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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).


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November 2017


“A Winter Walk” by Paul Hubbard

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2. Extracts from Magazine


The Witham Staple Needs Your Help.

Each month a team of volunteers produces The Witham Staple, organises printing, distribution and delivery to 2500 homes in the Witham villages. Each year the number of copies increases and we need more help to ensure we maintain our high standards.

Could you help in any of the following ways?

·         sharing or taking on delivery to about 30 homes each month

·         being a reserve deliverer

·         helping with distribution to deliverers a few times a year, or each month

·         working alongside the print manager, liaising with the printer

·         assisting the editor (particularly if you have IT skills)

·         assisting the web manager, to keep the website updated

·         working alongside the business manager, dealing with advertising

·         assisting the treasurer


As Witham St Hugh's continues to grow, help with distribution or delivery would be most welcome. Please contact Elaine on 869062.

We know the community relies on and appreciates the magazine, which has been going for over 50 years on one form or another. With your help, it will continue well into the future. Please give serious consideration to volunteering. Every little helps

If you would like to volunteer, or would like more information, please contact:

Andy Sceeny (Chairman) 788303 or Stan Underwood (Vice-Chairman) 788461


Animal By-Products Processing Facility Being Planned For Norton Disney

Lincoln Proteins Ltd (A Hughes and Son), Jerusalem Farm, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln are currently in the very earliest stages of preparing a planning application to redevelop the site at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney for a state-of-the-art animal by-products processing facility. They are holding a public exhibition on Wednesday 1st November between 10.30am and 7.30pm in Norton Disney Village Hall Members of the company’s development team will be on hand to discuss the plans in more detail and answer any question you might have. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals at the event. Residents are encouraged to attend the event to find out what an animal by-products processing facility is and does and what effect it could have on the local environment. There are already plans to raise the profile of this impending planning application with the local MP and any other bodies of influence to attempt to prevent the development going ahead in what is otherwise a rural idyll. Any support from the local community would be very gratefully received.


Important Notice Issued to Local Households by Concerned Residents in the Norton Disney Community in October in Response

Dear Homeowner,

Last week, a few properties received a letter from a firm called Lincoln Proteins Limited advising that they intend to submit a planning application for a new animal by products processing plant at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney.

This would be a factory that receives lorries loaded with dead animals and waste products (many tonnes per day) and turns these into products like pet food or fertilisers. They have confirmed that this will include Category 1 waste, which is carcasses infected with dangerous communicable diseases such as TSE, BSE (mad cow disease) and so on.

They already have such a facility at Skellingthorpe. The smell that this produces all over that village is revolting — this is what is coming to Norton Disney unless we put a stop to it !

They have not yet put in a planning application but intend to do so very soon but the sooner they receive overwhelming opposition, the better. They have rented the Village Hall in Norton Disney for a "public exhibition" between 10:30am and 7:30pm on Wednesday 1st November 2017. They did not initially advise the Parish Council why they wanted to hire the hall.

Clearly the intention is to demonstrate to the Planning Committee that they were pro-active in consulting with the residents but at the same time, doing everything possible to keep it low-key so they can imply that we are all happy. We are not!

Please attend the "exhibition" and make your feelings firmly known. Your health and well-being may depend on it. An action group is being formed and will be formalised immediately after the "exhibition".

If you can get involved in any way, please send your address and details to



The Witham Valley Park Preservation Group
The Witham Valley Park Preservation Group (WVPPG) is the new name for the residents and business owners who have come together to express concern around the proposed Animal Rendering Plant at Villa Farm, Norton Disney. You can join or find further information, including details on how to send feedback to the County Council’s Planning Department, at:
Website: www.withamvalleyppg.net
Twitter: @WithamValleyPPG
Email: withamvalleyparkpreservationgr@gmail.com
The group will be posting a monthly update intended to communicate facts and information that may be useful to its readership. A manager from Lincoln Proteins and a consultant from JH Walters attended the Norton Disney Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 15th November. Over 50 residents from the surrounding area attended. Many questions were asked during the 90 minute Q&A during which representatives from Lincoln Proteins and JH Walters acknowledged that:
 There will be an odour impact and a visual impact if this new plant goes ahead and that they are considered to be a ’bad neighbour’
 The proposed factory will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 Lorries will be making deliveries through the night
 Up to 75 HGVs may enter and exit the plant each day, plus 40 additional vehicles
 Transport Assessments are still underway regarding the proposed A46 exit at Folly Lane but the current viewpoint is “few improvements will be required, if any.”
 Lorries will be permitted to cross the A46 dual carriageway
 This will be a CAT 1 plant which will process Specific Risk Material including spinal cords.
 The Skellingthorpe plant has received consistent complaints regarding odour
 The technology planned for the Villa Farm Plant is not currently used elsewhere in the UK (there is a plant is Serbia) and thus not tried and tested.
 The plant’s odour control technologies will not be in place for the lorries bringing in the dead animals
 According to the Lincoln Proteins manager, these lorries will smell - an ‘insurmountable problem’ as the vehicles are ‘the weakest link’.
 When pressed for exact chimney emissions, the company responded that it depends what is put through the system but may include sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ammonia
 The company believes the two Thermal Oxidizer machines in the factory will have 99% odour control effectively.
 When questioned re actual volume of gas the escaping 1% of odour equated to, Lincoln Proteins were not able to provide a figure
 The Flue height of the extraction chimney, visible to surrounding residents, has been increased since original plans were shared; this chimney will now be 25m tall
 Other site buildings will be up to 13m in height, 30m in width and 100m in length.
 A reduction in house price is not a valid reason for objecting to the Council against the proposal however it was acknowledged that it is likely to have an impact on house prices.
 Meeting attendees requested that a legally-binding financial agreement be put in place by Lincoln Proteins that guaranteed financial compensation if the air quality changed. This proposal will be taken back to their MD
Not all of the Specialist Reports have been received by Lincoln Proteins to date (as at 15th Nov) however the Planning Application is expected to be submitted before 25th Dec. 2017


30th Lincoln 1st Bassingham Beaver Scouts - Night Ramble for BBC Children in Need.

The Bassingham Beavers continue to work hard at earning their challenge and activity badges. This term they have looked at and discussed what they could do as an activity whilst at the same time raise funds for a good cause. The majority decision was to support the BBC Children in Need by doing a sponsored walk. We took ideas from details in the Countryfile Ramble organisers pack and the beavers came up with the idea of doing a ramble at night around Bassingham. So they all got busy getting friends, family and neighbours to sponsor them. Then on a dry but chilly dark night on Wednesday 18th October we hit the footpaths, byways and jetties of Bassingham. Armed with maps and torches we zigzagged our way around the village and in the given time the Beavers managed to notch up just over one and half miles of brisk ish! walking.


The Beavers all did a great job getting sponsors and on the night they were all really well behaved, sensible, responsible and even managed to keep the noise down. Beavers comments when we got back were “I was really excited about going on the walk at night” “It was great fun” “When we switched all our torches off it was really dark” “I like being out at night” “Some parts were dark and spooky” The group leaders are all really proud of the effort the Beavers have put into this activity and when all sponsor money is collected in we hope to have a nice total to donate to Children in Need. Thank you to all the Beavers for their hard work and to everyone involved in the activity or for sponsoring the Beavers.


Bassingham Primary School Children in Need

Our school won a spot on the BBC Children in Need Pudsey Roadshow. We had a fantastic time together thinking of ways to help raise funds. Grace from Class 6 was even on the radio! We have chosen to play a huge game of bingo in the morning and our school house teams will play football against each other in the afternoon. See Photos of the visit.


Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team and Panel

Your current priorities set by the Panel for this area are: Tackling antisocial behaviour in Skellingthorpe & Witham St Hughs. The next panel meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th February at 7pm The Memorial Hall, Newark Road, North Hykeham To report crimes and incidents Tel: 101 In an emergency dial 999.

Hykeham Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team PC Nick Stenner - PCSO Jo Mackie - PCSO Sarah Lingard Based at North Hykeham Police Station, Chatsworth Drive, North Hykeham

Email hykehamrural.npt@lincs.pnn.police.uk


Halloween Fungus Hunt Wildlife Watch/RSPB Explorers and the Royal Society of Biology

Halloween is a prime time for Autumn Fungi to be at their best. There are 102 fungi on our checklist for Twyford Woods and in the past, we have found as many as 92 species on this annual survey. This year was a disappointing year for both diversity and abundance of fungi. Despite good warm, damp conditions over the preceding weeks, we had the lowest number of species in 30 years of recording: just 26. Sadly, it appears to be a picture reflected across the county, for instance, in the low numbers reported elsewhere this year for insects and birds. (References. Guardian article, Toby Collett, Frampton Marsh).

Two species, however, were new records: the Earth Star, Geastrum triplex and the Tripe Fungus Auricularia mesenterica both very good finds indeed. Another good, but not new, find was of several colonies of the wonderful Gymnopilus junonius (the Laughing Cap). The fruiting bodies we see are, of course, a small part of the extensive mycelium which extends out of sight through the ground or wood. Expected but absent were whole groups, such as the beautiful, colourful waxcaps (Hygrocybe, spp.); the dripping Ink Caps (Coprinus, spp.) and the classic woodland mushrooms: Amanita, spp. (the Death Caps), the Russulaceae and the Tricholomataceae. Only one species of Mycena, M.pura (the Lilac Bonnet) was found, rather the usual half-a-dozen or more.

We had a good turnout of around twenty people, coming along to discover the exciting world of fungi amongst the Autumn colours of Twyford Woods. The Wood has a good range of different habitats, with both pine and deciduous woods, some wet grassland and some open areas where there used to be an RAF airfield during the war. The magic was enhanced by glimpses of Roe Deer and the fact this site was the home of a Dr Who series.

