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Welcome to all those readers who have moved into our area in recent months. You are likely to find a warm reception in these Upper Witham villages: a friendly, no-fuss readiness to see you become part of the community and an expectation that you’ll want to join in whatever takes your fancy, without waiting to be invited. And you can count on The Witham Staple to keep you informed on most matters of local interest.

Topical issues are aired and forthcoming events detailed each month in The Witham Staple printed magazine: 

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A list of contacts for local interest  and community groups is updated in September each year:

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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

The local interest groups are many and varied.  They include reading groups, lunch groups, choirs, Women's Institute groups, Bridge, Yoga, U3A, Knitting, etc. etc.  Contact details and information about forthcoming events are listed in the links provided above.

Some examples are listed below:


Bassingham Bridge Club

Bassingham Choir

Bassingham & District Women’s Institute

Witham St Hughs Women's Institute


Bassingham Bridge Club

All up to date details are provided at:


[WS Mar 2013]

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Bassingham Choir












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Bassingham & District Women’s Institute



Scarecrow displayed by Women's Institute at June 2008 Open Gardens & Scarecrow event.


We meet at Bassingham Village Hall on the first Thursday evening in the month.


The New President 

'You'll enjoy the role and I'm sure you'll do well', 

    Said Jane, with a glint in her eye. 

'A challenge,' I thought, 'to influence and progress. 

    I'll only succeed if I try.' 


'Mongst Hilda, Helen and Madeline V, 

    Val, Jane, Ann, Sandra and Jo. 

I'm the village newcomer, a 'townie' at that 

    And most of them have had a go! 


My jam-making is hopeless, with flowers I'm naff, 

    My sponges are flat as a cap. 

I can't take my clothes off - there's too many wrinkles! 

    My knitting and sewing you'd scrap. 


Can't abide resolutions, quiz or beetle drives too, 

    With speakers I'm nervous and shy. 

I'm useless with raffles or brewing up tea, 

    But this job means I really must try. 


The members are fun, sympathetic and patient, 

    Innovative, artistic and happy. 

We work as a team, it's often a scream, 

    Real good fun, lots of laughs and cam'raderie. 


'You really are daft, the commitment's too much,' 

    Roared John, but he knew I would try 

To encourage, promote, integrate and work hard 

    Now I'm President of WI! 

[WS Mar 2005]


Ladies! Please come and join in the fun.

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A Wedding Memories Exhibition - see photographs and details of exhibits 

14th & 15th May 2005 

This proved to be a popular and very interesting event, with a wonderful array of wedding outfits - not just the bride's dress but parents and bridesmaids too - representing every decade from the 1910s to the 2000s. There was also a wide range of memorabilia and delicious refreshments. Nikki Frost of Carlton-le-Moorland won the champagne and crystal wine glasses, and the weekend raised over £480. The Exhibition was put on by the Bassingham & District WI to celebrate both their 70th 'birthday' and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the WI movement: it was a good illustration of the way in which members work and play together and are involved in and with the community to the enjoyment of all. [WS June 2005]

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Witham St Hughs Women's Institute



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