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Bassingham Aerial Photographs 2008

Bassingham – Best Kept Village 2003

Flooding (Historic)

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Bassingham Aerial Photographs 2008

Kerry Blackbourn's uncle took a number of photographs in 2008 whilst flying over Bassingham. The photos have been sent in to The Witham Staple and some of them are included below.


High Street and surroundings....



Church and the centre of Bassingham from the west...





High Street from the south west....



River Witham and the southern end of Bassingham....



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Bassingham – Best Kept Village 2003

Congratulations to the people of Bassingham for winning their class in the Best Kept Village Competition (page 4). This shows what can be achieved by pooling efforts in a common endeavour. The aims of the competition are particularly interesting and include: ‘making the village a more pleasant place to live’. It’s not then about turning the village into a municipal park nor - thank goodness -‘daffodillifying’ the country verges outside the village!

One hundred and twenty three villages entered the annual competition to find Lincolnshire’s Best Kept village in 2003. Bassingham has been judged Lincolnshire’s Best Kept Village in Class Two, for villages with a population between 501 and 2,000. Greatford was the winner in Class One, for villages with a population of under 501, and Scotter won Class Three, for large villages. Winning villages receive a framed certificate from competition sponsors Calor at a presentation evening to be held in November.

Lincolnshire’s Best Kept Village attracts the highest level of support of all the competitions of this kind in the country and is sponsored by Calor with support from the county’s local authorities, Pennells of Lincoln and Tucann Design and Print. The main aim of the competi­tion is to encourage people who live in Lincolnshire to take some control over the appearance of their village, helping them to look closely at how they can improve their surroundings, making the village a more pleasant place to live. The judges look for well-balanced, pro-active caring communities which, irrespective of size, have made the best of local opportunities to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Congratulations to everyone in Bassingham for your contribution to our success in the competition. [WS Oct 2003]

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Historical Flooding – (Wet winter / spring of 2001)

Talk about rain! In 1795 the River Trent burst through the sandy banks at Spalford and 8,000 hectares of land to the west of Lincoln was flooded, in a contemporary report we read:

‘... the water forced an immense breach, the size of which may be judged from the fact that eighty loads of faggots and upwards of four hundred tons of earth were required to fill up the hole...’

In the spring of 1947, major flooding was caused by heavy rainfall on land already covered for weeks by the heavy snow and ice of the previous winter.

Again, in 1958, much of our area was heavily flooded when 180mm fell here in under five weeks. Over 3,000 hectares of land along the Rivers Witham and Brant lay under water. 

Thankfully, however, the Upper Witham Internal Drainage Board flood defences [much improved over recent years] seem generally to have held fast this winter! [and during subsequent spells of high rainfall].

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