Thanks to local expert Jane Ostler for her wealth of knowledge shared with such interesting and entertaining stories. Thanks also to microbiologist Dave Feld FLS, CBiol, MRSB, MIScT for his expertise and support. Thanks also to the Forestry Commission for permissions granted. The event was organised as part of a series of family events aimed at getting children engaged in learning about our local wildlife. The West Kesteven Wildlife Watch and RSPB Explorers Group is a local group which forms the junior part of the Wildlife Trusts and RSPB. Anyone interested in the series of monthly family events, please contact Marianne Overton MBE on marianne.overton@biosearch.org.uk or Jean Martin on jcmartin0448@gmail.com 01636 626176.

Marianne Overton MBE

@ @ @

Sir William Robertson Academy Celebrated Pupil Achievement at Lower School Awards

Sir William Robertson Academy recently held its Lower School Awards Ceremony to celebrate the success achieved by individual pupils in last year’s Year 7 and Year 8. Pupils were recognised in each of their individual subject areas for both their progress and achievement throughout the last academic year.

The prizes were presented by special guest speaker, Mr Tom Fremantle, former Chairman of Woodard Corporation who gave an inspirational talk after the presentation of prizes. Pupils were also recognised for their outstanding Attendance and presented with certificates. Mrs Kerry Hamilton, Governor and Chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee welcomed pupils and their families to the special awards’ afternoon. Headteacher, Mr Mark Guest, gave a review of the year outlining the key activities and events the school had been involved with during the busy academic year. Ashlie Richardson, a current Year 8 student provided musical entertainment playing the piano. Head Boy for 2016/17, Joshua Kilcullen attended the event and prefects Hannah Grindley and Tom King helped give the vote of thanks and present Mr Fremantle with a gift. Sir

William Robertson Academy, judged as Ofsted ‘Good’ in all areas, offers comprehensive education for 11-18 year olds. The school is quite unique with its safe, rural location between the villages of Welbourn and Leadenham in Lincolnshire but easily accessible from Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford, Newark and surrounding villages. See full report, list of achievements and photos.

Sir William Robertson Academy is also busy rehearsing for its 2017 school production of Our House, the Madness musical.  More than 70 pupils from years 7 to 13 are cast in their version of the West End hit musical.

Our House by Tim Firth
Music and lyrics by Madness

Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th December at 7pm
At Sir William Robertson Academy
For tickets call 01400 272422. Tickets £5

See full report and pictures

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Bassingham Village & Playing Fields Charity

The AGM for the above charity was held on Monday 2nd October and it was agreed for the Chairman's report to be printed in this month’s Witham Staple to inform residents of the Charity's activities during the past year. I must start by saying I can’t believe that 12 months has passed since we last held our AGM. I would like to commence our AGM by saying thank you to Andrew Francis Vice Chairman, Sue Barnett Secretary, Roger Baker Treasurer and Pat Doody Auditor along with our Elected Members, Co-opted Members and Executive Members from our Organisations for their support throughout the year and hopefully for everyone’s continued support for the year ahead.

Many discussions were held at our Charity Meetings during the year covering a wide variety of topics enabling all to express their views and opinions ensuring all decisions made were for the good of the Village and I would like to remind everyone what the Charity has been involved in. (By us holding these meetings it has facilitated the Charity to ensure the Village prospers appropriately.)

Firstly it was brought to our attention that there were problems with the French Drain adjacent to the Multi Use Area, it needed protecting from damage by vehicles and we were informed that the Hammond Hall Sub-committee were looking into ways of how this area could be safeguarded. Early on in the year a suggestion was made for ideas to be brought forward to the Committee for projects that the Charity could be involved in whether they be short term or long term ventures. From this suggestion four projects were proposed –

1. The Village Clock housed in the Church Tower was needing extensive repair.

2. A Village Seat – which was later withdrawn.

3. A Sensory Walk.

4. Village Signs.

5. Safety Surfaces for the Playpark.

As you can imagine these ideas brought interest and enthusiasm from a variety of individuals who agreed to research each specific project and feed back to the Charity with their findings. Each project produced their own progress reports and it was agreed in principle that the Charity take on all four projects (the Village Seat had been withdrawn) and I would like to bring everyone up to date on each project’s progress and development.

The Village Clock – as I said previously this needed costly extensive repair and I am happy to report that the Charity has been able to be part of the fund raising along with the Church and the Parish Council enabling the repairs to go ahead.

Sensory Walk – this produced an informative talk including pictures and pencilled drawings and suggestions for the siting of such a walk – this is something that could be a long term project and is very much in early information gathering stages.

Village Signs – this idea brought much enthusiasm to the Committee Members and I personally would like to give my thanks on behalf of the Charity for all the hard work that has been put in and time given by Andrew Francis and Vanessa Morris. From the information and research collated and the design styles and options available this project is very much at a stage of decision making by the Committee and hopefully we may see a Village Sign welcoming us to Bassingham in the not too distant future.

Safety Surfaces for the Playpark – lengthy discussions were held at the end of which it was agreed that the Charity would make a donation to the Parish Council towards this refurbishment – this joint working together has enabled the work to go ahead and be completed.

Before I finalise with my thanks I would just like to draw your attention to three other items the Charity has been involved in...

Bassingham Village Expo 2017 - this was planned to run at the Hammond Hall in July as per last year (which was very successful) but unfortunately I have to report that the event was unable to go ahead due to the lack of interest shown by our clubs, societies and interest groups – my thanks goes to Roger Hales for trying to organise what could have been an extremely successful and enjoyable event.

Bassingham Website - the Charity has also been able to look at the possibility of Bassingham forming its own Website. This is work in progress and is dependent on the input of our organisations/representatives/villagers and the Parish Council for their contributions. Hopefully by next year I will be able to report that the administration of the website is complete and successful.

Hammond Hall Garden Borders – what a fantastic display of flowering shrubbery we have been able to experience and enjoy as we either walk to or drive past the Hammond Hall on a daily basis – it certainly puts a smile on your face – thank you to all you ‘Green Fingered Percy Throwers’.

As can be seen the Charity has had a very busy 12 months and I would like to personally thank everyone who have been/are involved in the smooth running of the Charity albeit financial, man power and time, research in ongoing projects all for the good of our prospering Village. Lastly I would like to thank you for all the fund raising that has taken place during the year – Open Gardens, Scarecrow Display, The Village Show and Bonfire Night – well done everyone. What a fabulous village we all live in and let’s hope we can continue to flourish and prosper in the coming year.

Val Wiltshire. Chairman


Sir William Robertson Academy to Become a Multi Academy Trust (the Aspire Learning Trust)

Bassingham Primary School to join the Aspire Learning Trust

Sir William Robertson Academy is delighted to share the exciting news that its Multi Academy Trust application has been approved. Sir William Robertson Academy is currently a stand-alone academy but will now establish the Aspire Learning Trust as its Multi Academy Trust. The school is also delighted to announce that an academy order has been signed by the Regional Schools Commissioner to enable Bassingham Primary School to join the Aspire Learning Trust. Bassingham will become the first primary school to join the Trust.

Mark Guest, Headteacher commented: “Eighteen months have now passed since we submitted our application and I am delighted to share the news that our Multi Academy Trust has been approved. We are all very excited about this next stage in the development of our two schools which share many common values and place children at the centre of everything we do and believe. Our Trust will be one of the first Lincolnshire-based cross-phase Multi Academy Trusts and we believe it has fantastic potential to improve learning opportunities for local children.”

Within a Multi-Academy Trust all schools which join are governed by a single academy trust. The schools' individual governing bodies will become Local Governing Bodies, subject to the oversight of the Multi-Academy Trust which has ultimate responsibility for the running of all of its academies. The Multi-Academy Trust will be accountable and responsible for the performance of all of the academies in the Trust and will delegate a range of decision-making powers to the Local Governing Bodies of the individual academies.

From February 2018, both Sir William Robertson Academy and Bassingham Primary School will be run by the newly formed Aspire Learning Trust. Both academies will have representation on the main Trust board and each will have its own separate Local Governing Body.

Bassingham Primary School will concentrate on developing the primary phase of the Trust and Sir William Robertson Academy will develop the secondary phase. It will be very much business as usual at both schools. Collaboration between the two schools will bring new opportunities for pupils and enhance learning in both settings.


The Natural World Centre’s Annual Photographic Competition Winners Announced

The photographic competition closed at the beginning of September and there have been a great number of entries all capturing the beautiful landscape and creatures found within Whisby Nature Reserve. The winners of each category are as follows:

Best Close Up – ‘Happy Robin’ by Ade Wildsmith

Best Landscape – ‘Silver Bark’ by Betty Dunn

Best Wildlife – ‘Rabbit’ by Paul Sutton

Best Under 16s – ‘Feather Drops’ by Isla Perkins aged 13

The competition is now in its eight year and was sponsored by Vantage Point Photography, Lincoln in association with artsNK. They also had the difficult task of choosing the winners along with the Natural World Centre. Each winner will receive a fabulous prize along with receiving and featuring in the Natural World Centre’s 2018 calendar.

Photographic Competition Exhibition

Visitors will have the chance to come and view all shortlisted entries on display in the Boardwalk Bistro at the Natural World Centre from Friday 29th September to Sunday 7th January 2018. The Natural World Centre would like to thank everyone who took part and congratulate all that won. Next year will be the ninth year of the competition and all involved hope to encourage more people to pick up a camera and get involved. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch with us at whisby@1life.co.uk or call the centre on 688868.


The Future of the Annual Bassingham Show

The committee that runs the annual Bassingham show need YOUR help, if the show is to continue in its present form people are needed to help organise the outside part of the show (arena, stalls, car boot and games). The show committee are asking for people to come forward to give a few hours of their time to set up a sub-committee to organise the outside show. The date of next year’s show is 11th August. If you are able and willing to help out with the future of this flagship village event please contact in the first instance either:-

Roger Hales, email - basspc@btconnect.com or call 789758

Niall Cartwright, email - ncartwright02@gmail.com or call 07807 393 968

Steve Harrison, email - steveharrison619@aol.com or call 07800 997 112


It's Great News From Carlton Le Moorland: Village awarded £500,000 by National Lottery

After five years of research, consultations and bid writing, Carlton le Moorland Parish Council is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a grant of £500,000 from the National Lottery towards the re-building of the Village Hall. The rebuilding of the hall means that community activities will both be able to continue and also expand well into the future. The Council has put a lot of work into this successful application and it recognises the support and guidance received from the community through many consultations. The results of these consultations have been taken into account in the final design of the new hall. The Council also appreciates the work of the Fundraising Group and all the events it has organised which have been so well supported by the community - but the fundraising continues! The Lottery Grant of £500,000 is a lot of money, but the Parish Council still has to raise a further £50,000; nevertheless, it is still hoped to start building during 2018. Let's hope for more good news before long! Thanks to everyone for what you have done so far.


