your local police or your work if they have classes.

When driving

Before a long trip, make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

Plan how to get to your destination before leaving, and stay on main roads if you can.

Make sure you have enough money and petrol. Carry a spare petrol can.

Keep change and a phone card in case you need to make a telephone call. Carry a torch.

Before you leave, tell anyone you are planning to meet what time you think you will get there, and the route you are taking.

Keep doors locked when driving and keep any bag, carphone or valuables out of sight. If you have the window open, only wind it down a little. Don’t wind it down far enough to allow someone to reach in while you are stopped in traffic.

After dark, park in a well-lit, busy place. Look around before you get out. If you’re parking in daylight, but coming back for your car at night, think about how things will look in the dark.

Have your key ready when you go back to your car.

If your car develops problems, find a telephone. On motorways follow the marker arrows to the closest phone. They are never placed any more than a mile apart, on opposite sides of the motorway. Never cross the carriageway to use a phone.

While on the hard shoulder or telephoning, keep a sharp look-out and don’t accept lifts from strangers – wait for the police or breakdown service. Don’t wait in the car – there is a high risk of an accident. Wait on the embankment nearby with the front passenger door open. If someone approaches you or you feel threatened, lock yourself in the car and speak to them through a small gap in the window.

Please check your headlights – you can do this by shining them on wall or get someone to assist you – the community panel stated that they have seen a lot of one eyed car’s at the moment!!

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1st Bassingham Cub Scouts Christmas Postal Service 

Cub Scouts. I would like to thank all those who supported the Cub Christmas Postal Service last year. We made over £128 which was a welcome boost to our funds. We will be delivering cards with the help of our Beaver Scouts again this year for a small donation to our funds. We deliver around the local villages.


Post boxes will be found in Bassingham at:-
Green’s Stores,

Spar Shop,

St Michael’s Church,

the Post Office and Carlton le Moorland Post Office too.


Post boxes will be in place from Saturday 1st December and the last Post will be on Tuesday 18th December. All cards will be delivered by Saturday 22nd December. Deliveries for local villages only. Please make sure that the cards are fully addressed, as last year we had cards with Christian names on only!

Alison Kelly (Akela)


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Bassingham Charity Trustees - Christmas bonus if You are 85!

If you have been a resident for at least 3 years and achieve the age of 85 years by 31st December 2007 you are eligible for a £15 Christmas bonus.


Please write your name, address and date of birth on a piece of paper and place it in the box in the Post Office.


Persons who have received the bonus in the past need not re-apply

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Bassingham Christmas Lunch

The team of volunteers who cooked Christmas lunch in the Village Hall last year are unable to do so this year. Unfortunately the event has had to be cancelled, unless of course anyone is willing to cook a turkey and book the Village Hall?

The Care Home has offered to provide dinner and tea to anyone who is unable to cook their own meal provided that they can get to the Home. Please notify the Home in advance so they know how many to expect, they would be grateful for a donation towards the cost.

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Christmas Postal Scam

Trading standards and the Royal Mail have informed the Police of a scam that is currently operating.

A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting they were unable to deliver a parcel to you and that you need to call them to rearrange delivery.

The number is 09066611911 DO NOT call this number it is a scam originating in Belize!

If you do call this number you will already have been billed £15 for the phone call. If you receive a card with these details please contact Royal Mail Fraud on 02072396655 or the Premium Rate Regulator at www.ICSTIS.ORG.UK

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Youth Club in Carlton le Moorland in 2008?

Attention All 11 To 18 Year Olds!!

An enthusiastic group of volunteers are in the process of starting a Youth Club in Carlton le Moorland in the New Year. We aim to hold it each Friday evening between 7pm and 9pm for 11 to 18 year olds in the Village Hall. Our aim is to make this an interactive club and we hope that members will become actively involved in running their club. We will encourage their full participation in decision making.


We would like to hear from interested 11 to 18 year olds with any suggestions for activities and also from any adults who would like to volunteer to help supervise occasionally.

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Carlton Le Moorland and Bassingham Pathway Group
Big Lottery TV vote – Vote Now!


