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Public Rights of Way

Free Health Walks in North Kesteven


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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

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Most farmers in the region maintain footpaths throughout the year....













Sadly some do not....









Free Health Walks in North Kesteven

Walking Festival Returns For 2016

The events team at 1Life are pleased to announce that the NK Walking Festival will return for 2016 in July showcasing the walking opportunities across the district as well as the breathtaking scenery and fascinating places to visit thatís right on your doorstep. Starting on Saturday 9th July, the festival is planned to be a 9 day event packed full of walks for all ages and abilities.

The 2016 programme is currently being put together and the events team are inviting anyone who is interested in leading a walk or suggesting any ideas for the festival to get in touch. The programme will be available at a later date. To get in touch with the team or to register your interest in this yearís festival please contact Donna Sutton at donna.sutton@1life.co.uk  or call 694353. Keep up to date with whatís happening by following us on Twitter @NKWalking or finding us on Facebook /NK Walking Festival.

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North Kesteven Social Strollers is a free health walk scheme and is available to all. A health walk is a purposeful, brisk walk undertaken on a regular basis which is designed for the purpose to improve an individualís health.

There are walks available 7 days a week in a range of locations, pick an NK Social Strollers leaflet or visit www.nkoutreach.co.uk for information. Walks range in distance and ability. These are gentle 30 to 45 minute gentle paced walk, stroll a 1 hour brisk walk and striders a 1Ĺ hour brisk walk. All our walks are lead by one of our friendly, experienced and qualified volunteer health walk leaders. Please call us prior to any walk as time and meeting points may vary.

Does a walk need setting up in your area?

We are always interested in setting up new walks and getting more people involved. If you think where you live should have a walk, please call or email us and we can look in to arranging something.

If you would like further information, please contact Carly Togher on 870252 or email nkhealthandsports@litc.org.uk. You can also find regular updates on facebook, twitter @nkhealthwalks or on the NK Outreach website www.nkoutreach.co.uk

The NK Social Strollers is a part of the NK Outreach Team and now have 15 regular health walks in North Kesteven, with regular walkers and volunteers.

[WS Dec 2013]

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Walking For Pleasure

We occasionally do a walk in a different area and have discovered some really nice spots not far from home. Recently weíve noticed some gaps in hedges and tracks have been blocked by bales, wire, etc. we can only presume this is a result of people trespassing on land. If this is the case, itís up to everyone to stick to proper paths or the pleasure of walking is spoilt for many by a few. We do not live in a right to roam area. Farming is a business and no-one would think of trespassing on other business premises. If we live in the country, we should all try to live in harmony with the countryside, wildlife and the farming community. B. M. Smith

[It is also disappointing to see so many footpaths ploughed up by farmers particularly between Aubourn and Bassingham!  Farmers also have a role to play here!]

[WS May 2010]



Walking here, walking there

Walking simply everywhere

Walking instead of having a ride

Walking in the countryside

Walking on a sponsored walk

Walking so that you can talk Walking safely specially at night

Walking when itís early light

Walking up the stairs each day

Walking whilst you choose the way

Walking the way to health is great

Walking speeds up your heart rate

Walking here, walking there

Walking simply everywhere

[WS May 2003]

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Public Rights Of Way 

It is within our own interest to keep the countryside open and I believe the area to have an extensive labyrinth of paths leading to all parts for us to enjoy a good walk. It is in the individual landowner's interest to keep these areas cleared for our use to a standard governed by the local authorities. From what can be seen with the growing number of new wooden bridges over dykes and stiles with clearly marked signs showing the way I think we can be pleased with the upkeep of our pathways. However, if you feel there is an obstruction, complaints and enquiries concerning footpaths designated as public rights of way are dealt with at County Council level. Your comments can be addressed in the first instance either to the local parish clerk who will take the matter up with the Authority or by contacting the local County Councillor whose contact details appear in the Witham Staple. 

[WS Nov 2005]

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