The Carlton Le Moorland Defibrillator Is Now In Service!

Following the successful installation of the Defibrillator in the telephone box on Church Street, the Carlton le Moorland Defibrillator Group is excited to announce that the Defibrillator is now in service and available for use to the residents of Carlton le Moorland! Thank you to all those who have supported the project. Special thanks go to Pat & Fred Jacques and Andy Sceeny who have helped renovate the telephone box and to John Clarke and Steve South who helped to install the Defibrillator. We all hope the Defibrillator never has to be used, but it is great to know that it is there just in case! In the event of a Cardiac Arrest, when you call 999, the operator will give you the code to unlock the Defibrillator. The Defibrillator will then take you step by step through how to use it, via a video screen and voice on the actual machine. Thank you all for your continued support. The Carlton le Moorland Defibrillator Group


Bassingham Cubs Win Lincoln and District Centenary Challenge

Last year Cub Scouts had been running for 100 years and as part of the celebrations Lincoln District Assistant Commissioner set the various District Cub Packs 100 challenges which would be recorded in a Scrap Book. Bassingham Cubs Pack decided to take part and the Cubs took part with great enthusiasm, supported by their long suffering parents. The Scrap Book was compiled to show what they achieved detailing the activities with pages of photographs of Cubs’ handiwork such as homemade rope, bunting, cards and comments from the Cubs themselves. The Front cover was ‘a painting made up of 100 thumb prints’ and all the Cubs who had taken part through the year signed the back.

Our Scrap Book was judged as the overall winner and on Monday 5th June the Assistant Commissioners presented the Bassingham Pack with a cheque for £100 of Camping equipment vouchers. Parents joined the Cubs and Leaders to celebrate this land mark with a cup of squash and celebratory piece of cake.

The Challenges set were wide ranging from outdoor challenges of adventure camps, cooking on camp fires, walks, cycle rides and canoeing down a river to crafts such as making a pack banner, a miniature garden, sewing buttons on to material in the shape of 100, and origami. Environmental challenges were also set, the Cubs made bug boxes, fat balls to feed the birds, went star gazing and made weather stations. Some brain work was also needed in finding the Cub badges of 1916, writing a story of 100 words, how many words that could be made out of CUBS ARE ONE HUNDRED (the cubs found 304) and different fun activities including snail races, making clothes out of bin bags and holding a scary animal. The Cub Mascot (Bear Grylls) had travelled around the UK and Europe and 4 pages of pictures followed his travels.

The Pack were also to join with other packs in the district e.g. St Georges Day parade and visit to the Cathedral for tea. We joined with the Cubs from Witham St Hughes for 2 meetings to complete some of the challenges and the Packs sang carols to the residents of Bassingham Nursing Home. This was a success and we are meeting with them again this year.

The front cover was another challenge, a painting made up (partly) of 100 thumb prints. We are delighted with our Scrap Book and it will treasured by the Group as part of our history. Bassingham Scout Group takes young people from the Local Villages, Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Brant Broughton and Stragglethorpe, for further details phone Alison on 788241. Photos of the challenge can be viewed above or visit the Scout group website at www.bassinghamscoutgroup.org.uk


Bassingham Primary School's Year 5 and 6 Trip to PGL (Activity Holiday)

If you are looking for an exciting and great place to go to on a school trip, PGL is the place to go. There are a variety of activities from Giant Swing to Orienteering. You get an instructor to take you to your activities. The teachers who accompany you might do a Room Inspection!

You have your own dormitories that you share with your friends. They are fully equipped with an en suite and three bunk beds. For breakfast you need to get up quite early: but it’s worth it! You get provided with either, a fry-up, cereal, toast, porridge or fruit.

The journey takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the traffic. You’ll definitely have to stop at a service station at least once. Fortunately we stopped at PGL for a week. On the last night you stay there you get a mini disco.


What a busy and exciting final term the children and staff had! Various class trips (3 residential), sports events, theatre shows in school, charity fund raisers, Healthy Eating week, music workshops, lots of great learning and tests! Our Year 6 children leave to go to their various secondary schools, we wish them all every success. We look forward to welcoming the new reception children in September, as they begin their school life with us. We do have some spare places in some year groups in September, if you are interested in your child joining us, please call the school office on 788395 to discuss. Our school hall is available to hire outside of school hours, for parties and social events. Please contact the school office for availability and prices.


Bassingham Junior Football Equipment Stolen

The majority of the junior football equipment has been stolen from the lock up on the Bassingham Playingfield. The theft took place between Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th September and has left the club with virtually nothing. The incident has been reported to the Police so if anyone has any information or saw anything suspicious in this area please call Lincolnshire Police on 101 thank you. Incident number 451 (8th Sept 2017 refers).



We have a small but thriving population of hedgehogs in our villages but as you know they are increasingly coming under more and more pressure to survive as habitats are lost and motor vehicles take their toll. Please help the hedgehogs. Whether you feed them, provide a habitat for them at the bottom of your garden or just look out for them on the road or before lighting bonfires. In a safe and respectful manner let us help the little chaps out and ensure their survival.


Telephone Scam

North Kesteven residents are being reminded to be cautious of giving bank details out to cold callers after becoming aware of a possible telephone scam operating in Lincolnshire. Cold callers have recently been contacting a number of elderly residents insisting that their Council Tax had been reduced. They suggest it is due to the properties being re-valued and that they would be eligible for a refund if bank details were provided.

Residents should always be careful if they are ever asked for their bank details from someone calling them and where they have not initiated the call themselves. If you do receive a call from the Council’s Revenues and Benefits department and are unsure - end the call and ring back.

The only – and very rare – circumstances in which the Council would ask a customer about their bank details is to verify the information it already holds.


Welbourn: Firing of the Forge

Welbourn Forge is now under new ownership. The former forge and blacksmith’s workshop, which dates from 1864, was bought by North Kesteven District Council in 1987 as a heritage asset. Following a review by the authority into its retained sites, a deal has been concluded to sell the Forge to the Parish Council, with volunteers continuing to run the Forge and host monthly open days on the first Saturday of each month between 10am and 12.30pm. Back when NKDC initially purchased the Forge, it worked with Welbourn Parish Council and a group of local volunteers to repair and re-wire the site. Tools and stock were photographed, sorted and catalogued. In 2000 the forge fires were lit for the first time in more than 30 years, culminating in the volunteer group organising an open day with blacksmithing demonstrations for the visiting public to show the important role of it even in today’s modern world remembering horses need shoes - a job for the blacksmith. Although NKDC has sold the Forge, it will continue to support its efforts and promote events that are held there.

For more information please contact the North Kesteven District Council tourism team on 01529 308102 or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk


1st Bassingham Scout Group Urgently Requires a New / Replacement Leader

A range of opportunities available for volunteers in the community.

Bassingham has a well established Scout Group which was founded 50 years ago and has flourished for many years. The Scout Group is made up of three sections. These are a Beaver Colony, a Cub Pack and a Scout Troop. There are three appointed leaders and a number of assistant leaders and parent helpers who work with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. There is a very healthy waiting list of young people who would like to join the different sections of the Bassingham Scout Group and we are in need of an additional Leader to help run the Cub pack to join in and help with the various activities and keep the group going. If you live in the area and think that working with young people in this way could be something you would enjoy then why not come along to one of the sessions to have a look. For more details contact Alison on 788241.


Research about the History of the Carlton le Moorland Baptist Chapel

For just over a year now I have been researching the history of the former Baptist chapel in Carlton le Moorland. I have been using family history sources as well as documents available in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire County Archives. The chapel it seems was built around 1789 by local Baptists who used to meet in a house in the village prior to that. There was a small but active religious community centred there for the best part of 19th century which started to fall into decline from the First World War onwards until the chapel closure in 1950s. These "dissenters" from the established church were a proud independent group of local people drawn from Carlton and surrounding villages, with strong links with other "dissenters" in Collingham, Newark, Nottingham and Northamptonshire. I have discovered one account of its history online written in 1946 which you may find of interest search... (https://biblicalstudies.org.uk/pdf/bq/28-4_184.pdf)

So far I have not heard from those in the Witham Staple area who may have their own connections with the chapel or have documents mentioning its history, family members who worshiped or are buried there or even have photographs of the chapel in days gone by. I am particularly interested if anyone knows anything about the Fillingham, West, Williams and Curzin families who were strongly connected with the chapel. I would be very happy to hear from you if you have any information you could share and I can be contacted on 789630 or via email richard.parker05@gmail.com

Richard Parker


Bassingham Playing Field – No Fit Place for a Dog?

Persistent dog fouling continues to be an unpleasant feature of Bassingham Playing Field and a proven health hazard. Some dog owners plainly don’t care but it annoys those who clean up after their dog and it provokes fury in many people that a minority cause the problem and the rest suffer. The certain answer would be to exclude dogs from the Playing Field. No dogs: no dog poo: no health hazard: no furious parishioners: everybody happy. Except that, as of today, not everybody would be happy and anyway, exclusion could not be enforced.