Carlton le Moorland and Bassingham Pathway Group reminds you about the forthcoming television vote for the £50 million prize in the Big Lottery, Living Landmarks Competition. The Pathway Group urges you to support the SustransConnect2 bid, and to ask friends and relatives to vote for us.


If SustransConnect2 is successful in this vote, they will receive £50 million to spend on the 79 projects which made their final selection.  That list includes two local projects (the only ones in Lincolnshire): the Carlton le Moorland and Bassingham Pathway and the Leasingham - Sleaford Pathway.  Our shares would be £200,000 and £225,000 respectively!


Lorraine Kelly will present the TV programme featuring the Sustrans Connect2 bid, which we are currently told will be at 11pm on Tuesday 4th December. There will also be a round-up programme on Friday 7th December, provisionally at 11pm.


For more information, including short films, visit www.sustransconnect2.org.uk or www.thepeoples50million.org.uk (includes short film featuring Lorraine Kelly)


Voting: Phone votes will cost 10p using BT landline or normal mobile network rate.  Only one vote per phone number and one vote per email address will be accepted.
The result will be announced on ITV1 on Wednesday 12th December.

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Bassingham Youth Group

This group meets on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm in the Methodist Chapel. All are welcome to attend ages 11 upwards.

Diary Dates

Nov 13th Chocolate Fountain & Disco/Karaoke
20th Hobby night
27th Video night

Dec 4th Visit to Play Zone in Lincoln
11th Auditions for “Bassingham’s Got Talent”
18th Auditions for “Bassingham’s Got Talent”

A big thank you to all who are supporting the leaders and young people, your help is much appreciated. For Further information contact Captain Rob Lowe on 07947438556.


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Witham St Hughs Deliveries

The Witham Staple plays an important roll in the community and for it to get to you it requires someone to deliver it. There is currently a small team committed to completing the stapling and distribution of the magazine in Witham St Hughs. We are desperate to find some extra help to assist with the stapling and then with the deliveries in Witham St Hughes. The more volunteers there are the fewer magazine you will need to deliver. Any extra help is good, you could maybe just do your road or cul-de-sac or even stretch your leg and go a bit further.


Anyone interested in helping could please contact any member of the Witham Staple committee.


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Post Office Closures Petition

I am writing to let you know that, with support from the County and District Councils, I had placed on the Downing Street website two weeks ago the petition requesting the Government to review the Post Office proposals for branch closures in Lincolnshire.


I know that many will feel badly affected by the proposed closures, but in any case the petition is worded so as to attract as wide support as possible from across the whole of Lincolnshire. I hope therefore that you will approve of this initiative. If you do so, then I would like to encourage residents to sign up to the petition. 


If we are to demonstrate the anger felt at the potential impact of these proposals on Lincolnshire communities and small businesses, then it is important that even those in communities not directly affected by the specific closures being proposed should still lend their weight to this campaign.


The petition is open for signature until 22nd December 2007.

David Robertson.


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Aubourn & Haddington Children’s Playground Association
We are pleased to announce the recent installation of toddler swings, double playhouse, bridge and slide on the Aubourn & Haddington Playground. We would like to thank the National Lottery who provided a grant to pay for the equipment and its installation.  We would also like to thank Branstons Ltd and the Village Hall for their donations, and those who regularly support us by attending or volunteering their time at our fundraising events. This fundraising is fundamental in paying for the maintenance, insurance and safety checks required for your children’s local playground. We are pleased to see so many of our local children using the playground on a regular basis and would like to thank them for the care and respect they give to the playground equipment. We look forward to your continued support at future fundraising events.

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St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice
We would like to invite all existing and new Fundraising Volunteers to an informal gathering on
Tuesday 15th January at 6.30pm
As valued volunteers, we would like to update you on existing hospice developments, introduce the Volunteers Manager, give you the opportunity to find out more. If you are interested in becoming a fundraising volunteer and would like to help occasionally or on a regular basis, we would love to meet you.

We look forward to seeing you at St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, Community & Education Services, Hawthorn Road, Lincoln.
RSVP by Friday 11th January to 540300
Refreshments provided
www.stbarnabashospice.co.uk                     Registered Charity No. 1053814

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