We are advised that education of owners is the best way of dealing with the problem. For a start, we could ask everyone to accept that, over time, the formal public attitude in Bassingham will be that ‘taking a dog onto the Playing Field is an antisocial act’. We could allow ourselves 2 years to get used to the idea and agree that from 1st January 2019 anyone taking a dog on the Playing Field and anyone responsible for a dog seen on the Playing Field will be the subject of social disapproval. Please let us know how you feel about this proposal. Meanwhile, it would be helpful to us if images of dogs, accompanied or unaccompanied, which are suspected of fouling the Playing Field were forwarded with any comment you wish to make on this matter to:


Bassingham Parish Council

Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity

Dog Fouling Torgate Lane Bassingham (September 2017)

Someone or some people are allowing their dog(s) to foul the footway at the Middlegate end of Torgate Lane Bassingham. Instead of acting responsibly and picking it up, they are leaving the foul piles as a hazard and affront to residents. What is worse, many of these heaps and there are a lot, have been deposited close to the local Dog Bin. These selfish dog walkers have no shame but they can be punished. Residents are asked to keep a sharp lookout and report any identified sightings, with camera shots if possible, to North Kesteven District Council, which has powers of enforcement. The District Council Local Access Point is open from 9am to 1pm at the Hammond Hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn

Best Ever A Level Results For Sir William Robertson Academy

Sir William Robertson Academy’s fourth only cohort of Year 13 students is celebrating their best ever exam success with the school’s fourth full set of A2 Levels. Celebrating its five year anniversary of the Sixth Form in September, the school and its students have been working hard towards their AS and A2 examinations and building on the fantastic results achieved previously including their record breaking year in 2016.

Most of their delighted Sixth Form students have gained places at their first choice Universities. Mr Mark Guest, Headteacher commented: “We are absolutely delighted with this year’s A Level results. Once again our students achieved a 100% pass rate and they have even out-performed last summer’s record-breaking results in terms of the average grade achieved. It is wonderful to see so many of our students securing A and A* grades in their A Levels and fantastic to have matched last year’s achievement of the average vocational qualification grade being a Distinction Star – the highest grade possible. These results provide a great platform to enable our students to take-up their chosen courses at their first-choice universities.” Miss Charlotte Wilson, Head of Sixth Form added: “I am absolutely delighted with the students' results. They have worked exceptionally hard and thoroughly deserve their successes. We are pleased that so many of our Year 13s are now in a position to go on to universities, apprenticeships and employment where we are sure they will continue to accomplish great things. Our Sixth Form is rapidly expanding and we are excited to continue our achievements in the next academic year.


Adam Saxby from Carlton-le-Moorland who is going into the RAF

Year 12 students are also celebrating exam success with some superb AS Level results. The school is driven by the aim to ASPIRE and this directs the work of all staff and pupils. In recent years it has become one of the most sought after schools in Lincolnshire, with parents recognising the benefits of choosing a very successful school in a safe, rural setting with superb pastoral care. The addition of the Sixth Form facility means that parents are confident that their children can continue their education in this supportive environment with high academic results. Sir William Robertson Academy is delighted as being judged as ‘Good’ in all areas of the school following its Ofsted inspection in June 2015. The inspection report praised developments across the school, highlighting the progress and behaviour of pupils and their engagement in their learning as a particular strength. All aspects of the school were inspected ranging from leadership and management; behaviour and safety of pupils; quality of teaching; achievement of pupils to its Sixth Form provision and found all areas to be ‘Good’. The school has been recognised as being one of the ‘Top 100 non-selective state-funded schools in England’ in a recent letter from a letter from Nick Gibb MP – Minister of State for Schools (February 2016). It is the Best Performing Secondary School (similar schools) within a 75 mile radius (DFE Performance Tables 2015 & 2016). The school offers comprehensive education for 11 to 18 year olds and is quite unique with its safe, rural location between the villages of Welbourn and Leadenham but easily accessible from Newark, Grantham, Sleaford and Lincoln and surrounding villages – with school buses serving each of these areas.


Students from Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn are also delighted with their GCSE success with many gaining A* and grades 8 and 9 across several subjects. The majority of these students will be joining the Sixth Form along with over 50 others as they move into Year 12 to study their AS/A2 courses. Six students from other local schools will also be joining the flourishing Sixth Form which celebrated its best ever A Level results last week.. Mr Mark Guest, Headteacher commented: “The school matched its excellent results from last year with 54% of students gaining GCSEs in English and Maths at grades 4-9. This is an outstanding achievement as the new GCSEs are designed to be much tougher and to raise the bar for all students nationally. Our congratulations go to all of our students and their families. In the light of these excellent results we are looking forward to welcoming record numbers into our Sixth Form.”


Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting

What is a Neighbourhood Panel? Your Neighbourhood Panel consists of local people, and representatives of the community, who live or work in the area. The panel’s purpose is to identify issues that are affecting the community taking into account the views of the community.

What does the panel do? They meet quarterly and assess all the information collected at the meeting, and consider all the issues raised. The panel then agree on neighbourhood policing priorities to be focused on during the next three month period. The Neighbourhood Policing Team then adopt a problem solving approach and are encouraged and empowered to work locally with NKDC and government agencies to address the priorities set.


Bassingham Scarecrow Festival and Open Gardens

June 2017 theme was 'Disney Characters'

Click for photographs

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to another wonderful day. We had over 35 scarecrows scattered around our lovely village, they were very creative and yet again a wonderful standard..... we have so much talent here in Bassingham. We now look forward to the Bassingham Show on August 12th and if you would like your scarecrow to have a day out, we will display them all together making an amazing display. We can pick them up and bring them home safety at the end of the day. Let us know if you want your scarecrow to have a big day out. Ring Mike or Christine on 788086. A note for your Diary next year’s Open Gardens will be on Sunday 10th June 2018.



Slow Down for Horses

Local horse riders regularly ride around the villages at various times of the day. Where possible they try to avoid the more busy roads however depending on which route taken it is inevitable on occasions that they have to use one of the busier roads. When doing so they have on occasions been concerned that car drivers do not always treat horses with the respect they deserve. We forget that they are large and powerful animals; they are also 'flight' animals which makes them unpredictable and easily scared. If something like a speeding car or a barking dog frightens a horse, its natural reaction will be to get away from whatever scared it. This will be sudden and could take them straight into the road and the path of your car - even an experienced rider on a well-behaved horse will struggle to control a horse in this situation. A very calm and traffic wise horse will even at times jumps sideways when startled or unhappy out into the road. Fortunately on these occasions there has not been any traffic near but in this rural environment birds, cows etc can startle a horse causing it to jump sideways.

The AA recommends If you meet a horse on the road while driving: Slow right down and be ready to stop - Give them a wide berth, at least a car’s width and pass slowly - Avoid any actions likely to spook the horse(s) - splashing them with puddles, sounding your horn or revving your engine for example - Watch out for signals from the rider to slow down or stop - Don’t expect all riders to raise their hand in thanks when you drive considerately, it’s not always possible to take a hand off their reins and maintain control most will smile or nod their thanks instead - Accelerate gently once you have passed the horse. The above guidance relates to the Highway Code rule 215. So please on behalf of all local horse riders please be aware of horses and treat them with respect.


Newark Community First Aid

We are a local charity based in Newark serving the town and 90 villages in the surrounding 15 miles. We have been to many local villages over the last few years delivering FREE first aid training and first aid cover at events. As we enter our 4th operational year we would like to make local people aware of the services we provide, what we have achieved and our future plans. We are particularly keen to encourage more people to attend our FREE training on basic life support, as we have some of the worst survival rates in Europe of a sudden cardiac arrest. We also need more volunteers. See press release.

Kind regards Philip Jessop

Operations Manager Newark Community First Aid



Young People’s Trust Carlton Le Moorland

Registered Charity No. 521826

The Young People’s Trust has funds available to make a number of grants to the young people of the parish of Carlton le Moorland under the following aims and objects: ‘Subject to payment of administration expenses the Managing Trustees shall apply the income of the charity from the permanent fund in providing or assisting in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for the care, education, recreation or leisure time occupation of the children and youth of the parish of Carlton le Moorland with the object of furthering their development through learning, sport and recreational activities and improving the conditions of life for the said children and youth.’ Over the years the trust has given over £30,000 in grants in support of the young people of the parish in the form of individual grants to help with the cost of educational trips and grants to organisations of which they are members including Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Mothers and Toddlers and the Junior Act Two Theatre Group. Most recently we have been a primary source of funding for the improvements to the Carlton le Moorland Playing Field. To receive an application form please call or text: David Merchant on 07943 760 155


Little Darters Extends Children’s Adventure And Play at Whisby Natural World

A new extension to the award-winning Little Darters outdoor play area at the Whisby Natural World Centre has opened, extending free opportunities for adventurous play. Under the second phase of a £250,000 investment by owners North Kesteven District Council in facilities at the popular free-access attraction, the Wildlife Adventure Area has been re-modeled to increase the potential for more physically demanding thrills and challenges. There is now a new look-out tower, assault course, balance beam, climbing net, fireman’s pole and scramble board, extending Little Darters’ appeal to older children. This adds to the existing attractions which include water chutes and sand pits, super-sized wooden creatures to climb on, rope bridges and towers to clamber over and an underground cave giving a mole’s eye view in the world.

Through the refresh, Little Darters now inspires children of all ages to be more active, more often. Inside the centre, the new Otters’ Reach play area continues to be a real hit, bringing adventurous play to those too small to fully explore the outdoor wonders of Little Darters. Little Darters was initially opened in 2009 by the TV wildlife presenter Michaela Strachan and quickly won an award as the best-designed children’s play facility of its kind in the country. It all adds to the free attractions and facilities which form a part of the much-valued Whisby Nature Park experience. The Nature Park is open dawn to dusk every day and the Natural World Centre from 10am to 5pm. Both are entirely free apart from a £2 day-long parking fee – proceeds of which finance the ongoing improvements and investment and are easily accessed from the southern end of Lincoln Bypass. In the final phase of improvements, the centre’s basement is being remodeled to provide a conference and exhibition gallery and a separate meeting room.

Repeatedly awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, the Natural World Centre remains popular with approximately 200,000 visitors each year. Both Otter’s Reach and Little Darters can form the core to children’s party experiences arranged through the Centre. Details on 688868 or www.naturalworldcentre.co.uk Advisory age ranges across the Little Darters facilities, Little Darters’ sand pit and water area - little tots; Otter’s Reach – 3 to 8 years; Little Darters, in general 4+ Little Darters’ new extension 8+ in the new extension.

Jason Hippisley Communications & Media Manager NKDC


Power Cut! Council Supports Launch of 105

North Kesteven District Council is backing the launch of a new number that aims to support members of the public if they ever experience a power cut. Research has shown that many people don’t know who to contact during a power cut and wrongly call the electricity supplier they pay their bill to. 105 has been set up to help the public get through to their local electricity network operator – the company responsible for the power network. It’s a free, easy-to-remember number that people can call to report or get information about a power cut in their area and it puts the caller through to those who will repair their network and restore their power. 105 is available to electricity customers in England, Scotland and Wales. The number can be accessed from most landlines and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter who you choose to buy electricity from – anyone can call 105. The service is jointly funded by electricity network operators – the companies that manage the cables, wires and substations into homes and businesses. People can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put them, or someone else, in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk to life the emergency services should be called. Visit powercut105.com to find out more about 105 and electricity operators.


Old Photographs of Bassingham Village (some of which were shown at The 50th Bassingham Show) can be seen at 18 Lincoln Road home of Helen Ash. Tel. 788220


Bassingham Village Health Walk

Every Wednesday at 10.30 am

Meet outside Five Bells Bassingham (LN5 9JZ) The walk will last approximately an hour and is led by a volunteer walk leader. All are encouraged to stay for refreshments after the walk, at the Five Bells Bassingham. Free to attend no booking required just turn up on the day. You are required to complete a registration form before your first walk, so please arrive in good time to complete the form and still be ready to depart for the walk at 10.30am. Suitable footwear for muddy footpaths is advised. For more information please contact the scheme coordinator, Dean Reed on 870272 or email dean.reed@1life.co.uk For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.



Free Health Walks in Your Area

The North Kesteven Social Strollers are a health walks initiative based in North Kesteven and currently has 16 walks available across the district ranging from 30 to 90 minute walks which are designed to help improve fitness and wellbeing.

Sleaford offers many places to walk, in the town or out in to the countryside; there’s plenty to see not to mention the wealth of historic buildings that the town has. Sleaford’s weekly health walk takes place every Thursday meeting at Sleaford Leisure Centre at 1.30pm. Please allow up to 60 minutes for this walk.

There will also be free refreshments at the end of the walk including 1 free swim pass per walker attending their first walk.

The scheme also recently set up a new health walk in Bassingham which takes place every Wednesday meeting at the Five Bells of Bassingham at 10.30am.

If you would like further information, please contact Dean Reed on 01522 870272 or email dean.reed@1life.co.uk. For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.


Big Wood Goes Bats!

It is now just over 6 years since Hill Holt Wood undertook an extensive woodland management plan at Norton Disney Big Wood, up until that point no management had taken place for years and the area was overrun with bramble and bracken but especially Rhododendron. The wood was also closed to the public, so this potentially vibrant local amenity wasn’t available to the local residents and wider public.

The aim was simple; to improve the habitat and therefore the biodiversity and also to ensure that it was accessible for the local community and general public to enjoy.

At Hill Holt Wood we believe in ‘benefit stacking’ which means that every activity that we undertake has multiple benefits. At Big Wood therefore we initiated a mental health recovery programme and under supervision, encouraged the service users to undertake the woodland management. Their mental health started to improve and the woodland began to recover also, so a win win.

In order to support a complex and rich diversity of plant and animal life, woodlands need to be well managed. Ideally you want the 4 layers of trees and plants; Climax- mature Oak and Ash trees. Understory- Hazel, Holly, which are shade tolerant. Field Layer- grasses and wildflowers and the Ground Layer- mosses and lichens and fungi. Each layer supports different invertebrates which in turn support larger and larger animals which make up the food chain.

We concentrated on removing the rhododendron which is a toxic, invasive species and only supports 5 insect and mite species. Compare this with an Oak tree which can support up to 423 insect species! We also coppiced the Hazel stools which had become derelict and would fall apart and die in time and also coppiced and thinned some poor Ash trees, whilst clearing the Bracken. This all had the effect of opening up rides and glades, increasing the light at ground level which in turn increased ground flora. So you get the flowers and fungi which increase the insects and butterflies which in turn increases the bird and bat numbers and species and ultimately the larger mammal species.

All good work but has there been any evidence of an improvement in bio diversity? Initially there were only 30 bird species recorded but our latest survey results showed just over 100 species as being recorded, a massive improvement. But it is the number of bat species that have been the biggest success, Matt Cook who is a Natural England Licensed Bat Ecologist has conducted some surveys and the results are impressive he says “We had an incredible nights batting last night and you have a very special woodland reserve for these nocturnal critters. We caught all 11 species that you can realistically catch in the East Midlands, in less than a km square - common pip, soprano pip*, another Nathusius' pip, brown long-eared*, Daubenton's*, Natterer's, whiskered, Brandt's*, noctule*, a juvenile Leisler's, and no less than 6 barbastelles*! 5 of which were breeding females (the * denotes breeding females). I've not had a night as diverse as that before. Whatever your management plan is there it seems perfect for bats! He is keen to undertake some studies of the bats at Big Wood which is part of a national survey and feels that Big Wood should gain SSSI status.

I would say that this is irrefutable evidence that the work we have undertaken has had enormous benefit to the flora and fauna at the wood. It is there for everyone to enjoy and is open to the public 7 days a week, come and have a look round, it’s a lovely walk, especially at the end of the wood where the mature oaks surround the Wood land burial area and it will begin to look even more stunning as everything awakes from its winter slumber.

Oliver Woodman

Head of Operations at Hill Holt Wood


Witham Lives Group

The group has now 3 active responders and 2 backroom supporters, Louise who has taken the role of fund raising and myself as treasurer and support in fund raising. In June the responders were quite busy with 20 call outs, the dedication of the responders was highlighted on a couple of occasions as they had to support the patient for an hour until the ambulance arrived. The fund raising side is going very well his year, since we have had the support of Witham St Hughs community Centre and being invited to attend functions held there. On Saturday 2nd July at the BeerFest we managed to raise more than £500, even though the weather was more appropriate for Glastonbury than Witham St Hughs, a big thanks to the face painters and cake makers also to everybody who supported us. I also want to thank Mamma Mia Pizza and its clients for donating over £20 from a collection box, also thanks to Oakhill caravan park who raised over £24 from its collection box. Our main project at the moment is to raise £2,000 to purchase another responder kit, so any donation will help us achieve our goal. For further information contact LIVES HQ 01507 525999 email lives@lives-responders or www.lives-responders.co.uk


Norton Big Wood Open For Woodland Burials

Situated in Ancient woodland, Norton Big Wood burial ground offers a beautiful and tranquil resting place for your loved ones. The designated area is set deep in the woodland, surrounded by mature oak trees and will not be managed as manicured parkland but will remain a stunning green woodland space.

Simple, natural and reasonably priced, Norton Big Wood offers a unique opportunity; it is an alternative to traditional graveyard burials and crematorium ceremonies and provides a permanent connection with nature. Norton Big Wood offers burial plots, ashes internment and the scattering of ashes, all within easy access of parking facilities.

A beautiful venue is available at our sister wood Hill Holt, just five minutes away, to celebrate the life of your loved one with refreshments and music.

Call us today on 01636 892 836 and ask to speak to our Operations Manager to arrange a visit or have an initial conversation.

Norton Big Wood is part of the Hill Holt Wood Social Enterprise Group "Proving the Value of Ancient Woodland in the 21st Century"


Success at Dementia Hub Opening at One Nk

A new Dementia Friendship Hub opened earlier in September at One NK North Hykeham offering a range of services for people living with dementia and their carers. Over 25 people were in attendance enjoying the activities and getting to know the staff involved running the new monthly sessions. Taking place on the first Tuesday of the month, the new hub will be a suitable and safe environment for people living with dementia and their carers providing them with the opportunity to become more active and have fun. The hub will also act as a source of information for anyone to find out information about further opportunities and support services.

As a member of the Dementia Action Alliance, 1Life work with training volunteers and partner organisations to lead on a range of activities such as creative arts, singing workshops, vintage dance workshops, seated exercise, new age curling, table top games and much more. Each session will also be supported by ‘Dementia Friends’ trained staff who will provide a relaxed and informal environment.

The Dementia Friendship Hub takes place at One NK, Moor Lane, North Hykeham, LN6 9AX. The hub is free to attend and refreshments are available. For more information about the Dementia Friendship Hub please contact Dean Reed on 870272 or email dean.reed@1life.co.uk. For more information about the 1Life Health & Wellbeing Service in North Kesteven, visit http://www.1life.co.uk/north-kesteven-district-council/nk-sport-physical-activity/health-wellbeing/.


Volunteers Wanted – Dementia Cafes

We are looking for Volunteers for our Dementia Cafes in (Lincoln, Skegness, Sleaford, Grantham, Gainsborough, Market Rasen) Dementia Cafés provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for people with dementia and their carers to socialise. As well as offering a range of fun and engaging activities, Dementia Cafés give both carers and people with dementia a chance to get information and advice and talk to others with similar problems. In offering your time at one of our groups, you will help with:

• Setting up the room

• Welcoming and greeting visitors

• Making and serving hot drinks and refreshments

• Socialising with people

• Joining in with activities

We are also looking for volunteers at our Singing for the Brain groups in (Lincoln, Middle Rasen) Singing for the Brain is a structured musical activity that provides musical stimulation for people with dementia to enjoy with their carers and family. It also helps to reduce isolation as music and singing are known to improve wellbeing. The sessions are led by a trained musical facilitator and there are a number of ways volunteers can support:

• Meeting and greeting people as they arrive

• Making and serving tea and coffee

• Socialising with people with dementia

• Encouraging participation

• Joining in with singing and activities

• Passing round song books and instruments

• Helping to set up the room and tidy away afterwards

If you are interested in the above volunteer opportunities, or would like more information, please contact Phil Measures on 692681 or phil.measures@alzheimers.org.uk 


Message In A Bottle Scheme  - Providing Useful Information in an Emergency

How well do you know your friends and neighbours? In the event of a medical emergency would you know what medication they were on, if they had any allergies, what numbers to call to contact family members, or if they had children, pets, or relatives dependant on them? Help is at hand - Thanks to The Lions Club, who sponsors the message in a bottle scheme. It is FREE and designed to assist the Emergency Services. All you need to do is obtain a Lions Emergency Container from your doctors or local pharmacy, complete the form inside and place the whole thing in your fridge door. There are 2 stickers supplied, one should be placed on the fridge door and the other on the inside of your front door. The Fire, Police and Ambulance services then know at a glance where to find the information they need to help you.

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3. Hammond Hall Events

Bassingham Playing Field, Lincoln Road, Bassingham LN5 9HQ

Available for hiring 8am to midnight

The Hammond Hall booking clerk:

Please contact Roger Hales Office : 789758 - Home : 789741 - Mob : 07738 172 449

[For Bassingham Village Hall booking please contact Vanessa Morris on 789244]

Conferencing facilities available on request
Secure internet access - Fully licensed premises


Bassingham Multi Purpose Area

Open 7 days a week 9am to 10pm

Tennis – Basketball – Netball - 5 aside

For more info please ring Roger on 789758 e-mail basspc@btconnect.com 

Hammond Hall End of Year Report 2017

The Hammond Complex has been used for a total of 2784 hours this year, the Main Hall 1119 hours, Tower Room 406 hours and the Meeting Room 1259 hours, which is the highest year to date. Moving forward new clubs starting for 2017/18 year are yoga classes and a chess club, Heighington Bridge Club are moving to the Hammond, Caterpillar music has added another session every week and toddlers group have moved to weekly sessions from bi-weekly. The Friends of the Hammond Hall have had another busy year running coffee mornings, Bingo sessions, quizzes, music nights and table top sales, they have installed new hoops to the gravelled area adjacent to the multi-use area, installed new paving outside the Multi-Purpose Area, provided a new sign for the car park and provided new fridges, vacuum cleaner and laptop for use in the Hammond Hall. Once again I would like to thank everyone involved in the running of this fantastic facility and the people that use it, I am always looking for new events and activities to put on for the village, so if you have an idea but do not know where to start, pop in to see me for a coffee and a chat and I will help set it up.

Roger Hales (Parish Clerk)


Bassingham Defibrillator

The defibrillator that is on stand-by at the Hammond Hall.

please contact Roger Hales, Hammond Hall, 789758


4. Other Events and Information from the Wider Community

Youth Council Make Statement With Rainworks: Anti-bullying and Raising Self-esteem Campaign

YouthNK have stepped up their anti-bullying campaign through subtle messages spread around secondary schools in the District. ‘Choose kindness’, ‘You are limitless’ and ‘Love who you are’ are just three of the messages that have been expressed as part of the Smile, anti-bullying campaign which is focused on addressing bullying and raising self-esteem in young people across the District.

Using a product called Rainworks, members of YouthNK spread the messages which are only visible when wet, in the hope that students across the District will see them and feel inspired, or have a positive impact on the way they feel on a wet and rainy day as they cross the school yard. The anti-bullying campaign is just one of the priorities of the Youth Council, but one that they feel is significant to the young people of the District. If you would like to find out more about the campaign or the work of YouthNK visit their NEW website www.youthnk.co.uk or like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/youthnk A video also supports the campaign and shows the use of Rainworks https://youtu.be/P7fkeVkyhM0


Dementia Activities In North Kesteven

Each month a dementia hub takes place in Metheringham for people living with dementia and their carers. The activity hub which takes place on the second Tuesday of the month and is designed to offer stimulating activities for those living with dementia as well as offering the opportunity for carers to socialise and share information. Activities include painting, gardening and games such as new age kurling. Everyone is welcome including carers, family members and friends. The hub currently attracts over 25 people each month which takes place at St Wilfrids Church Hall in Metheringham, LN4 3HA. Refreshments are provided throughout the morning. The next activity hub will take place on Tuesday 14th March from 10am to 12pm. Parking is available at the Star and Garter pub on Princes Street, LN4 3BX and is just a short walk to the church hall. For more information please call 870272 or email nkhealthandsports@1life.co.uk


@ @ @

Nearly 60 Walks Available During the 2017 North Kesteven Walking Festival

Saturday 8th to Saturday 22nd July

Get your walking boots on and step into a week of walks fit for all ages starting Saturday 8th July. Back and bigger than ever, the North Kesteven Walking Festival has been extended to a two week long event offering walks for all ages and abilities as well as showcasing the walking opportunities across the district, not to mention the breathtaking scenery and fascinating places to visit that are right on your doorstep.

Last year’s festival saw a visit to the 12th Century Knights Templar Preceptory at Temple Bruer, a Curry Night at the Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park and even a visit to the Poppies Wave included in the Spires and Steeples walk in the first weekend. The programme is now complete with over 35 new walks available. The programme will also run alongside the successful health walks programme that currently runs across the district giving this year’s walking festival nearly 60 walks to choose from. Walks include dog behaviour and agility walks, history walks, an evening bat walk and a bear hunt! You can also discover the many uses of wild flowers and weeds during the herb walks and for those who prefer a longer walk; there are various opportunities for you to get involved in. With daytime and evening walks on offer there’s a wide variety of themes to suit many interests.

Returning walks include the ‘In Search of Queen Eleanor’ walk which had over 30 attendances last year and the Natural World Centre’s evening walk which will offer a walk around Whisby Nature Park followed by a tasty pie in the Boardwalk Bistro.

The full programme is now available online! Visit www.1life.co.uk/nkwalkingfesitval for more information. For more information about the walking festival or to join their mailing list - please contact Jade Oliver at countrysidenk@1life.co.uk or call 694353. Keep up to date with what’s happening by following us on Twitter @NKWalking or finding us on Facebook /NK Walking Festival.


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Drop Into Find Out More About Restoration

Anyone wanting to find out more about the restoration of Mrs Smith’s Cottage is invited to attend a drop-in session taking place this month. Last year North Kesteven District Council was successful in securing money from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the largest heritage funder in the UK, to help bring the Navenby tourist attraction, which has been closed to the public since 2013, back into use. The drop-in session will take place at NKDC’s Navenby office, in North Lane, from 10am to noon on Wednesday 15th March for anyone to pop along and find out about the project, look at information on what is happening, get involved in future volunteering, tell us their opinions and share any memories of the cottage and Mrs. Smith.

Tea and coffee will be available and those working on the project will be available to answer questions and gathering research as part of their consultations. For more information, please call 811469 or email msc@n-kesteven.gov.uk

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Could You Take Part In Clean-Up?

A campaign to get half a million people out and about cleaning up their local communities in March is being supported by North Kesteven District Council. The brand new Great British Spring Clean will roll out for the first time this year, with a view to it becoming an annual event helping to bring people together and clean up the country. It is being held from Friday 3rd March to Sunday 5th March and NKDC is encouraging groups and individuals who want to ‘do their bit’ to help clear up the litter in streets and parks. Anyone who wants to take part can contact the authority for some special ‘Great British Spring Clean’ bags.

Many organisations will also be supporting the clean up including the Women’s Institute, the National Trust and the RSPCA, as well as a range of businesses. Litter remains a huge problem across the country, causing harm to the environment and wildlife, with councils in England having to spend over £700 million on street cleaning services every year. To take part in the campaign and set up you own clean up event visit www.greatbritishspringclean.org.uk If you would like some of the ‘Great British Spring Clean’ bags please call 01529 414155.

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Explore, Discover, Experience Lincolnshire, Free

North Kesteven’s top attractions take part in this year’s Discover Lincolnshire weekend! This year’s Discover Lincolnshire weekend will be offering visitors the chance to get a great deal this spring by opening many of its top tourist attractions for free! Attractions across the county will be offering free admission or special discounts as part of the Discover Lincolnshire Weekend from 18th to 19th March.

North Kesteven is home to a vast variety of tourist attractions from arts and heritage to aviation and countryside walks. This year, thirteen attractions will be taking part with special events and offers throughout the weekend for everyone to enjoy. Discover the history of Cogglesford Watermill, Sleaford and see the mill in operation for the first time this year*. You can also take a stroll down the Sleaford riverside and discover the history of life and trade on the River Slea at Navigation House. Across Navigation Wharf, stop by the National Centre for Craft and Design where you can see their latest exhibition – The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful as well as a free lace making demonstration by Louise West on the Saturday. Sleaford Museum will also be open all weekend from 10am to 3pm where you can explore the history of Sleaford’s past, its people and the local area.

Take a trip to Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre and discover the history of RAF Cranwell, through interactive exhibits, archive film, story boards and artefacts. Rauceby Church will also be open on the Saturday from 10am to 4pm where they will have free refreshments as well as the Rauceby census returns available to view. Local artist Iain Harkess will be selling his paintings, as well displaying some of his work.

Visit the UK’s only remaining eight sailed Windmill at Heckington. Heckington Windmill is free admission all weekend and is open from 12 to 5pm. The Manor House Stables in Martin also have a taster day onSunday 19th March where you can have a go at making bread, jam, cheese & chocolate as well as natural bath and beauty products.

Heading towards Lincoln, the International Bomber Command Centre will have an open day on Sunday from 10.30am to 3.30pm. See this iconic memorial first hand and meet their tour guides who will be available to answer any questions and to give information on the project. Refreshments will be available. Why not stop by the Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum which houses a collection of over 65 vintage cars, buses and commercial vehicles spanning over 80 years of road transport history. The museum will be free all weekend and will be open from 10am to 4pm. Just up the road, take a trip to the Natural World Centre where their current exhibition – Birds on the Wing will be open to the public for free. There will also be a Swan Facts section which is informative and also include a mini me exhibition and trail aimed at young children.

Experience traditional ironworking demonstrations at Welbourn Forge on Saturday 18th March from 10am to 1pm. This authentic Victorian workshop dating from 1864 is in full working order normally open on the first Saturday of each month. Last but certainly not least, the Hive Café at Hill Holt Wood will be open on Sunday from 9.30am to 4pm and are offering free refills on hot drinks. They will also have a tempting selection of cakes made from Lincolnshire ingredients and Lincolnshire sourced breakfasts. For further information about any of these events or for the latest Discover Lincolnshire Weekend attractions and events, visit www.visitlincoln.com/discover. Alternatively please contact the DiscoverNK team on 01529 308207.

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Milling Days at Cogglesford Watermill

National Mills Weekend Sunday 14th May, 11am to 4pm Cogglesford Watermill joins in with this national celebration as the mill rumbles into action, grinding the mill’s own stoneground flour. They will be joined by M H Preserves who will be offering tastes of their homemade jams and chutneys and Greenfield Bakers who produce delicious bread using traditional wood fired ovens. For more information please contact Cogglesford Watermill on 01529 413671 or the District Council tourism team on 01529 308102. Alternatively please email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk

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History Walk at Wellingore & Temple Bruer

Come and join our WatchNK ranger on Saturday 20th May for a history walk at Wellingore & Temple Bruer. Find out about Temple Bruer Church and the history of the Knights Templar in this area, the old Wellingore airfield and other points of historical interest along the way.

This walk is 6 miles. Please meet at the St John the Baptist Church, Temple Bruer, Wellingore Heath, Lincoln, LN5 0DE* at 10.30am. Please allow roughly 2 hours to complete this walk. This route will mainly consist of footpaths and quiet country roads.

*On a minor road between Wellingore and the A15.

For more information or to book please contact our Countryside Officer by emailing countrysidenk@1life.co.uk or call 688868.

Wellingore and Temple Bruer is number 9 of the collection of Stepping Out walks. All the walks have been developed in to an easy to read booklet with step by step directions to help you along your way which are available to download from www.countrysidenk.co.uk. You can also call us on 01529 308207 or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk for a hardcopy to be posted to you.


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SwimAbility sessions at Sleaford Leisure Centre

Fun and interactive family swim sessions are available at Sleaford Leisure Centre designed to encourage parents and carers involvement in activities for individuals of all ages that require additional care and support needs.

SwimAbility sessions take place on the first and third Saturday of the month at Sleaford Leisure Centre from 6 to 8pm. Sessions cost only £3.50 per person with a free carer. Over 30 swimmers currently attend sessions with a wide age range from 3 to 30 years old. There are no restrictions other than the usual pool safety rules, which give parents and carers an extremely relaxed two hours in the pool. The Woodlands Splash is also therapeutic for both carers and clients. Some toys which are kindly supplied by Sleaford Lions Club are used mainly for physio and therapy. The centre has two disabled changing rooms allowing families to change together as well as a pool hoist for full access.

For more information please contact Sleaford Leisure Centre on 01529 303081 or email sleaford@1life.co.uk. For more information about Sleaford Leisure Centre please visit www.1life.co.uk


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Can You Spare Some Time?

North Kesteven District Council are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join their tourism team.

Opportunities are available at Cogglesford Watermill, Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre, Navigation House and Welbourn Forge. You will be a part of a hardworking team who are committed to delivering results, promoting tourism wherever possible and attracting new visitors to the District. There are no minimum hours required and times are flexible to suit you. Minimum age for all volunteers is 17 years old. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, and would like an informal discussion, please contact Theresa Hobbs on 01529 308102 or email Theresa_hobbs@n-kesteven.gov.uk


Try Your Business Idea In Sleaford

Have you thought about running your own shop but don’t know where to start? Are you already in business and looking to branch out but want to test the market first? Pop Up NK could be the answer!

Partnership NK is considering running a pop up shop so whether you’re an artist or crafts person looking to sell your creations, or have an idea for a shop that you want to try out or a business looking to expand – the opportunities are endless. The facility will be ideally located in the heart of Sleaford at Navigation Yard right next to the ever-popular National Centre for Craft and Design and will mean that all units on the site will be occupied with a range of businesses, including a hairdressers, charity and heritage organisation. Anyone wanting to register the interest in Pop Up NK can do so by filling in a form online at www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/popup. Once these have been received, an informal drop-in session will take place where potential shop owners can find out more information with expert advice on offer – including small business support and employment guidance.

For more information on the project please visit www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/popup 

or email partnership_nk@n-kesteven.gov.uk


A Real Celebration of the North Kesteven Countryside!

The NK Walking Festival was in full swing in July 2016 packed full of led walks across the district ranging from history walks to herb walks; there was a walk for everyone! The festival’s aim is to celebrate the many walking opportunities available within North Kesteven. The week-long event took place from Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th July and incorporated many of the existing walking routes available which are designed for all ages and abilities. Following feedback from last year, the festival programme increased in size and offered a wider range of walks including longer distance and evening walks. This year’s festival hosted 36 led walks across North Kesteven with approximately 170 miles walked throughout the week. The week was thoroughly enjoyed by all with great attendances to many of the walks. Walks included an Introduction to Geocaching, Spires and Steeples Poppies:Wave walk, Waggy Tails walks, a Curry Night at the Natural World Centre, herb walks plus may others ranging in length and themes. Other walks also featured North Kesteven District Council’s Stepping Out walks, aimed to get people out and about and enjoy the great outdoors as well as the NK Social Strollers Health Walks.

The week was rounded off with a celebration finale – a 7.7 mile walk starting in the village of Coleby walking along the Jurassic ridge and taking in four villages along the way. The walk also followed the Viking Way which celebrates its 40th year this year and was the perfect way to end a fantastic week of walking.

If you are interested in taking part in the 2017 walking festival please contact Donna Sutton on 694353 or email donna.sutton@1life.co.uk to be added to the mailing list. For details of the walking opportunities available within the district please visit www.countrysidenk.co.uk or alternatively contact Faye Coulson on 694353 or email marketingnk@litc.org.uk


Photographic Competition Winner

The winning photo: ‘Nightingale at Whisby’ by Leslie Marshall

North Kesteven District Council’s second photographic competition opened last October in a bid to encourage people to get out and about and explore what’s right on their doorstep and showcase their favourite place in NK. Open from October 2015 to June 2016, people were asked to capture their favourite place in the district, whether it be a favourite walking spot or local historic site; the tourism team at North Kesteven District Council invited residents to capture the distinctiveness of the district and the wonderful things we have to see and do. The competition closed in July and from then all entries travelled to Heckington Show, Cogglesford Watermill in Sleaford and North Hykeham Town Council where visitors were able to vote for their favourite images. The most popular images were then put into the team’s 2017 calendar which will be on sale soon. The winner of this year’s competition was ‘Nightingale at Whisby’ by Leslie Marshall. Steve Hatton from Electric Egg who judged this year’s entries said “Electric Egg are delighted to pick ’Nightingale at Whisby’ as the winner of this year’s photo competition. Wildlife photography requires great technical skill, an eye for composition and patience. The judges thought the photograph was not only technically very proficient but also that the use of the branches as a natural frame gave the image a pleasing and balanced composition.” Leslie will not only have her image featured on the front of the calendar but will also get to spend half a day with Steve to gain some hands on advice about professional photography.

You can view all of this year’s entry on the tourism team’s Facebook Page facebook.com/heartoflincs. For more information about great places to visit and things to do in North Kesteven, visit www.heartoflincs.com or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk.



Lincolnshire Sport Creates More Opportunities for Volunteers with a Disability

Disabled people across the region are being encouraged to volunteer in sport, thanks to a new project supported by Lincolnshire Sport. ‘IMPACT Volunteering’ aims to recruit and train 120 volunteers with a disability or sensory impairment and provide disability awareness training to 40 clubs or organisations in the East Midlands, following a £60,000 project grant from Sport England. The 12 month project – a collaboration between four sports partnerships in the region – aims to identify a link between disabled volunteers and participation, before encouraging people with a disability to start volunteering within a sporting environment. The scheme will also create more sporting opportunities for the local disabled population and deliver awareness training for volunteer coordinators. For further information about IMPACT Volunteering and to get involved, please contact Ian Brown on 730325 or email ian.brown@lincolnshiresport.com


Milling Day Success

Over 250 visitors saw Cogglesford Watermill rumble in to action as they opened their doors for their Loving Lincolnshire Milling Day.

Cogglesford Watermill is thought to be the only Sherriff’s watermill still in operation in England. Dating back to Saxon times, the mill is brought to life on the second Sunday of the month from March to December grinding grain to make flour as if it would’ve done more than 200 years ago. Sunday 14th the mill opened their doors for their ‘Loving Lincolnshire’ milling day which saw 250 visitors who were able to see the mill in operation and enjoyed bread making demonstrations with Sherry Forbes from the Manor House Stables. Select Lincolnshire were also be in attendance on the day raising awareness of using local produce and celebrate the very best of what Lincolnshire has to offer for both businesses and consumers. Their popular shop also featured items from local suppliers and producers, such as honey, jams, curds, chutneys, woodcrafts, books, card, gifts, souvenirs including homemade preserves from M H Preserves. The mill has been producing flour since the early 18th century and the mill has been beautifully preserved by North Kesteven District Council, giving a real insight into milling in days gone by. The next milling day will take place on Sunday 11th September and will be a part of the national campaign Heritage Open Days. For more information about the Milling Days or anything else about the Mill please visit www.cogglesfordwatermill.co.uk. For other places to visit and things to do during the summer visit www.heartoflincs.com or contact North Kesteven District Council on 01529 308102. You can also find us on Facebook /heartoflincs or follow us on Twitter @Discover_NK

Both Cogglesford Watermill and Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre have announced that they have received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses and attractions that have earned great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience. The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travellers on TripAdvisor over a 12 month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.


Waggy Tails Walks

NEW walks with your four legged friends getting you out and about exploring the great outdoors with CountrysideNK.

Come along for a guided walk with your furry friends and enjoy the beautiful countryside of North Kesteven. A polite note that all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. For more information please contact our Countryside Officer by emailing countrysidenk@1life.co.uk or call 694353.

Nocton and Dunston is walk number 13 of the collection of Stepping Out walks. All the walks have been developed in to an easy to read booklet with step by step directions to help you along your way which are available to download from www.countrysidenk.co.uk. You can also call us on 01529 308207 or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk for a hardcopy to be posted to you.


Mrs Smith’s Cottage (Navenby)

Plans to bring Mrs Smith’s Cottage back into use as a tourist attraction are one step closer after receiving support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Mrs Smith’s cottage in Navenby closed its doors to members of the public in early-2013 after a routine structural survey identified problems. Since then, both North Kesteven District Council and the Friends of Mrs Smith’s Cottage have fought hard to gain funding to bring it back into use. The HLF are the largest heritage funder in the UK, helping to bring back into use, restore and protect our country’s history. Mrs Smith’s Cottage being just that! The district council has now been successful in gaining the first of a two phase funding application, meaning plans can be put into place to establish the project and exactly what will need to be done before proceeding with a second application to deliver and undertake the work required. The total funding needed to carry out the works will be just shy of £600,000; £187,500 for phase 1 and £403,800 for phase 2.

In phase one the roof will need to be completely removed to establish the extent of the damage and what is required to make the cottage structurally safe once again. The overall ambition is to have a restored cottage which is fit for purpose as a visitor venue. It is also hoped that the funding will allow the council to revamp the visitor centre with interactive exhibits to enhance the overall experience.

Keep up to date with plans on our website

www.n-kesteven.gov.uk or www.mrssmithscottage.co.uk 

Michelle Rose. Press & Publications Assistant NKDC


New Health Walk Launched In Sleaford

North Kesteven Social Strollers are increasing their popular walks timetable this month and have launched a new health walk in Sleaford.

The North Kesteven Social Strollers are a health walks initiative based in North Kesteven and currently has 15 walks available across the district ranging from 30 to 90 minute walks which are designed to help improve fitness and wellbeing. The NK Social Strollers is a free health walk scheme and is available to all. There are walks available 7 days a week in a range of locations – pick an NK Social Strollers leaflet or visit www.walkingforhealth.org.uk for more information.

If you would like further information, please contact Carly Togher on 870272 or email nkhealthandsports@1life.co.uk. For regular updates you can find them on Facebook - North Kesteven Social Strollers Health Walk Scheme or follow them on Twitter @NKHealthWalks.


Men in Sheds Project

A new project is starting up in North Kesteven at Hill Holt Wood based on the very successful Australian Men’s Shed movement. The project is aimed at men aged 60 and over and put simply, aims to encourage men (who are statistically the worst at engaging with others!) to be part of a group, socialise with others and put their skills to good use.

The project will be run from a well-equipped hobby workshop where the group can work together on a range of practical activities. Members can share their knowledge, learn new skills and generally put the world to rights over a cup of tea/coffee or whatever else they fancy!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Men in Sheds project, please contact the Partnership NK team on 01529 414155 or email partnership_nk@n-kesteven.gov.uk


Free Health Walks In North Kesteven: Branching Out With NK Social Strollers

The NK Social Strollers health walk scheme has branched out to start working in partnership with children activity providers, to offer family style health walks across North Kesteven. North Kesteven Social Strollers is a free health walk scheme, and is available to all. A health walk is a purposeful, brisk walk undertaken on a regular basis which is designed for the purpose to improve an individual’s health.

Come and join our friendly and informal family walk groups for some exercise in the fresh air around your local village. Walking is the best activity to improve your fitness, aid in weight loss and also is proven to improve your overall mental health and wellbeing. Enjoying a 3 mile brisk walk can burn approximately 300 calories!

With one health walk a week you will be able to achieve, on average, 6,000 steps; more than half the recommended average by the government. You will also feel more motivated and confident to continue to increase your physical activity levels. Also, if you complete just three walks with us, you get a free pedometer!

Walks are currently available in Washingborough every other Monday morning at 9:30am, Billinghay every other Tuesday morning at 10am and Waddington every other Friday at 12:30pm. Each walk start the local children’s centre and refreshments are available after each walk. For more information please contact Carly on 870252 or email nkhealthandsports@litc.org.uk

Does a walk need setting up in your area?

We are always interested in setting up new walks and getting more people involved. If your group of mums, or you as a children’s activity provider wish to start up your own buggy walk, please call or email us and we can look in to arranging something.

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Volunteers Sought For New Lincolnshire Volunteer Force Programme

A new programme designed to train and recruit sport volunteers has launched in Lincolnshire.

Following on from the success of the Games Makers at the London 2012 Olympics and the national programme Sport Makers, Lincolnshire Sport has launched the brand new local initiative called Lincolnshire Volunteer Force to increase physical activity and sport throughout communities in Lincolnshire.

The role of a Lincolnshire Volunteer Force team member is to work with Lincolnshire Sport to assist and deliver events such as the Lincolnshire Sports Awards and the Market Rasen 10K, be a community focal point for physical activity events and be part of a team of volunteers that helps get the county active. It will also include recruiting, retaining and rewarding other volunteers in your area, as well as supporting individual volunteers where necessary.

Volunteers will benefit from free specific training, free volunteering uniforms as well as the opportunity to up skill qualifications.

For more information or to request an application form visit www.lincolnshiresport.com or contact Tom Armstrong on 585580

or email tom.armstrong@lincolnshiresport.com


The Ascent - North Hykeham’s very own indoor climbing wall right on your doorstep!

The Ascent at the North Kesteven Centre, North Hykeham is NK Outreach’s indoor climbing facility and is a modern indoor climbing room with 13 climbing lines totalling 26 routes and 2 traversing routes. This facility has been designed to cater for all climbing abilities allowing for a mixture of instructed sessions and training courses.

Join us for instructed indoor climbing sessions every week for all abilities from beginners through to advanced. There is sure to be a climbing experience available for all ages 5 years +. (The reason for 5 years or over is due to harness size). There is at least one session available each week, for each level, so there should be a chance for everyone to enjoy climbing.

All climbing equipment is provided and we ask that all climbers wearing tight comfortable trainers or plimsolls for the best climbing experience. All climbers must have a NK Outreach Registration form for their first visit. Please visit www.nkoutreach.co.uk for more information.

The Ascent is also qualified to deliver the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) at level 1 & 2 and is designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. Once you have completed level 2, you will be qualified to climb on any UK indoor climbing wall, without having to undertake costly and time consuming competency assessments. Courses are available for both children (7 years+) and adults (18 years+). Please contact the extreme sports coordinator on 870252 for dates and further information.

If you’re already confident to climb alone, The Ascent also offers an unsupervised ‘pay as you go’ service and is available for climbers to use on a paired basis. All participants must be over the age of 18 and be able to do a rethreaded figure of 8 knot, put on a harness and helmet correctly and belay safely. Anyone wishing to use the facility unsupervised must complete a BMC declaration at the North Kesteven Centre reception or download and bring with you.

For more information call the NK Outreach team on 870252, or email the extreme sports coordinator on extremenk@litc.org.uk. You can also book a place by calling the North Kesteven Centre on 883311

For regular updates like us on facebook – The Ascent Climbing Wall or follow us on Twitter @nkoutreach


5.  Royal Voluntary Service

The brochure RVS provides details of help this group can provide, including: "Home from Hospital", "Meals on Wheels" and "Good Neighbours". Also "Get a Lift with US". Contact 01522 300506.

Do You Need Transport?

If so, then RVS Lincoln may be of assistance to you. We run a countywide Community Transport Scheme especially for older people. This is a door to door service that gives you the freedom to get out and about. Whether it be to visit family and friends, go to a lunch club or do some shopping, health appointments, such as visits to hospitals, dentists, chiropodists or any other health related matters. All journeys are mile based, so all you have to do is tell us where you would like to go and we will give you a cost for the journey. Most times our drivers will wait for you, so you are safe in the knowledge that the person that has driven you will also be able to help you if necessary. All our drivers have been DBS checked and carry identification. All you need do is ring our Transport Desk with your request whether it be a short local journey or a more distant destination. The Transport Desk is manned between the hours of 10.00am to 15.00pm on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, all other times just leave a message on our answerphone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our only stipulation is that you give us at least 3 working days notice to allow us time to sort one of our lovely drivers out for you!

Our Transport Desk number is 300506

While the scheme has been up and running for some time, we feel now is the time to expand it to help older people who struggle with either, mobility or do not have the confidence to get out using other transport means, to lead a better quality of life throughout the County.

We Also Need Volunteer Drivers

If you are one of the lucky people who do not need to rely on others for transport and get on well with people then perhaps you might consider becoming one of our volunteer drivers. If you could spare some time (the amount you do is entirely up to yourself) and have the inclination to help others less fortunate then we would love to hear from you. You will receive gener generous expenses towards your costs. Interested? Then ring RVS Lincoln on 305313.


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6. Carlton Le Moorland Village Hall

Please contact Mrs. Margaret Hutchinson for bookings and availability Tel: 788489

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7. Witham St Hughs Village Hall

John Phillipson   -Chair Witham St Hughs Village Hall Management Committee


Village Hall Lettings: Contact the Parish Clerk  Tel: 869643

Mrs S Lane Parish Clerk  email: withamsthughspc@hotmail.co.uk

Witham St Hughs Village Hall Committee: Your Village Needs You

We currently have vacancies for committee members – do you have time that you can commit to join us? For those who don’t have the time to commit to joining the committee, we are always looking for volunteers to assist in preparing for event days; working on the day and then helping after the events. This could include helping erect and take down the Marquee when it is required – set up for events – marshalling on the day – manning the BBQ or the Bar – helping run a stall – cleaning up after events. If you can help us with any of the above or would like to sit down and have a chat about joining the committee please contact us on wsh.vhec@gmail.com

(WS June 2017)

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